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nhsuzanneSeptember 28, 2009

Good morning lady bugs!

Hope you had a great weekend. Check in and tell us how it was.

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I had a beauiful week-end. My daughter took me to their cottage on Lake Erie, Friday morning. It was a nice change. My grandson brought me home yesterday afternoon

Hope everyone else had a good one too.

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Thanks for getting us started, NHSuzanne! Don't forget to tell us how YOUR weekend went!

Milkdud! Wow! You must be so proud of your NEW SHERIFF! Your weekend sounded fantastic!

Well, I spent the weekend starting Saturday at 4AM, catching the ferry off the rock and moving oldest DD to a college house. Her roommates are super nice! I had a great time hanging out with college set for the weekend. I also managed to get in a brekky visit with a girlfriend I haven't seen in about 7 years, & a mutual friend I haven't see in about 5 months. It was so much fun! I stayed on track too, with eating. The food was healthy AND tasty! Then I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in 15 years. We met at a very hip pizza place and had the BEST GREEK PIZZA EVER!!! Garlic, olive oil, roma tomatoes, red onions, feta on a whole wheat crust. SOOOOOOO good and we had a blast catching up--she's single and told me all about her MatchDotCom adventures!

While I was at the college town, Baby V woke up at the crack of dawn, so I decided to get out of the house of sleeping "teenagers" and go exploring. I found a wonderful produce stand and bought way too much stuff! It was so well priced and so fresh! Living on this island has made me appreciate when I find fresh produce at good prices!!!!

Anyway, on the way back to the rock, I stopped off to see another friend and she wanted to get Baby V some cowboy boots. He's been obsessed with cowboys lately. Then we went to the Halloween store and got him a black cowboy hat. OMG! He was so cute in his little get-up! Everywhere we went, people stopped us and talked to him! He looked SO cute!

Now, we're back home and the weekly routine begins again...but with the bonus of yummy food and I lost yet another 1/2 pound, so things are looking good...!

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Good Monday morning! Suzanne, thanks for getting us started today.

I'm determined to make an appointment for my yearly physical this morning, but their line is busy. This is when I get homesick for my old dr. in Carrollton because it was always so easy to get in, and the mammogram and bone scan could easily be accomplished nearby at another facility. Here, I'll probably have to go to 2 other places and far apart to get things done. That's what happens when you live in a little bitty town.

The weekend was fun, but exhausting. My xh and I got along very well through all the events, which was nice. My sons were happy that things were pleasant, and that matters more than anything to me. In the past, he has just looked through or around me, but this time he was friendly. I was relieved that we could act like normal people for once.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday!

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Happy MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekend was filled with little kiddie birthday parties and a day in the rain with my JETS! I was so exhausted that I fell into bed after dinner last night at 7:15pm. Awoke at 5:15am for the office.

My assistant took a well-deserved 3-day vaca this week, so I'm left on my own. The other assistant is busy with double duty, so I don't want to bother her.

Rumors are that my director may put my name forward for a special award that comes with a bit of $$. That made me smile, as he does not go out of his way that often for any particular manager in the group. We all work hard, so it's difficult to pick one over another for something special.

Don't have time to say much more except to wish everyone a great week!


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Good Monday all,

Glad to hear that you all had a good weekend. Mine was fabulous. We left Friday mid-morning got to Tunbridge, set up camp, got the girls situated then had a lovely picnic lunch in the sun. Friday night we endured temps in the 20's! Still we kept warm in our layers and my trailer is insulated so it helped keep the heat in. Saturday morning we awoke to a thick fog just hanging over us. We were down in a bowl and when you looked up it's all uphill! By the time we finished breakfast the fog was burning off and the sun and bluest of blue sky was emerging! So off we went on our trek into the hills of historic Tunbridge, VT where the colors of fall are just beginning to blossom. It was just as lovely a day as you could ever imagine. Cool, crisp and crystal clear so the views were spectacular. We eventually made it to a place that is a memorial to Figure, the first Morgan horse. It was touching to see it. We did 22 miles on Saturday and I must say we were all happy to be home. There were 115 horses at this event. Sunday we woke up to torrential rain! No riding - the soil in Vermont is like glare ice when it rains. It was just too dangerous to go up and down those hills with the earth that wet. So we packed up and headed home like drowned rats!

One really nice thing is that a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a couple of years was there! She lives on the Cape which is a good five hours away so she was the last person I expected to see! We had a great visit. Unfortunately, she had a serious riding accident and her bones were not healed enough to ride but she came anyway with some friends to hang out. I was so happy to see her.

This is my long lost friend Catherine on right, Sweet Pea and me:

This is my friend Sarah who rode Casey. Notice Casey's beautiful new blue bridle:

Me and Pea who is delighted to rest some after the long, long climb to the top. Notice her purple bridle:

This the three of us, me, friend Karen, and Sarah at the top of a mountain with three lovely Morgan mares all from Hancock, NH. The picture does not do the view justice but you get the idea:

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Suzanne - it does look like you had a wonderful weekend. Glad the weather held out for you. Love the photos, it is good to see you and you are looking great, so are SP and Casey - especially with their new bridles haha.

ivamae - sounds like you had a great weekend as well.

Dee - glad you are up for the award, you certainly deserve it.

BJ - I can just picure Baby V in his cowboy get-up. Of course everyone stopped to see him - he is precious.

Milkdud - I hate to refer people to my Dr. because he is relatively easy to get an appt with, but he is so good that I have to. I can feel your pain. Bravo for everyone getting along. I have to read last weeks, but it sounds like congrats are in order to your son?

We had a wedding to go to on Saturday, and dinner with friends yesterday, throw in some work and meetings and that is all the excitement I have had haha.

I have a birthday party for my brother this weekend, so I will be heading down to NYC. It will be nice to see all the family.

Enjoy your evening.

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Happy Monday!

Glad everyone had a wonderful weekend. Suzanne, your pictures, as usual, are fantastic.

The Eagles won yesterday but I'm still not sure how I feel about them bringing in Vick...jury is still out for me. I know everyone deserves another chance but I can't forget what he did.

I have been MIA cause I have been so busy getting things cleaned up and cleared out for the remodel. I made settlement last week and my application for changing the exterior of my house goes before my homeowner's association for review and, hopefully approval,on Thursday. I live in a planned unit development and it's required when you are making exterior changes, even though it's a single family home. PUDs are a pain because of this but a big plus is there is a standard at which you must maintain your property.

Other than that not much new in this neck of the woods. I will have to read and catch up with everyone.

Be safe and have a great evening.


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Just wanted to let y'all know that my husband was transported to the hospital again today because he passed out again. It's only been 3 weeks today since the first episode happened. He's being admitted overnight at least for observation and more testing to find out the cause this time. My oldest Dson is also very sick with the flu. Bless his heart, he had to drive home from Beaumont to North Texas yesterday sick as a dog, but he was determined to get home to his wife and his bed. His dr. gave him Tamiflu today and commiserated with him.

That's all the sick reports from me today.

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(((((((((((((((BIG HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))))

Hang in there!

Back later....

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milkdud, I am so sorry that your husband is still struggling with his health. I hope the doctors can get to the bottom of this and have him on a quick road to recovery. Also get well wishes to your oldest. Boy, when it rains, it pours. Take care of yourself while you're at it.

suzanne - what gorgeous pictures! So glad you had a wonderful time. Our cooler weather is coming tomorrow - highs will only be in the 80's, low's will go all the way down to 58! woohoo!

donna, glad your team won. My New Orleans Saints are off to a great start at 3-0. I love our quarterback, Drew Brees.

BJ, congratulations on your weight loss! I had a good WW meeting, but am still maintaining at the 50.8 pounds. I just spent the last hour going over all of the WW weekly handouts and just refreshing myself. I know I have gotten "relaxed" in measuring my portions, so just have to get more focused. I really want to re-kickstart my eating, so I can get these last stubborn pounds off.

raeanne, have fun in NYC - how exciting!

Dee, congratulations on your special reward - you sound like you are most deserving of it, as hard as you work.

Lots of good TV on tonight. Husband's out of town, so I have complete control of the remote! Yea!

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Milkdud ((((HUGGS))))) I hope that they can get to the bottom of this problem! I hope you can check in with good news soon.

Dee congrats on your anticipated award.

Donna, I hope you get your approval and get going on your projects.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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Good Tuesday afternoon!

Suzanne, I do have good news! Bob was discharged this afternoon. Seems that there was a problem with a couple of his meds, so once that was figured out, he got to come home. He even felt strong enough to drive his car home from his plant. All that scare, and he's his old self 24 hours later.

The owner of our local Curves caught me on Facebook yesterday and really encouraged me to get back in there, so I actually stopped off there on my way to the hospital this morning and did a quicky workout. It wasn't great, but it was at least something - for me!

I'm going to sneak in a nap now because I slept badly last night. Thank you for all the hugs and good thoughts!

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Milkdud - glad to hear that your DH is home and feeling better.

NHSuzanne - Great pictures as usual. The scenery looks breathtaking! And you and your friends don't look so bad either! LOL

Not much time now, but I will try to check in later this week.


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Milkdud - glad things worked out and Bob is home.

Dee, congratulations on your doubt you are more than deserving of it!

Jan, your Saints are doing incredibly well! My sister, who used to live in NO and is a big fan, says for years they called them the "Ain'ts!" She's thrilled so far this season too.

I've been watching what I'm eating as of yesterday and tonight took a short walk - have to start somewhere sometime!

I should go through a bag in the garage but just don't feel like it so I won't. Think I'll hit the shower and then make lunch for tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening - talk later - be safe.


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[[[[[[[[[BIG SQUEEZY HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]]] to everyone, just because!

Marci, good to see you this week.

Donna, hope you get to a bag or two this week. I know how difficult it is to start.

Suzanne, loved your photos! You may want to show me and DH hanging out with our creature friends. I'm sure most of those who know me well will be shocked. LOL!!!

BJ, keep up the good work.

Hello Besh, Jen, Amy, Wodka, Milkdud, Patti, Dave, John, Gretchen, Tikanas, Maddie, Raeanne....oh......I just know I've missed someone, but I'm late for a meeting.

Hang in there.
Make today count!

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Guess what Ladies & John?

Rabbit! Rabbit! ROFLMBO

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LOL Patti!! I thought I might be first today! Rabbit, rabbit right back at you!

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Good morning! You girls are up EARLY this morning!

I just read the local headlines and am just a tad irritated. Please excuse me while I step on my soapbox - I promise I'll be brief.

It was announced that President Obama was going to visit the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast this month. I guess because of the way the media and politicians (I'm not slamming either party - it's more than that) - have pretty much ignored the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I just knew our area would not be included. Sure enough, in this morning's paper, his reps had sent a letter saying we would not be a part of the tour.

As one of many locals who lost their homes and all possessions (I'm not whining, I'm happy to be here, just stating the facts) - it would benefit President Obama and the viewing public to see what has and hasn't been done here. Great strides have been made, but there is still a lot of devastation and people struggling to make it.

I think what irritates me the most is that New Orleans is only an hour away from us. How much trouble would it have been to included us?

Okay, I'm stepping down. Perhaps my walk will get rid of this frustration.

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Sorry for the rant. I've walked, had my coffee, and realize this was not the right place to vent. I am so sorry. Especially when I read of the poor people in the Phillipines and related areas suffering so much with the typhoons, tsunamis, etc. I am humbled and if there was a way to delete earlier message I would.

Let's enjoy today.

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You have every right to rant; it's part of who you are. If you are frustrated, I have no objection to your sharing your feelings here.

Hope the remainder of your day is peaceful! :)

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Rabbit! Rabbit! It's October already! :)

I've rejoined Curves and feel better already! The franchise owner caught me on FaceBook Monday and encouraged me to return after quite an absence. I did, and I'm so glad because it's already helping with my appetite and attitude. One of my new friends is meeting me there tomorrow morning for a trial workout, so that will be fun, too.

Jan, I get where you'e coming from on that rant. My son and his family live in Beaumont and were beaten up by Rita, then Ike, but they get no attention from the media except during and immediately afterward. They're on their own for clean-ups and feel so ignored.

Had my fasting lab work this morning, then a quick breakfast before working out. Hubby is still home and resting from his latest round of hospitalization. Today he did drive himself to his GP to catch him up on what's going on and get direction on his meds. His oldest son and DIL are coming to visit this weekend. I need to clean house and grocery shop as eating out isn't in the budget at present. *sigh*

Dee, thanks for those hugs for us. They're always welcome!

Patti, you can't just sneak in and post Rabbit! Rabbit! then run off like that! You need to start posting again with us. :)

Wishing everyone a good Thursday. Remember that it's almost Friday! ;-)

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Jan, you had every right to vent and don't feel bad about it.

Just real quick - I have a very dear friend who is in a world of trouble at work coupled with major, major personal problems. She has a meeting tomorrow morning @ 9:00 am that I hope doesn't cost her her job. Any good thoughts, good wishes and prayers you can spare for Denyse will be much, much appreciated. She is a wonderful person and an extraordinary nurse!!! Thank you all!!!

Thanks - be safe and have a great night - I will check in tomorrow.


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I have plenty of good thoughts and prayers to spare for Denyse! What a nice friend you are, Donna.

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Yeah Milkdud~I thought more people would call me out on that but you were the only one. LOL I was looking to see. That was my funny. I'm glad B is doing better.

Donna~I can spare a prayer for Denyse.

Marci~Sorry I beat you but I just had to. Everyone has been on my mind & I say every day that I'm coming & don't make it so I HAD to. :-)

NH Suzanne~Gorgeous pics as always! I have to say that you are staying in tip top shape & giving Sweet Pea a run for her money! :-D

BJ~It was so nice to hear the sweet things about Baby V. I loved, loved, loved it.

Jan~You oughta know that you can say whatever here. We all love you for who you are. You know you never hear about the 4 hurricanes that we went through in 2004. There was a lot of devastation then too. All of them hit within 6 weeks. As DH says, actually the 4th was not a hurricane by the time it hit, it had gone around & come back as a tropical storm, I believe. But, still it hasn't ever happened before & I hope not again.

Dee~It was SO sweet to come here & see that you had said hi to Dave & me. I certainly appreciated it. Just want you to know.

Hi Raeanne~You haven't said much. Are you staying busy?

I have misplaced the wedding album of Dave & Me. I was redoing it in b&w & have all the b&w pics but have no clue what I did with the original album. Say a prayer please that I find it. I am not a happy camper today. It is not very often that I say that. The snowbirds are starting to come back. There will be a few things going on this month & then more & more will be happening from then on. I'm excited about it & yet this summer went by so quickly & I still have so much yet to do. Take care. Adios.

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Good morning!

Thanks for understanding my hurricane mania. I meant to add that we are so lucky and grateful that it has been a calm season, so far. We're having a gentle rain right now, which means I can't walk this morning. Part of me is kind of happy about that - ha!

Donna, I hope your friend, Denyse, gets through her meeting this morning, unscathed. Such tough times for so many.

Patti, hope you find your wedding album and you are a happy camper again, soon. I'm like you as to where the summer went? I have a long "to-do" list and might get a start on it today.

My husband is having an upper GI done next week. He never complains about feeling bad, but for the last three weeks has had abdominal pain, so much so that he scheduled an appointment to check it out. (Usually, he asks me to do those things.) The doctor saw him yesterday and gave him several prescriptions and scheduled the tests. I'm trying to think positive, but he has several pre-existing conditions and I"m just praying that it's nothing serious. If you don't mind, please slip him in your prayers, if you think about it. I would very much appreciate it.

Speaking of illness, milkdud, I'm so glad your husband is feeling better. It's so hard to see them sick, isn't it?

Take care and have a great weekend.

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Good Friday all,

Donna, I hope things work out well for Denyse. We are all pulling for her.

Jan, I hope things go well with DH's testing. You can count on us for prayers and good thoughts. Did the doctor have an idea on what it was? BTW, you rants are welcome here! Never feel like you have to apologize.

Patti, you need to come back here and post!! We miss you and your pals at FB have had your attention more than enough! Say the Saint Anthony prayer and you will find the album! I learned it here and it works.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come down. Something is lost and must be found. Say it over and over again. It works.

Milkdud, good for our on re-joining curves. You are an inspiration to me!

Dee can you please re-send that photo ASAP - I left it at home and can't find it. Please hurry!!

Marci, my paper punch came yesterday and it will work fine. BTW, the woman was very nice. Have you dealt with her before? She was very helpful. Thanks again.

QOD: Weekend plans? I have a hot date with the vacuum!! It's going to rain all weekend so I might as well clean the house.........if you can keep me out of the barn that is! DH is stuck in PA for the weekend with an oversized load.

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suzanne, no, according to my husband (who better not be holding anything back from me!), he said the doctor did not appeared too alarmed, just said let's do the upper GI and see what's going on.

I tend to be overly "anal" (can we say that here?) and suggested that he go to a gastroenterologist for the upper GI, since that is what they specialize in. My husband, however, said he feels comfortable in having our Internal Medicine doctor do it. It's his body, his decision, and hopefully, that will be all he needs to have done. Just sometimes I wish he would listen to me, since I'm the expert (ha!)

If everything turns out okay, I will still be taking my mom to DC in November. I have no decent winter clothes, so will spend the weekend going through what I have that might still be wearable and fit. I just ordered a cute outfit from J Jill - I love that store, but we don't have one here, so shop online. Hope it fits.

suzanne, I might try looking for my vacuum, too. Definitely could use some dusting and stuff around here.

Bye for now.

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Hi Guys!

SJDonna---Holding good thoughts for Denyse...

Wodka: RANT away when you need to, for crying out loud---I DO! Glad everything with DH is sort of back to normal!

My weekend plans are to go to the mainland for a funeral. One of my best friend's mother died 2 days ago and the service is on Saturday. It'll be a day long deal for me with the new UNimproved winter ferry schedule---it doesn't accomodate "locals" very well! The funeral home I used to work for is conducting the service, so I'll get to see some old co-workers too.

My "diet" is going well. I really haven't felt this GOOD in a LONG time! My stomach is definately flatter! YAY! And the scale is going down! I'm adding in exercise slowly...--don't want to SHOCK my system!

Patti---Hope you find your album SOON!!!!!!!!!

Dee---Awards should ALWAYS go to YOU!

Raeanne and Marci!: You'd better stop by more often! :-)

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on Denyse - things went very well for her today and she came out on top!!!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers - they truly do make a difference.

Will check in later but wanted to let you know her good news and say THANK YOU - you guys are the best!

Jan - prayers for your DH..hope all goes well with his test.
Patti - holding good thoughts that you find your album.


PS: More good news, my application was approved by my homeowner association last night so we are ready to roll on the remodel!

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YAY for Denyse!

Okay, so bizarre story here!!!!

I was on the ferry coming home from the funeral I attended tonight. I was a little bored, sitting in my truck on the ferry. I was thinking about my DD's passport that I misplaced about 2 months ago when I moved her into college. I have looked EVERYWHERE but no luck finding it--the whole thing has been worrisome and driving me crazy. I thought about the St. Anthony prayer NHSuzanne posted here the other day, so I said it out loud. A couple of minutes later, a guy tapped on my truck window. I rolled down the window and the guy said, "Did you know your tabs are expired?" I said I didn't and said "Thank you for telling me that!" Well, I thought, I'll probably get pulled over by the overzealous sheriff's deputies when I get off the ferry so I'd better get my registration and insurance card out. I opened the glove box, took out the envelope my documents were in, and spotted a plastic baggie in there with some foreign money in it. I opened the baggie and guess what! My DD's PASSPORT was tucked behind the money I put in the glove box to take to the safe deposit box! What are the chances???? I am astounded, amazed, and thrilled!

And the best part...I made it home without getting pulled over! Today was a very good day! :-)

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BJ, that's another amazing Saint Anthony story. I have to thank whoever first suggested it to me. I think it was Milkdud and Raeanne! It's really amazing.

It's sunny and gorgeous and I am fighting the urge to go for a ride before my housework is done! Yesterday it poured and I got my office squared away and two closets cleaned!

Early this morning we went out and marked trails for the ride/drive that I am hosting next weekend here in Hancock! I have lost my momentum for house works so gotta go work on that!

Have a great Sunday all.

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NHSuzanne- The pictures you posted were really delightful! It's so nice you can share those things! I wish I knew how to post pictures here---! I'd post one of my little cowpoke!

We had a good weekend! Gotta fly but more tomorrow!

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