joe_mnApril 7, 2012

Been on Atkins for 6 months. Great results. No flour food so my carbs are pretty low. BUT, I occasionally eat a cup of jam for a treat. I know it's 100% sugar which is bad for Atkins. I feel ok. Does my body care if I go days with little to no carbs and than dump a load into my stomache? I am at 10% body fat now and am shooting for 6% this summer. Only 8lbs more which should be easy.

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Whew. Jam is gone. Am not buying anymore. Can't eat junk if it's not in house. I know what I should avoid so stay on track.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Why on earth would you want your body fat to be so low????

Body fat performs necessary functions, is a store of essential vitamins and hormones, and is important to have should you get ill and need stores to draw upon.

Isn't the goal to stay healthy?

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I have gone from 25% body fat to 8% body fat. I am surprised by how the hot weather and humidity does not seem to bother me as much. I bike a lot and it feels much easier to sprint and not tire as quickly.

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Sugar feeds cancer. Sugar causes yeast/fungal overgrowth which is being suspected in many "cancer" scares.

Sugar is a grain. Causes health issues. White over processed foods are a sugar/glucose that can cause type 2 diabetes.

Why does ANYONE bother with it? Do NOT buy into the fake sugars either.

Either use organic leaf stevia or xylitol(can harm pets, tho) or raw organic local honey SPARINGLY!!!


NO FAST FOOD. NO more. be healthy.

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i second stevia! it's awesome and it helps with my cravings

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It was Canada,s fault they told us to conserve energy and that is what fat is. Thank goodness I moved and now I can be thin.

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I use a stevia sugar blend that Domino makes...the sugar helps mellow the stevia taste, so although there is some sugar in it, you do not have the chemicals in artificial sweeteners. This works for me, as far as reducing sugar intake and for calorie reduction

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I am not getting what to eat?Sweets,other sugar items should not be eaten it is correct as all are conscious about their health.But now all are even telling not to eat fruits which are so sweet in order to reduce our cholesterol,body pains etc.,

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