graduation party and 50th wedding anniversary brunch

mellowdeeMay 9, 2007

I am going to help my teacher friend with a graduation party for her nephew. On the menu is a fajita bar with all the fixin's, a big salad, a shrimp and asparagus pasta, a couple of desserts. Do you think we need a few appetizers? Also, does anyone have a great recipe for shrimp and asparagus salad? Or, any other recipes that would go along with this menu.

The next day, at the 50th wedding brunch, we plan to have crepes with fruit, a sausage casserole, and a french toast recipe. Any creative ideas and recipes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mellowdee

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usually most graduation parties are like a open house, where people come and go (or like us have double parties to attend)...i'd use some throw-away sterno heaters, and an iced tray and have everything ready, including the usual cake. use dental floss to cut it without "messing" the design too much...

i'm so hungry right now i'd love to have your anniversary brunch! add a tray of mini-muffins, or small bagels and whipped cream cheese. that should help anyone with a egg might be easier to serve mini juices (costco or sams) keep them on ice in a tub...

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