Gift for 80th. Birthday

suvgalMay 2, 2014

We're invited to a restaurant for an 80th birthday for my cousin's husband's birthday. Any gift suggestions would be appreciated

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What is he interested in? All we know is he is 80 and male. That's not much to go on.

But maybe for some reason you don't know him well enough to know what he would enjoy. I know that some posters don't like charitable contributions as gifts, but in my experience, a contribution to someone's favorite charity is often what is most appreciated, especially for people who are at a stage of life when they are trying to downsize, not accumulate stuff.

But I stress that this means HIS favorite charity, NOT yours. Find out what it is from your cousin.

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How about a gift card for a round of golf if he plays. Many elderly people still play well into their 80's. Does he have a favorite diner or restaurant that he likes to go to with his buddies? Get him a gift card from there. If he is into games/cards (dominoes, poker,etc.)many come in large print so it is easier to read. The possibilities are endless. NancyLouise

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