philips magnavox 32' sound problems

kellysbabydollDecember 9, 2006

I have a philips tv model number 27ps55s121. On some channels the sound is almost non existant. it gets louder (not loud enough to hear) but once you get to volume 50 it doesnt get any louder at all. Its annoying because there are some things I would like to watch but cant hear well enough to even bother with it. Could someone please help? I am not sure if it is the TV or maybe the cable box.

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It's your TV.

Bought my Philips sept "06 @ Walmart. Does exactly the same as you describe. I thought I was going deaf & was very upset till I realized it was the stupid TV, not my ears.

I am on dish network but doubt that matters because I have trouble with sound on DVDs. I just rented Syriana and had to run it a second time with subtitles on so I could know what was going on.

Your experience makes me dead certain it is your TV, (and mine too). I doubt they will take mine back after so long. I'd take that junk back if I were you.

With AVL turned off it's a bit better but sound is erratic at best.

What a lousy ripoff. Good luck with it.


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