Help me with high school graduation party

wigardenerwannabeMay 5, 2007

My son will be graduating soon and I plan to do an open house in June. However, I am doing this solo (single mom) and have very limited experience with entertaining...and am not a natural cook. I would like to keep my stress level down, but make it an enjoyable celebration for my son and friends/famly. I'm thinking we might end up with 75 to 100 people. I'm kind of lost as to how to keep this simple but nice. Do I do a brunch...or 1-4pm without a meal...or 3-7 with an evening meal. In any case I am hopeful that some of you might have some advise in terms of how to go about this and menu ideas. Would very much appreciate your help.

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Buy a boneless ham and have it shaved. Buy a rolled rump roast and make Italian beef for warm just before the party. Buy lots of sandwich buns.
Make a couple of heads of cabbage into slaw, make or buy potato salad. have a vat of veggies and dip...most kids love ranch.
Have a boat load of chips, a tub of ice with sodas and pop and fill your freezer with various cookies.
All very doable for one or borrow a 10 foot table....set the food out....and there you are! I normally hate the thoughts of paper plates....but I give you permission to use them for this!
And enjoy!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian beef

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How about having a 1-4pm party and just ordering (or making) a bunch of long sub sandwiches...slice them small (not everyone will want a full serving)...add some salads, easy desserts, fresh fruit, a few dips, chips, and some cheese and crackers. Your biggest problem may be refrigerator least, that's usually my biggest problem for larger groups. I just have no where to store the cold food stuff!

If the bulk of the 75-100 people are mainly your son's friends, you could consider a pizza party.

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I'm doing a graduation party for my DD in June. I'm planning on borrowing a crockpot or two and doing Kalua Pork (see link, it is excellent and very easy!!) and some sort of beef as well (Linda's recipe looks good), slaw, a pasta salad, a bean salad, veggies and dip as well as chips. We should have about 50 people and I do plan on hiring a teen to help out. We are borrowing tables and chairs from a club my DH belongs to. I'm making simple tablecloths from fabric I bought off eBay instead of using the paper ones.

I'll be checking back to this post for more ideas!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kalua Pork

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