Keeping cold snacks cold?

xminionMay 14, 2009

Hi -

I'm hosting a summer party inside a community room for 30+ people. The room only has a mini-fridge. I plan on serving

cold party snacks - tea sandwiches, key lime pies, raspberry lemonade, and more- but how to keep them cold? I want to set up a buffet table with somehow cold trays underneath the food since the fridge is useless except for holding a few beverages. Any ideas?

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You could use one or more coolers with ice. If you don't have any, you can get styrofoam ones very cheap.

I would also consider tweaking the menu to include fewer things that must be kept really cold.

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We get those blow up baby pools, set them on the tables, fill with ice and just set the platters right on top of the ice.

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Baby pools or any type of big coolers work.

If you had an ice sculpture person they can cut slabs of ice and set on a tray where the water can collect and then you just place your glass plates on top.

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I've used kiddie pools, also. I specifically bought one of those cheap round plastic patio tables because it fit the pool perfectly. The pool/table combo holds about 5 large salad bowls with no worry of them getting warm.

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