Warfarin Quesion

ivamaeSeptember 19, 2009

Does anyone know of a reliable site that gives the amount of Vitamin K in foods? I need to watch mine very carefully and have found a couple on the net BUT they differ greatly in some foods. For example cauliflower is listed as having 10 t0 30 mcg's in one cup on one, and it has 96 in 1/2 cup on another. How can one accurately keep track with hese discrepancies?


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Hi Ivamae,
I listed a website on the weekly weigh-in thread called Nutrition Data. They list cauliflower as 8.6mcg in 1/2 cup, if it's cooked and 16 if it is raw. Since that's nearly double I think preparation would be a big part in what vitamin content it has. Also, frozen and unprepared has 9.8mcg.

I'd go to the USDA's website and see what the general levels they have listed for different veggies/fruits etc and then just do double checks on a particular website to make sure they are comparative.

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thanks silvesword for the info

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I am on Warfarin and just don't even worry about it anymore. I get checked every month and so far I am staying steady.


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I have been on it for two and a half years as well and it stayed fairly level. I also was getting checked once a month. Because of all the weight I gained on prednisone, I wanted to try to lose some of this. I talked to my Dr. about it first. He raised the dosage and told me to get checked once a week for a month. These tests were very eratic. I aksed both he and my cardiologist for info and neither had anything much to offer as they say they get little training in foods. I also got info from 3 different pharmacies. I have done a great deal of research on my own and asked if they were willing for me to try keeping track. Both were but told me it would be a lot of work.

I'm still getting tested once a week until 3 weeks in a row are faily consistant and then I will go back to once a month, he says. I feel that now that I am keeping the Vitamin K, level, they may either be able to lower the dosage of warfarin or raise the amount of Vitamin K. Either should accomplish the same thing.

I undersand there is a new drug which has been approved in Canada, that is much safer and will eliminate the need for any INR tesing. I'm looking forward to that. Counting either the calaroes or the Viatmain K is no big deal in itself. The difficulty is getting the number of calories to try to lose about 1 pound a week and the daily Viatamin K requirement to balance out. It is a challenge but one I want to try for a month or 6 weeks for my own satisfaction.

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