'The Firm' tapes - comments, anyone?

phyllis_philodendronApril 6, 2002

There's a commercial on right now for these and I wonder if they're any good or if anyone has tried them. My SIL has them from years ago - I'm not sure if she's still using them but she has lost a ton of weight recently. They're three payments of $29.95 (which seems like a lot!) but if they work then I might dish out the bucks.

What do you all think?

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I have some of the original ones, and let me tell ya--they are great! My only vomplaint is that for optimal benefits, you must use a 14" step, and I'm so short that I have a hard time with this.

I do recommend these tapes, though! :):)

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I also have used the older ones and loved them...well, I loved the results. They really kick your butt though. I have been so busy the past year and a half that I have not had time to exercise and I can really see the effects of it too. I would recommend the videos.

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What is the number to order these tapes? I have heard good comments about them.

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I have heard all good things.
Why not check and see if there are any cheaper on Ebay?

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Loretta NJ Z6

I have several of the original tapes and recommend them. I wish the music was a little less corny though. However, if you lift free weights, you will find them only good for a light workout.

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I just bought The Firm tapes and have liked them so far. They DO kick your butt! I bought my 3 tape set at Walmart for 29.95. You need the fanny lifters (steps) to go with the tapes and you would have to order these. There's an order form in with the tapes - I think the steps are 29.95. My DH made my steps for me. There are 3 of them - a 6 inch tall , an 8 inch tall and a 14 inch tall. (they're 14 inches square on the top)

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Hi, I'm new to these forums and was interested if anyone is still using The Firm tapes and having success. I started with the first Body Sculpting trio of tapes (with the Fanny Lifter) yesterday and the Cardio Sculpt tape kicked my butt! LOL I was very sore this morning, but went ahead and did the Ab Sculpt tape which I didn't find extremely challenging. I'm looking forward to hearing other opinions. Thanks!

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Did the Body Sculpt tape last night; there's a lower body section, then an upper body---some days you're supposed to do the whole thing while other days you alternate upper & lower. Very good tape. I can see why they say visible results in 10 workouts. The Fanny Lifter is a killer! Tonight I'm scheduled for the Abs Sculpt tape and the Body Sculpt-upper only. I'm actually starting to look forward to this! The most difficult, I think, out of the 3 tapes is the Cardio Sculpt. It's the longest (55 mins) and takes some coordination to learn some of the aerobic parts. But I like it and when you're done, you KNOW you had a serious workout!

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My daughter wants to try these, I kind of would too, but I'm not really co-ordinated (okay add old -40+ - and FAT). Do you think it'd work for me as in could I do this without hurting myself????


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kathy - my tapes didn't come with the "schedule". Can you post what it says? TIA

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Vickey - I am 42 and want to lose about 30 more lbs and I don't really consider myself uncoordinated, but it does take me a while to learn when there's aerobic combinations. The Ab Sculpt and Body Sculpt are not difficult to learn (although they are challenging to do). The Cardio Sculpt has some combinations that will take time to learn and it moves kind of fast. I just reminded myself that my old Firm tape (w/Janet Jones Gretzky) was the same way and I just kept plugging along doing what I could each time and within a couple of weeks, I had it down pat. To look as good as these instructors look is motivation enough for me! :)

Jamie - I know my tapes came with a rotation schedule but I couldn't find it so I went on their webpage and it is posted there (for the old Body Sculpting series - which is what I have and a different schedule for the new series with the Sculpting Stick). Go to www.firmdirect.com - on the top of the page, click on "About The Firm". Look at the left side of the screen (green area) and you'll see "30 day Rotation Schedule". I picked it up from there.

Good luck to both of you....let me know how you're doing!

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Thanks Kathy - that's what I needed!

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This morning makes the 3rd time I've done the Cardio Sculpt tape (55 mins). I didn't make it through the whole tape, but am okay with that as I did it more correctly and thoroughly than the first 2 times. I am getting more of the aerobic sequencing down, so I would guess the next time I am scheduled for this tape (which is Monday) I'll do even better. When they say visible results in 10 workouts or less, they mean it! I can definitely feel/see it in my abs, butt and thighs.

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Did Ab Sculpt today; it felt more challenging than the last time I did it. I'm guessing that's because I'm familiar with the routine so I can concentrate a little more on correct form.

Am I all alone in this or is anyone else doing The Firm?

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Did Cardio last night. Down 3.4 lbs since Saturday morning! Yeah!!!

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Skipped Body Sculpt last night...was sore from doing Jorge Cruise 8 Minutes in the Morning! Tonight is Ab Sculpt which I will definitely do because I need a lot of work there.

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Haven't tried mine, yet, but FYI, Collage Videos has the individual tapes for $15 each.. they also sell "In Shape with Rachel Mclish" , which is a favorite of mine.

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I started The Firm last week, and have done it 4 times. I got the whole kit for $76+ 15 shipping. I could hardly walk after the first time, and I exercised regularly before. I would hate to be a newbie and using this to start out on. After the forth time, I am no longer sore after working out. It's obviously too soon to see results, but I will post them when they come.

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Have been using these since mid August. By watching my diet and doing one of the Firm tapes once a day (I have some of the very old ones which are very challenging), I have lost 12lbs and more than a few inches. I really like these tapes. I think the new set is very good and has some moves reminiscent (sp?) of the 1980's Firm Tapes.

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Hi Minivanmom. Glad to hear you like them and that you lost weight. I want to lose between 40 and 50 pounds, but if I lose only 10 my BMI will be in the normal range.

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Hi,Angep. I really like the new tapes and I believe that you can lose a great deal of weight with these tapes, although that was not my main objective. My cholesterol was sky high and I really needed to bring it down. DH told me weight loss was the ony way to reduce my total cholesterol. I also love the tone that the tapes give you. Good luck and I am sure you will meet your goals.

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