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nhsuzanneSeptember 13, 2004

Good Morning Everyone,

Looks like it was quiet here this weekend.

Lynn, glad you managed to escape most of the hurricane. I hope that Ivan is good to everyone down there. You Floridians have had enough.

I am back from a wonderful weekend. The weather was great, except Friday and it was windy and cold. We hudled around the chimenia and drank wine! It died down after dark. Sweet Pea got to go out all three days. There was lots of soft footing on railroad bed for her and not too many hills. I got down and walked her when we came to steep parts to go down and it worked out fine. Most important was that she felt really good and was so happy to be back doing her job. I loved seeing her happy. She was as good as gold too. She can't trot yet and she LOVES to so it was an extra special effort for her to stay at a flat walk. We sat around the fire on Saturday night and listened to a band of coyotes howling up a storm when all of a sudden and different, very unusual noise came from the opposite direction. It was a clattering the like of which I have never heard! We were camping in a 35 acre flat field and all the way across is a llama farm. It turns out that two males were fighting through a fence! They were running up and down making this god awful noise! The farm had a young guy caretaking and did not know what to do. In fact, he didn't have a clue! The racket went on for about 20 minutes! It was funny in a way. On yesterdays trail ride we came across a dead moose. It was so sad. It had barbed wire wrapped around it's leg and had apparently fallen down a rocky ledge and broke it's leg. He was huge and it was just so sad to see and imagine the struggle the poor thing had before he died. I wish they would outlaw barbed wire. It's really insidious and does such horrific damage to animals. So that's it from here. Back to work this morning and starting the November issue! Wow, time flies.

Check in today and let us know how your weekend was.

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Lynn - happy to hear you faired well with the hurricane. A cabin in Ohio sounds perfect for you.

NH Suzanne - how sad about the moose - that breaks my heart. Happy for SP and you getting out, almost like old times. Wish you good luck with the November issue.

Friday was our 27th Anniversary and we went to a beautiful restaurant for a delicious meal.

I had my 6+ mile walk on Saturday - fundraiser for our volunteer resuce squad. It was fun, but I am still a bit sore from it - a few good hills we have to climb.

Yesterday was an annual party our local luncheonette puts on to thank the customers, they have live music, lots of food, drink and dancing. It was fun, I was GOOD, didn't eat or drink anything (everything was high carb).

Today we are going to picnic on one of the islands with a few friends.

I really need someone to clean my house, since I am only home long enough to make a mess.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Check in and let us know.

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Good Morning....

NH Suzanne - what a wonderful weekend, except for the moose. I agree about the barbed wire......Not for animals BUT, good for convicts. Had the moose been there awhile?...I wonder why the coyotes did not have a feast? (circle of life).

Raeanne - such a wonderful life.... I again am green with envy.....Hope you have a good picnic. Not to bring up any bad memories for you, but, I think I am going to have to have a root canal done on one of my lower right teeth... maybe two... the tooth ache is just starting and I was told at my last cleaning to call the root canal dr. I did not and here I am with the tooth ache....Silly me.... so that is on my agenda today...get an appointment!!!

Ivan is not gong to hit our area!!!!! I am still hoping it fizzles out before it hits anywhere....

Take care everyone....Have a GOOD MONDAY!!!!


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Happy Anniversay Raeanne! Wow, 27 big ones......have a nice picinic today; wish I were going with you.

Lynn, I don't think the moose had been there long because I think the smell would have been alot worse. I am sure the coyotes will find it the way they were hooting and hollering the night before. It's clear there is a healthy population of them in the area. Yesterday, there were turkey buzzards circling around where the moose was so I am sure many will eat well. Yes, it's the circle of life but it's sad to know that a man made thing caused his death. It's just not fair how we encroach on every wild thing and then have no tolerance for them.

I am glad the hurricane will not hit you. Last night MSNBC was doing a special on Hurricane Andrew. It was so devastating and it is amazing how people come together in a crisis. It's odd how a disaster brings out the best in (most) people.

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Stopping in to say "hello"!!

Gotta run and take DH to urologist...we just got a fresh batch of CatScans on that boy's kidneys. Let's see how many stones are left. I'm waiting for the day when they say, "...and then there were none." LOL

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Just a quick check in.. more tomorrow. Glad to hear that everyone else who's checked in has done well over the weekend.

Nh Suzanne, Patti, I am SO GLAD for your friendship!
Wildchild, You are especially in my thoughts.And our new friendship is just as amazing!

Besh, takes awhile to recover from a death in the family and my prayers are still with you.

I need Dee Marie to tell me to "NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP"!
I don't think you know how much I count on that!

Till tomorrow...


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I only have time for a quick good morning! DS stayed at a friend's apartment, so I am taking a few minutes to check in. My first week back at school went pretty smoothly. We really didn't have that many criers, and all but one of those criers stopped after a few minutes. The one little boy who cried the longest on Friday did much better yesterday, so I am hopeful that the worst is over. We seem to have a pretty good bunch of kids this year, although a few of the three year olds need to learn some listening skills! LOL

I really haven't had a chance to catch up on reading the posts, but I will try this weekend. I have been getting up at 5:15/am every morning to walk for 45 minutes and then running errands and taking care of chores after school and dinner. It seems like I can only get a few minutes to get on the computer in the evenings before it is bedtime.

Patti - I hope Hurricane Ivan spares you this week. Check in and let us know.

Gotta run and get some breakfast.


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Hey Everyone,

Marci, Listening skills???? What's that? Just joking. Erica has been in preschool for 6 days now. She loves it. I am hoping that it will bring her out of some of her shyness. Good luck this year with all the new kiddies.

I sent out some birthday pics from Tara's party this weekend. If you didn't get them and want to see them, please e-mail me.

Work is still busy. I really miss you all.


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Tikanas: Answers to your Questions: I live in Chicago, lived in San Diego for 18 years, got divorced, moved back to Chicago, live in sin with man of my dreams, 3 kids ( DD 15, DS#1 - 23 and DS#2 - 20), I work for a software training company ( check it out ) diet - what is that?? LOLOL I will be 5-0 next year...ick

Everyone else: Hi!


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Gretchen~Great to see you posting.

Jen~How is Erica? I hope that her ear infection got better.

Marci~It sounds like you have a great group of kids this year. Ivan is going to spare us & I'm grateful for that. I feel for those it will hit though. The Cayman Islands & Cuba weren't hit as hard as they could have been hit but oh, the devastation.

DeeMarie~Here's hoping that your DH gets a good report!

Tikanas~Smooches to you. Hang in there.

NH Suzanne~I agree that it was sad about the moose. We haven't left much now for our wildlife in this ol' world. Glad that you enjoyed your trip this weekend.

Raeanne~Happy Anniversary! 27 is wonderful!

Lynn~So glad that you weren't around for Frances. We could have gotten hit much worse than we were & NH Suzanne said it well about how things like that bring "most" people together. (There were those looters that always think the best way is the easy way!)

Shout out to everyone else! Patti :)

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Happy WEDNESDAY friends!

Been bogged down at work, so I've been MIA for a bit.

Went to a dermatologist yesterday to have him look at a small bump on my back. I noticed it about six weeks ago. Thought it was a bite, but it did not itch; nor did it go away. Anywho, the doc told me it was my lucky day --says it's a benign cyst! He also looked over my face, nect and upper torso for the price of the visit! Nothing is amiss (thank God), so I feel grateful and blessed this morning.

QOD: What are your weekend plans?

Got a wedding to attend at the Jersey shore Friday night, so DH and I got a hotel room so that we can head down to AC on Saturday (oops, that's Atlantic City for those not from around here!).

On Sunday, I'm hosting a bridal shower for my sister-in-law. There are 20 guests coming and we're having it catered. I've never even attended a home shower, so this should be interesting. All the showers I've attended have been in restaurants with at least 90 attendees!

Gotta run!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Gretchen - our long lost friend - thanks for checking in, don't be a stranger!

DeeMarie - I have gone to many more showers at homes than in restaurants and I prefer them at home. I know you will do a great job and have a lot of fun. You sure are busy this weekend. Glad it was a benign cyst and you checked out fine.

Jen - I didn't get the photos, when you get a chance - I would love to see them.

Marci - glad things sound like they are moving along smoothly at school. Good job on the walking each morning. I have been walking a lot lately and will continue to do so, as long as the weather allows me to.

Lynn - The root canal really isn't that bad - it's just that I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dentist. I hope you made your appointment. If he can't see you right away, I hope he will give you antibiotics to help fight the infection - that helped me immediately.

I need a new living room set, we have had our's for many years and had it reupholstered a few years back, but we got sick of the pattern quickly and the sofa's just aren't as comfortable as they used to be. A friend that is an interior decorator met me yesterday to see the set I picked out and to try and get me a better deal, but the company won't budge on the price - so I am going to look at other places tomorrow. Wish me luck.

BJ - check in and let us know about your life.

QOD - no plans, but we will definitely do something FUN.

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QOD~No plans.

Raeanne~I've been to more showers in the home as well. In fact, I only remember being to one in a restaurant. lol

DeeMarie~Glad that nothing big was wrong.

Jen~I didn't get any pictures either. I'd love to see the girls.

Shout out to everyone! Patti :)

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Oooops, wrong site above. Apologies

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Hi, Everyone!

Gretchen, nice to meet you! Do you ever miss Calif?

Dee Marie, I, too, prefer showers at home rather than at restaurants. So much more intimate! I am glad that you took care of that cyst in a timely fashion and most of all, that it was benign. I am a firm believer in adding a brief skin check to our monthly breast exams.

Marci, I will send those pics of DS party as soon as the roll is used up. Thanks so much for the offer to help with that and the nice email you sent!

I am a "dental weenie" and PRAY I never have to have a root canal! Yet, Ive "cracked a chest" in the surgical ICU and never thought a thing about it! LOL

Qod: No plans yet.... all health dependent. I see the Doc on Friday morning.

Patti, (((((( ))))) to my newest buddie : ) Hope you got my Florida Aunts forarded email pic HA HA!

Have a GREAT day everyone!


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Hello Everyone,

Just checking in quickly to say hi.

Gretchen!!!!! Good to hear you are alive and kicking!! What gives? Where you been?? Fess up! LOL

DeeMarie, it's funny you should post a link at the wrong forum. I posted here yesterday and there is no sign of my post anywhere here. I was in other forums too and wonder if I accidently posted at one of them! Oh well. LOL Also, I love home showers too. I find them so much more intimate.

Tikanas, how is your ut infection coming along? I hope it's gone and that you are feeling better.

Raeanne, you never told us how your picnic was. You have so many social events you probably have a hard time keeping up with it. LOL

BJ where are you woman? Check in soon.

I cracked a tooth last week just before I went away. I had the temporary crown done this morning. I hate having needles and drills in my mouth. So far, I have escaped the dreaded root canal. It even sounds evil. The older I get the worse I am about it.

I donated blood for the first time Tuesday too. DH has been after me for a long time. I brought home the announcement of a local blood drive, DH found it and made plans to escort me so I wouldn't chicken out! It was sweet of him and I actually ended up with the nurse who he usually gets. It was fine but that's no small needle that they shove in your arm either! I feel good about doing it and plan to make a habit of it now that the initial fright is over.

QOD: We are having a couple over Sat for dinner that we haven't seen in many months. That will be nice AND my house will get cleaned!! I haven't decided what to make yet but it will be delicious.
Sunday, I hope to take Sweet Pea to a drive but just to visit. She isn't ready to go back to harness yet :-( but she is getting there :-)
The weather is supposed to be rainy so I am not sure we will make it.

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Hi goils!

Just me--finally! I swear--while I hate my old job, I reaaaaaallly miss having had a T1 line and checking in everyday--by the time I get home, I am frazzled, and not fit to talk too--

NHSuzanne--ohhhh---I love mooseseses, and I hate to hear that. I got to see one for the first time this past spring in Canada, and he was just majestic.

Raeanne--happy anniversary! Ours is coming up in a few--seems hard to believe that it's been 8 years for us! :)

Speaking of Canada, Rog headed out early Monday morning to meet the guys (who left on Friday). I do miss him, but I' ve so much to do around here, that I'll need a vacation when he gets back! LOL!

Well, my first sale was this past Sunday, which is why I've not been here. The house is the worst I've ever been in with cat poo everywhere, and honestly, the stench was so bad, that I started gagging. However, we managed to save a bunch of stuff, and the sale went better than I thought. I did find out today that the old lady is going to take the proceeds and plan and pay for her funeral with it next week. She's 88, and just the sweetest lady ever. I feel so bad--I mean, I realize that this comes to all of us, but she's gotten to be special to me, and I just feel bad. This is the lady who's neighbors have broken in and ramsacked her house--stole gawd only knows what, and then trashed the house. (The lady's caretaker told me this--they don't have hard proof, but the neighbot let some things slip.) I think we did a good job for her, and I hope she's happy with what we did for her. At times, I thought the sale was off. It seems that the principle auctioneer is very self-absorbed, and wasn't giving me the support that I needed to pull this off. I won't go into details, b/c it would take hours to get into it, but I will say it did come off good, but I am mighty disappointed in attitudes.

We also set up at a local 3 day outdoor festival over the weekend, and coupled with the auction, I am beat. It was a sucess, and I am pleased with the outcome. :)

OH, Raeanne--ol' real estate slimeball showed up at the auction on Sunday, and he is a sleazy jerk. He didn't cause any problems, though--which was a shame, kinda--I was looking forward to a good fight!!! hahaha! :) He is so owrried about that d@mned option on the old lady's house. sigh..... I was I had the power to reviolk his license after he threatened all of us with an @ss kicking. (See what I'm dealing with!)

Anyhoo--hope all is well with everyone--where is Amy?? Has anyone heard from her??

QOD--I work (maybe) on Saturday, and I think I'll take Sunday off, even thought we do have an auction--and sit on my butt all day!! :)



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NH Suzanne - I am embarrassed to say that I never gave blood, but have been meaning too, until I got my tattoo last summer touched up. You can't give blood for a few years after that. We had a great time at the picnic, but the lake was very rough and the wind was blowing, but that didn't stop the 8 of us to have a great time (the wine helped). We grilled shrimp, chicken and beef kabobs.

Maddie - sounds like you did a great job for the lady. Too bad about the sleazy realtor - it's a shame, but there are a few of them out there.

Tikanis - hope your health allows you to have a great weekend! Yikes about cracking a chest!!!

I got some furniture today, but not for my living room. I bought 2 upholstered mission style rockers for a sitting area between my kitchen and living room and I bought a sofa bed for our den. So now I'm trying to sell the sofa that I just replaced.

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Jen - thanks for the photos, Tara is looking more like Erica these days - she has the same beautiful smile.

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Hi all:
Sounds like everyone is so busy these days.
We are finally having the summer we never got and I am enjoying a few more rounds of golf!!!!
Curling begins in three weeks and then hopefully we get to play both sports for a few weeks.

QOD - Golf Friday, Golf Saturday, Cleaning out all my gardens on Sunday.

Gretchen - 50 isn't really so bad - I'll be 52 this month and just glad to have got here. 50 gives you a sense of freedom to really be yourself and not worry what anybody else thinks of you. I love it!!!!

Take care everyone

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Gretchen - I agree with Joanne - 50 is GREAT. I do have a real sense of ME - we will celebrate your 50 and you will embrace it LOL.

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What have I been up to?
Working and not much else. I got boy DS and DSS ( d@mn step son) back to college. Had another visit from oldest DS. Dropped lots of $$$ on getting them and DD back to school. I would like to say I have been busy like BJ but I can't. I work and I am tired. I NEED to find the way to inspire myself to actually care that I have gained 10 pounds since my car accident. I just don't know what to do. I am "thinking" about going back on WW. That worked and I was able to appease my sweet tooth if I wanted to. So I guess that I am thinking about it is a good thing.

Tikanas: I miss the friends in CA and not much else...ok maybe the smell of the ocean and my DS who is still living out there. It is truely a beautiful place to live but such a challege to live there. I don't have to tell you that.

Patti: I am so glad you are "safe" and things seem to be ok with you and Dave. I have 11 Dell Computers in my training rooms. We have had very few problems with them. Their customer service is based in India and that can be a challenge. They all sound like they are on cell phones.

Raeanne: Good luck with the furniture hunt. I am looking for new couches after the first of the year. DSS ( still a d@mn ) had a bunch of friends over to watch a football game and at one exciting moment, one of his friends jumped to his feet and "plopped" back onto the couch. They BROKE it. You sink in when you sit in it. So we need to do something. We found the BEST chairs for our porch this year. They are chairs that you just look at and say Ahhhhhhhhh. I actually found them at Wickes. They are oversized with a slouchy slip cover on them. I have taken many a nap in them. I can curl up and go to sleep. My dog loves to get in there with me too.

Besh: I am so glad you liked the book and I am sorry it was so late for your birthday. I think it is so wonderful that it was signed by Jodi Picoult. I am glad that the bookmark touched you also. Hope things are going ok for you and your family.

Joanne: I just had such visions of myself being 50 and in great shape. I am not far from that shape..with a bit of work...I might be there and actually want to celebrate the big 5 OHHH.

NHSuzanne: I am so happy that Sweet Pea is on the road to recovery. It must be so hard to go slow for her and YOU. I donate blood every six weeks and I have done if for years. I have never had a problem until this last time. I felt the needle and it burned the whole time I was donating. My arm was black and blue from that donation. It was strange. They ask the same questions every time when you donate. They strike me as so funny!

Marci: I am so proud of you for geting up so early to work out. I really think I need to do something like that...just commit and do it. Don't you just want to roll over and pull the covers over your head?

Ok..I am off...back to work...need to focus....just something done!

Hi to all that I missed!


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checking in..........................

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Gretchen - Yes, sometimes I do feel like pulling the covers over my head and going back to sleep. And some nights, I have tossed and turned all night and I am glad to get up just to end my restlessness. Either way, I ALWAYS feel better after exercising. I am walking in the morning and lifting weights or doing Pilates after supper. I used to settle in to watch Jeopardy and promptly fall asleep. Now I just do my weight routine or a few Pilates moves while I am watching and I feel so much better. I am journaling everything I eat and all my exercise and at the end of the week I am treating myself to something special. The first week I bought walking socks. That may not sound special, but they were $11.99 a pair!! But they feel so good on my feet, so they were worth it.

Jen - I loved the pictures. Did you make the Care Bear cakes or did you buy them? That was a good idea to give Tara her own cake. When my DS turned one, I made a chocolate cake for his birthday party. Big mistake!!! LOL

I made the comment this morning that we had been really lucky with our three year olds. No one had really cried for an extended time. Well, I jinxed us!! One little boy cried almost the whole morning and some of the other kids just seemed really cranky. Really wish it was Friday!!

QOD - Chilling out............and reading a book. (And of course, the usual chores.)

I have to go think of something easy for dinner. My heart just isn't in cooking tonight.


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Good Friday morning!

I am soooo looking forward until this avening--a group of women that I worked with is getting together at one's new house, and we're just sitting around gabbing--I do miss them--they are such an ecelectic bunch--

I cleaned out from under the bed last night, and I hafta wonder just why I kept so much junk. No, really. What posesses one to keep empty, squashed boxes? Used, crumpled tissue paper? Scheech---I threw out 3 black bags of cr@p. I wonder why I don't get anything done when Rog is home, but I can clean like a mad woman when I'm alone??? Hmmmmmm....

Hope all is well!



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Maddie - I don't do much when my DH is around either, but I know why. He likes to get involved, then suddenly it is his project and has to be done his way LOL. I usually sneak away and let him have fun. Have fun tonight, it will be good to see those girls under fun circumstances. I threw out a garbage bag of junk in my den yesterday and yes some of it was used tissue paper and gift boxes.

I got up to take a walk, but decided to exercise with Denise Austin instead - I am so out of shape, I could hardly keep up with her. I guess I need to kick up my pace when I walk.

Marci - the chocolate cake for DS was a bad idea, but I bet it made for a lot of great photos LOL.

I have to get ready for work and I really don't want to go today - oh well!

Have a wonderful day and weekend, if I don't "see" you.

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Good Morning,

Maddie, I need your address. I have two closets that need cleaned out when you get done at your house. You could make a 2 1/2 hour road trip!!!

Raeanne, The girls are really starting to look alike! They are so loving towards each other. I just hope and pray that it lasts.

Patti & Amy, How are you doing???

Marci, I had a friend make the cakes for me. She does a really good job. Tara did have a chocolate cake at the sitters. She had a party for her. I will have to e-mail the pics of that.

Hello's to everyone!

Better run.


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Hi guys,

Checkin' in.....

I have had the busiest 2 weeks in my life! Painter is done, the house looks great.

I cleared out a storage bin I had been renting since I moved furniture up from Oregon. My garage is FILLED to the brim with furniture now! Gotta call the consignment shop, I guess.

My truck got stuck in gravel on Sunday---what a waste of time that was. But I love my truck so much! I called Triple A and of course, they saved me --- again!!

Kids are in school and somewhat settled. Now there are football games, book fairs, and I signed up on a fundraiser committee---why, why, why? My 16 y.o. DD says, "You CAN say NO, mom." HUH? lol.

Oh, and DH gets back from AK Saturday late, so I have to pull the fishcamp here together or he'll have a big, giant cow! Maddie, I can totally relate to the cleaning frenzy!---But I always tear toooo much apart and stress trying to get it back together!

Jen,your girls are cute! And they'll stay close. Both sets of mine always have. :)

NHSuzanne: Your stories of getting SP back on her feet are heartwarmimg!

Well, I have gained and lost the same 3 pounds about 50 million times over the past few months. It's so frustrating!

I'm visiting NY next week w/ my WHOLE family and will get to see Raeanne and her DH!!!!!---I'm very excited! I am still trying to weedle the driving info out of DH, DeeMarie!

Amy: I still do miss you checking in and sharing your philosophy of life with us. I am always calmed and inspired by what you have to say and the way you handle things.

JOHN: YA BUM! Check in or face the wrath of hand written cards from all us girls!

Joanne: Great to "see" you!!!!

Tikanas: You sound upbeat. I'm glad you are getting some phone time in with the gals here. That's so much fun!

Patti & Dave: Glad you're okay! ((((HUGS))))

Marci~ The criers. There were a few in my DD's kindergarten this year. Some moms had to come and pick up their kids the first week.

I found a very cool website that I'm in love with. Check it out! You can personally deliver stuff to the schools that need it!---or help them out another way!


Here is a link that might be useful: i Love

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Rain, rain, go away.
Come again some other day.
We want to go outside and play.
Come again some other day.

Flooding, flooding everywhere!!! This is as bad as I have ever seen it. Between Frances and Ivan, our ground just can't take anymore rain. The rain is just pouring off the hillsides and roads are flooded everywhere. We had parents who couldn't get to school because they were on the wrong side of a flooded road. Some local towns have mandatory evacuations, school kids are stuck at school because buses can't get through the roads, and tons of activities are cancelled.

Luckily my house is not in a flood prone area but I do plan on staying home and staying dry, because roads all around me are flooded and closed. Maybe I will get my book finished after all.

Hope you are dry where ever you are!


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We were SOAKED for the past 4 days, but we're dry today! Yay!

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Oh Marci! That's terrible! Those poor kids and their parents... And poor you stuck at home too! I hope it dries up there soon. And here we are complaining out here because we are in a big draught! (only 12"" the WHOLE YEAR!) My garden looks like someone took a blow torch to it!

Well, I am checking in with a health report.... I am usually as healthy as one of NHSuzanne's horses LoL. But have been ill for weeks. Started with an upper resp. thing, then strep throat, then a uti which turned into a kidney infection. Combine allthat with hot flashes and disrupted sleep and related anxiety and I have been a REAL MESS.

Md Appt. this AM. B/P was elevated (re to anxiety and the darn hot flashes.)
EKG normal (thank you, Lord) and I have lost 6 more lbs! (yeah) On New meds to see if we can't turn things around. I would like just ONE good night's sleep!

Thinking of you alll while we try to get back to normal here.

Prayers to all of you in the paths of those awful hurricanes and related storms.


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Tikanas - To give you an idea how much rain we have had, in the last week, between the two hurricanes, we have had 13"!!

I just can't imagine actually being in the hurricane and dealing with the wind and the rain. At least we are only dealing with the rain.

My lights keep flickering, probably due to all the excess water, as most of our electric lines are underground. So I am going to shut off the computer and sign off for the night.


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Good Morning Everyone,

It's pouring here too; has been all night! Really pouring. And I thought I would get a chance to ride today! HA

I can relate to the husband/cleaning thing too. DH is home, we have company coming for dinner and he's sitting right in the middle of things reading a book. So I have to work around him! What a pita. He's trying to quit smoking and he's a bear with one day under his belt. Everything I say is wrong. Oh WHY does it have to be raining today? I can't send him out to play! LOL

Jen, it's good to see you posting often. I am glad the girls are doing well. It's fun to watch them grow - but so fast!

BJ!! Welcome back. You are as busy as ever. I wouldn't imagine anything else for you! Take it easy sis you don't want to go up in flames do you? LOL

Gee Tikanas, you have to get yourself better!

Maddie, I hope you had fun tonight.

I got called onto the carpet on Thursday at work because I am not making my numbers! It was a very uncomfortable meeting and I almost felt like they want me to quit because they kept asking me what I think I should do. It was weird and unsettling. I have never been fired before and I think I would be humiliated if I were. OTOH though, what the H@ll? I have to meet again with them on Monday which I am dreading. I certainly don't know what I should do about my numbers, I am not running the place. These two are such poor managers anyway. There is never a one on one meeting. It's always them and you and you know they have already planned out thier "stradegy" before you go in. Maybe being fired would be a blessing!!

QOD: Have you ever been fired? How did you feel about it?

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QOD: I got fired once. It was crushing at the time. The manager who fired me was very sorry about it and he showed it. The firing was called by upper management. I had not pulled enough of my weight in their view (in hindsight, I agree, but at the time, I was p.o.'d. & felt hurt). Back then, I did not want to spend a mega effort on a job I was not fully vested in. After that, I found jobs that I really, really liked and worked much harder at them. Turns out the firing forced me to take the responsibility of my fate, got me to look at what I really wanted in the employment scene, and made me look for a good fit in a boss in my future jobs. So, it wa a good thing.

NHSuzanne, IMO, from what you've said over the time you've worked there, this management is not going to improve. They will continue to blame staff for (maybe unrealistic) numbers, they will be unmotivating, and they will come up with no suggestions on how to make those numbers happen. That could be a dead end. Not that you need advice, but having said that, if I was you, I would try to save my bacon in the current position while looking for and finding another job.

Living under a dangling sword is a stressful way to live. Time for a change maybe, my dear sis. Network and find connections to a job that will positively fulfill you and that you look forward to going to. Just pulling stuff out of the air, but have you ever considered being a vet's assistant? My girlfriend did with no experience and made a living she loves.

(((((((SMOOCHIES and HUGS)))))))))))

And more hugs for living with someone who is trying to quit smoking. Keep the candy dishes filled for him! :) And come here when he's driving you CRAZY! lol.

My DH is coming home late tonight from AK. We haven't lived together for a month, so it'll be strange having him in my space! I hope he likes what I've done with the house....worry, worry, worry.

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QOD - I was never fired, but I probably should've been from a couple of my early jobs. My first job out of school, I had to take a test and did quite well, so my interviewer told me I could have my choice of jobs: 1) a job where I had to work my butt off OR 2) a job where I could goof off. Tough decision, but I chose number 2 - boy was I surprised when I arrived at work to find out I worked with him LOL.

NH Suzanne - I am sure what ever comes of your meeting will be exactly what it should be. I know you are a hard worker and they have unrealistic expectations and they probably sense how you have them pegged as bad managers. If this door closes, I know it's because there is a better one for you to open. I hope DH made it through day 2 - for your sake LOL.

Marci - it poured here last night non-stop into the morning, but we didn't get anywhere's what you did.

BJ - good luck with DH's arrival - I am sure some adjusted time is required LOL. I still can't believe that a week from now we will be meeting YIPPPEEEE.

Tikanis - congrats on your lost pounds - unfortunately I have found them LOL. Have you tried anything like black cohash for the flashes?

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You goils are all SO busy! My sanity would be gone by now, I think. (Oops, it already is. LOL)

QOD~I have never gotten fired but I gave 2 weeks notice once & they sent someone to come & tell me to leave that afternoon. I was upset. I heard later several times that the dr.'s wife asked him to rehire me several times. I think that he knew that I didn't deserve to be treated the way that I had been. It is never a good idea to work for the boss's wife, IMHO. I know that in some cases it does work out.

Gretchen~Thanks for the info.

BJ~You sound like my Mom. Dad worked out of town during the weekdays & it was too far away to drive home every night so he only came home on weekends. Now, his retirement is driving her crazy.

NH Suzanne~Dave quit cold turkey about 10 or 11 years ago. I'm so glad that he did. I think he would have had the heart attack much sooner if he hadn't. I hope that DH gets over being a bear before long or that one of you can get out of the house.

Marci~I should be reading b/c we have our first bookclub meeting on October 1 & although I read about 17 books over the summer, I waited until now to read the 2 that we were going to read b/c I wanted to be able to remember them. I cannot seem to get even one read. We rented movies this weekend & have kind of watched them & bummed around.

Maddie~So sad about the lady. I hope that there is someone to watch over me if I live to be old enough that I cannot take care of myself.

Jen~The girls are lovely. My DSs have always been close & everyone thinks that they are best friends instead of brothers. Actually, they are both & both will tell you that.

Tikanas~I'll check in on you.

Joanne~I'm glad that you are able to golf more & that you will be curling soon.

DeeMarie~You must be busy. We miss it when you aren't here to remind us to never give up!

Raeanne~New furniture sounds nice. Glad that you were able to find it.

Lynn~Where are you?

Shout out to everyone! Patti :)

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Today is an absolutely beautiful day!! Not a cloud in the sky. There is a nice breeze and the temps are in the 60s. Hard to believe that just yesterday, there was water, water and more water everywhere. I ran errands today and saw lots of remnants of the flooding. Gravel and mud on roads, water still laying in low spots, creeks running over their banks, and lots of hillsides with furrows and water still running down them. But we are supposed to have nothing but sunshine for the next 5 days, so hopefully everything will dry up. Our electricity did go out last night for 2 1/2 hours, but I curled up with some candles and some crossword puzzles and passed the time. All I had were scented candles though, and I was burning 3 different scents upstairs and DH was burning a 4th scent downstairs. The combination made a rather unique odor though and I was getting slightly nauseous by the end of the night! LOL

QOD - Once. I had just graduated college and was working as a store manager in the mall (I majored in Fashion Merchandising). The district manager and I didn't see eye to eye on something and I mouthed off to her. I was subsequently let go (big surprise - lol), but maintained that it wasn't my fault. Of course, the adult in me now knows that I was completely wrong and had every right to be fired, but my pride wouldn't let me admit that then.

I have been doing a program by Prevention Magazine called, Firm Up in 3 Weeks. I have walked 20 out of the last 21 days and either lifted weights or done Pilates 20 of those 21 days. I have eaten sensibly, snacked on healthy foods and even splurged occasionally on "Indulgent Treats", and I can say I never felt deprived or hungry. I slipped into a pair of jeans today without using a shoe horn and I feel great. The program was designed to be done for 3 weeks and then can be modified to fit one's needs or even repeated for another 3 weeks or as long as needed to reach one's goals. I am going to continue the sensible eating (I like having my food choices laid out for me) and will continue to walk 4-5 days a week and do weights and Pilates as often as I can so I can maintain. I loved SSing when I first started, but I just couldn't get back to basics again. I tried over and over again to get back the momentum I had when I first started SSing, but it just wasn't there. With this program, I am eating more carbs, but I am making sure they are whole grain carbs. I am eating nuts, peanut butter, honey and some sugary treats but all in moderation. The book lists hundreds of options for meals, healthy snacks and "indulgent treats" and I can always find something to eat that satisfies me. I tried to stay away from sweets while SSing, and I always ended up eating something "illegal" and going on a binge afterward. Then the whole cycle started over again and each time it was harder and harder for me to get back on the wagon. But I think I have finally found my "groove" with this program from Prevention. I'll post the link to the book in case anyone is interested in taking a closer look.


Here is a link that might be useful: Prevention Magazine's

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Hi all!

QOD--oh yeah!! LOL! Twice, actually. The first time was when I was working where my former boss left (she left to go to the place that I just left), and then she fired me in May. After 7 years total. I must say that my ego is bruised, but all-in-all, I am happy. BJ said it the best--at this point, you can decide just what exactly you are looking for, and find a boss that "fits". Being a vet tech is a wonderful idea--a good friend is one, and she just loves it--I wish you were here--horse farms all over the place--one of my former clients is the secong largest horse hospital in the world-

No rain here at all--and it's a perfevt September day--and.....I have tomorrow off--no hubby, no work--just me and the couch!!! hahaha!



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As I sit here at my desk, looking at some angel jewelry, I am reminded that we lost our beloved Allie 3 years ago today. I had the good fortune to see a picture of her and Pat when I visited Zig, and I will be forever reminded of her when ever I see an angel, for that was what she was, and is.

So, today, in her memory, I am going to go to my favorite, most peaceful spot, and feed the resident ducks. And remember her her with a heavy heart, but also with a smile.

My love,


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Maddie - Thank you for reminding us about Allie. It is hard to believe that 3 years has passed already. Allie was such a great addition to our "family". She gave so much to this forum. It was always refreshing to hear what project she was working on, how her studies were going, how her relationship with Pat was progressing and how she so looked forward to her first teaching job. I too think of Allie every time I see an angel. I have tried to send an angel pin or some angel related item with each birthday package as a remembrance of her.


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In cleaning I came across our Memorial of Alli and I saw the date and can't believe how sad I still am over her loss. My heart is heavy too, but I am filled with great memories of her life and how she touched all of us.

Thanks Maddie for making us all aware of this day.

Peace to all.

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God Bless you Alli, I miss you. My MIL was an angel collector and every time I see one, I think of her. I now have two angels in heaven watching over me. I take comfort in that.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning.
I finally had a chance to post. Seems like I have been busy for last week or so. Sounds like everyone is doing fine. I did get a bit teary at the last few posts about an angel named Alli. I am sorry for your loss... I read that she used to post here and has now passed away. It is very thoughtful and warming to hear you remember her. You ladies are AWESOME!!!!!

Not much happening on the diet front.... I have great intentions but no actions........ pass the doughnuts please.

We were spared by Ivan! How awful for those who got his calling card. Nasty....just plain nasty. It was nice to have this past weekend hurricane free. We did however have tornados. Just about two blocks from where we live, a tornado ripped off two roofs and than took off. STRANGE WEATHER!!!!!!

BJ, have fun in NY. I have always wanted to go to NYC. I have only been as far as the falls. I think it would be a great adventure to go for a long weekend.

Marci. I will check out the prevention book at the book store. thanks for the intro to it.
Tikanas - hope you are feeling better.

Take care....


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