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maryanntxApril 18, 2003

I have been reading some of the posts about Walk Away the Pounds, and was wondering if anyone could explain it to me. I need to start walking and plan to walk with a friend outdoors when we can, but I would also like to do something in the house. Do you walk in place with this video or do you have to have a treadmill? Can someone just kind of tell me what you do while watching this video.


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You walk in place. Walk (or march in place), side steps, knee lifts. There is also arm lifts. IT's pretty basic (which I like, I'm not coordinated enough to do any "dance" type moves).

If you go to you they have previews.


Here is a link that might be useful: Collage Video

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Thanks Vickey! I called the nearest WalMart to see if they had it. They said they had the pack of 3 videos, so I drove the 30 miles over there when I got off work. The set they had was the Walk Away the Pounds for Abs. I bought it anyway because it's still the 1, 2, and 3 mile walk. I think she just adds some moves with a Walk Away Belt to work the abs. I definitely need to work my abs!!
Thanks for your help, and if ya'll don't mind I will be checking in here for some motivation!

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I picked up this DVD at Wal*Mart this afternoon also. Haven't tried it yet, I looked it up on Collage and it says it's intermediate instead of beginners. I would suggest (If you are a beginner) that you do the video first without the belt. Just to get the feel for it. I hope yout not disappointed. I hope to try it tonight or tomorrow morning.


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This is the first exercise video that I have ever bought. I did some research on it and so many people use it and stick with it, even enjoy it!! Even the boy who waited on me at WalMart said his mother uses the tapes. I had planned to do as you suggested - do the video without the belt at first. I used to walk about 6 miles a day, but that's been several years ago. Then last fall a friend and I walked 2 miles about 3 times a week. Last August I took a new position at work and I sit behind the desk all day! Then I come home and sit at my desk here! LOL So I am really out of shape now! Hopefully it won't take too long to get going again. I plan to start with the 1 mile tape and slowly get into it. I don't think my body would let me do any more than that!!

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I tried the tape (okay DVD), last night, This tape is more intense than the Walk Away the Pounds (with the weighted balls). I liked it, in many ways better. The belt was OK, no big deal, I don't feel anything in my abs. I haven't even watched the 2 mile, maybe I'll do that later today...and even do the 2 miles, and not just watch it!!

One big difference that I didn't like in the Abs video is that the mile counter is only shown at 1/2 mile and 1 mile. In the other one it showed 1/4, 1/2 3/4 and 1 mile. I don't like to exercise (but I have to admit, I look forward to exercising everymorning, and feel bad if I don't and it's only been 2 weeks - but I digress), and get bored exercising easily. The 1/4 mile counter kept me focused that I was getting ther. I don't know, psychological I guess.

Did I mention that DH has said he already notices firming. Of course it is in the calfs and ankle. Not any place I'd like to see, but it is working!!


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I tried the tape last night and again this morning. I only did ½ mile each time. I've just really let myself get into bad shape! I used to always have toned muscles in my legs even when I didn't walk, but I guess all this inactivity at my new job is showing up!! I can feel a little burn in my legs with just the ½ mile. I think tomorrow I will do the entire mile.(entire mile??? I used to think 1 mile was nothing! LOL)
Do you do any step exercises, Vickey? I used to walk at the school track which is around the football field. I would walk 1 mile and then do steps on the bleachers. The muscles in my calfs started getting too big, so I stopped doing the steps! I do have a step here at home and I think I will start doing a few steps to music. I figure any movement is better than no movement! And since I do have some weight to lose the activity will help!

I am looking forward to adding the belt exercise to the mile walk. I hope it will help strenghten my abs. But I think it will help tone my upper arms, and I really need toning there too!


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