Tripplite 750 Watt UPS Backup.

pensacolDecember 16, 2006

I was given a Tripplite 750 watt UPS backup. I purchased the required 26AH battery for it, but the problem is when it switches to battery power, it outputs 160 volts, not 120. When on line power it put's out 120. What could be causing this? Maybe a bad diode?

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Shocking !
Perchance the OO(original owner) had this same defect and just decided to get rid of it ..
It is good that you knew about this 160 volts before it burned out your computer....
I'd contact the manufacturer were it me..

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I have some that do that purchased off ebay. Might plug a 100 watt light bulb in for a load and then check the voltage. You might see its dropped to normal.

Some will need a load to regulate the output voltage and if no load how would they do the math to regulate it.

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