White out RSVP line?

kel3May 15, 2011

We are sending out invitations for my sons high school graduation open house. The invitations are pre-printed and have an RSVP line. I don't really want people to RSVP as it doesn't really matter, as we will have more than enough to eat/drink for everyone and people don't seem to always RSVP anyway. What is the proper way to handle this on the pre-printed invite? White out the RSVP line (is that tacky?)? Leave it blank? Or write our phone number and say "RSVP not necessary but call if you have any questions"? Seems like such a silly thing to worry about but I want to do whats correct.

Thanks for any insight on this!

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Well, let's see -- guests are supposed to respond to any invitation, whether or not it says "RSVP," unless I guess it says "regrets only" and they are attending. So whiting out the RSVP line won't really change anything (and it will be a pain and look icky; I wouldn't do it).

But I suppose if you want, you could just cross it out with a pen stroke or add the words "not necessary."

Don't be so sure you don't want people to respond, though, even though you won't change your food plans. There might be other reasons you'd like to know if this one or that one is coming or not.

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I wouldn't white out anything on a pre-printed invitation. It will ruin the look of your invitation as it infers there was a mistake that needed to be erased. Perhaps you could write the words "Regrets Only" w/your phone number in the spot for the response date.

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