I got an iPod for Christmas!

socksDecember 26, 2006

My DS and DIL gave me an iPod for Christmas. I'm learning how to use it, I hope. I plugged it into my computer, iTunes came up and I guess it loaded my songs onto the iPod?

Well, the real question is this...the iPod has a red circle with a line across it, blinking, and the words below the circle say "Do not disconnect."

What's going on here?

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Once you plug the iPod into the computer, you cannot unplug it until you "eject" it correctly, or you may loose data. Do you have a memory stick or a digital camera? Anything that uses flash type memory works this way - at least in my experience.

Anyway, we are a 2-pod household. Depending on the version of iTunes software you have,there should be an icon for your iPod on the tray (bottom part of the screen), or near the bottom of the iTunes library display. If you right click on it, a menu will come up and you select "eject iPod." Once you do that - if done correctly - the red circle on your iPod will change into a green check mark. That means it is OK to unplug it.

Ours are several years old, so the steps may have changed a bit. If so, just search the help menu or manual for "how to eject your iPod."

Congrats on your gift. You will love it!


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The first synchronization takes a while because everything has to be transferred to the iPod. Lynne's advice is correct; the only difference I can point to is that, on my Mac, the iPod is listed along with the other iTunes content and it has an icon containing an upward-pointing triangle within a circle that you can click on to "eject" the iPod. You just have to wait until it's done. Future synchs will be faster.

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Ok, I found the icon on the computer to eject the iPod. I'm now reading iPod 101 so I won't have to ask any more of these elementary questions. There's a lot to learn. Thanks for your help.

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