Recommendations on small wireless security camera?

TrpnBilsDecember 17, 2013

I'm looking for suggestions on a wireless video camera that has real-time viewing either on an ipad or directly onto a laptop.

My students are conducting a study of a wetlands nearby and we are trying to do some aerial surveillance first because it also needs mapped along with the flora/fauna inventory we're doing. The game plan is to hook this to a weather balloon and raise it up over the wetlands but it would be helpful to have some kind of live feedback on a laptop or ipad so we could adjust the placement if necessary. It wouldn't necessarily need to be weatherproof because it would just be up for a few minutes before we took it down and used screen captures from the video for part of the mapping.

Any ideas?

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I saw one advertised for about 150. It works with ios. They were recommending it as a front door surveillance.

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