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windinthetreesDecember 24, 2007

I have an artists lightbox that uses some type of chemical ballast to run the flourescent light and it smells horrible. I would like to rewire it using an electronic ballast similar to what is on my fish aquarium light. Would this be a simple proceedure? There is a little cylindrical screw in component on my fish aquarium light but there is also a rectangular square thing that the wires run through as well. What is this? Could I more or less copy the way the fish aquarium light is wired and be sucessful with the lightbox?

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The "little cylindrical screw in component" is a starter that isn't used on newer type ballasts.

The "rectangular square thing" is probably a line noise filter and is not always needed.

You could use a different lamp(s) size.

You would need to get a ballast that matches the size, quantity, & type of lamps in the lightbox.

They usually come with wiring diagrams.

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