Magnavox Model RJ8530 AK03

rsstonerDecember 20, 2007

48" Projection TV, never any problems, retired it to the guest room last year and it hasn't been turned on more than twice. Turned it on last week, it came on, and then went off. Now when I turn it on it "clicks"(the Power Relay), the Power light comes on, there is a very quiet "chirp" sound and the picture starts then there is another "click" and it goes off. Any ideas? Thank You.

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Does anyone know about how long does it generally take to get an answer here?

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depends on the question.

In this case, that's apretty general question which could have any number of reasons.

That's like: "My car starts but dies right away, what could be wrong?"

You'd have to have a knowledgeable service person check it.

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Sounds like the flyback transformer is bad. These are fairly inexpensive and a common failure. Get the part number from the old transformer and order a new one from an electronics supply like MCM Electronics. Common parts are 362140-1 and 362003-7.

Good Luck!


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