Couple DTV converter questions

catherinetDecember 18, 2008

Hi all,

We bought several of the Zenith DTV converter boxes and have hooked some of them up. Haven't attempted them on the TVs that have a VCR and DVD too yet. Too scared. haha

Questions: Why can't I get one of the channels now that I used to get? Is it because its one of those low output stations? Supposedly I can click on a button on the box, and allow the low signal in, but I can't find it. But is that why I can't get it now? Are there some local stations that just couldn't afford to go to digital?? Will they pretty much go out of business??

Question #2: Why do some of the stations show a full screen picture, while others show a smaller one, with a black frame around it> Can I change that?

I have trouble reading instruction manuals, and have found that if I ask direct questions, I can understand the answers better.

Thanks for your help!

(P.S. I have printed off the older posts about connecting things up with a VCR and DVD, so that will be helpful when I'm connecting my other stuff up.) I just hope I don't get caught in all the wires behind the TV and no one ever finds me again. ;)

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1. not all stations are making the switch to digital. low power stations are not required to do it, though many will jsut because a lot of their viewers cannot pick them up anymore with the digital boxs. you may need to run a splitter so you can tune the tv itself to the low power analog station if the convertor won't support it.

2. picture size depends on how the station formats their digital picture. some stations will be one way during a show, another way during network commercials, and a 3rd way for local commercials. one of the kinks that needs to be worked out by a federal standard.

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Thanks davidandkasie,
Seems like they should have worked out the inconsistencies before changing it all over.
Supposedly this Zenith box can allow low power analog stations in.........I just have to figure out how.
Thanks again.

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