Flabby Arms

Kristie_WIApril 22, 2003

What can I do about my Flabby Arms - The best exercise?

I have lost alot of weight - and I can tell the most in my arms - No tank tops for me this summer.



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I know what you mean, Kristie! I am using the Walk off the Pounds for Abs video. A waist belt comes with the video set and the exercises that you do when walking are supposed to strenghten your abs. But I think they will help my upper arms too. (I hope so anyway!)

Here is a link for some exercises that I think would be very good. Good Morning America Arm Exercises

Also I have found that white arms look the worst and show the flab more than darker skin or tanned arms. I'm not a sun worshiper like I used to be, so before I get ready to wear a sleeveless blouse, I use sun-less tanner. It makes the arms "look" thinner!

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Hold a 3-5LB weight in your hand. Put your arm straight up and lower the weight behind your neck. You cannot move your upper arm, it has to stay stationary. Only the forearm moves. This firms up the muscles on the backs of your upper arm. We don't use these muscles, so they are the first to go.You can use your free arm to hold the exercising arm steady, if needed.You can't "bulk up" because this is probably the only time you will use that muscle all day!

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