Need help with bridal shower recipes/ideas

lizzierouxMay 20, 2013

Hello to all of you great cooks!

Hosting a bridal shower in late July and the theme is Hollywood Red Carpet . We will serve cocktails and have servers, and the guest will be dressed up.
The shower is late afternoon into evening.
Looking for some delicious tried & true dishes to serve. Need meat, chicken and seafood main dishes, plus appetizers.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions/help.

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I think you should post this on the Cooking Forum.

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One of my favorite appetizers is a smoked salmon served with lemon wedges with crackers is both elegant and delicious.I make certain to buy a nice piece from a meat market or a speciality market.0

I make Brie eu Croutte which is easy and a huge hit when I take it somewhere. Instead of making a large single one I make small individual serving.

Brie eu Croutte
Cut a large sheet of puff pastry into wedges. Place a small and thin slice on a piece of the puff pastry. Top the cheese with a spoon of apricot jam, a small amount of brown sugar and chopped walnuts.Top with another small piece of brie. Wrap the puff pastry into a crescent shape. Brush tops with egg white and water. Bake 10-15 minutes.

This is not low cal by any means but one of the all time favorite appetizers and we entertain a lot. People devour these like they are popcorn at a movie.

I don't have a name for them.
2 can of whole water chestnuts
1 pound of bacon cut into 1/2 inch strips
wrap bacon around water chestnuts and bake at 350 for 1 hour. Drain off part but not all of the drippings. Mix 1 cup ketsup and 1 cup of sugar. Spoon over the water chestnuts and bake another 30 minutes or until the bacon is done and the edges are slightly crips.

As I said we entertain and I cook for family and friends and have cooked for local events and this is the most requested recipe for a main dish. It's from a friend of mine.

Maggie and Cheryls Chicken
1 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup orange juice
2 T vinegar
2 cloves crushed garlic.

Marinate at least 3 hours. Remove meat from the marinade and grill, bake or you can cook it in a skillet which is easy.
This is great on chicken but can also be used on pork. I mix and put it in a zip lock bag.

If I think of anything else I'll add it. Hope it's a lovely event. I like the idea of the red carpet and Hollywood. Very cool.

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You should check Pinterest, a party planner's paradise!

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