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aka_raeanneSeptember 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

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Good Morning!

Let's have a Great week of Healthy eating!


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Good morning!

It's already 75 and sunny outside. I'm hearing rumors that Hurricane Ike may be heading our way by the end of this week, so I'm gearing up for company.

I woke up on Friday with a terrible throat tickle. It progressed into a very bad cold/allergy which I have fought all weekend. I still have a loud, harsh cough today, so I'm thinking that I'll skip working out and nurse this stuff away today.

We took my oldest DGD and her family out for lunch yesterday at Carino's. I had their chopped club salad full of so many non-WW/Core goodies, but I really couldn't taste it. I only ate about half of it and brought home the rest. I'll try it for lunch today and see if I can appreciate it more by then.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy week! I'll be back when I can think more clearly. LOL

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Hi Guys!

Happy Monday! Thanks for getting us started, Raeanne!

In-laws arrive for an 8-day visit next week, so I am getting everything I need to do done this week.

The weather is primo today: not too hot; not too cold. I might take a breather sometime today and just take a beach break to think!

Jen~ I am going to try to make a healthy week of it. I have a physical next month, so I'd like to at least FEEL healthy for that!

Milkdud~ I hope Ike reduces himself to rain only and you get a break! Enjoy the salad!

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DH is off tomorrow for a few days of fishing in NY State, so I'm planning dinners out with the stepdaughters on Tuesday and a friend on Wednesday. I'm sure I can eat healthfully Tuesday, but Wednesday will be pizza and chick-flick night. Should be fun for DH and myself, as he loves fishing with the guys.

This weekend I got to de-clutter lots of DH's stuff, with his permission of course! Felt really good to get 5 bags of magazines off to recycle. That took away all of the family room clutter, as the room stays fairly neat. Also got DH to begin work on the basement and garage. It was not much, but it was a few tiny steps forward. I was really happy with the outcome.

Jen, good to see you posting. Hope Tara is 100% now.

BJ, any excuse for a beach break is a good excuse! ;-)

Raeanne, thanks for getting us started.

Good thoughts are going out to Milkdud, Patti, Jan, and others in the path of the bad weather.

We need to hear from Maddie, Besh, Donna, Gretchen, Amy, John, magickitty.......sending out big [[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]] to all of you.

Make today count!

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Everyone had better start posting or I will come to your house and put your little fingers on the keyboard!

Come one, now.

Say "HELLO"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to let everyone know that I saved my director's hiney this morning. He was asked several questions by his boss's boss and could not answer them. Guess who could? hehe

I worked out for a total of 2 hours 15 minutes yesterday. 2 sessions of walking and 1 hour 15 minutes on bike and yoga class. This morning I was up early and ready for my walk. I really wish that I could remember how good it feels when you get good workouts. The feeling is so much better than hanging out with the bag of chips, eh?

Soooooooooooo, start moving those fingers over the keys!!!

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Hi everyone!
We were at the in-laws over the weekend. Drove back yesterday.

My prayers go out to everyone in the path of the seasonal hurricanes. I pray people can stay safe.

Healthy eating is something I need to focus on - more portion sizes again! It's do-able for sure! Especially with fall vegetables in season everywhere! No excuses for getting yummy veggies in your day.

Deemarie I hear ya with the decluttering. Been trying to do it around here for the last 8 months or so. It's never ending because I'm clearing out the entire house. The kitchen table and basement seem to be the sorting areas here - I'm sick of it. Sort, keep, trash, charity and label store. It does feel great to check off parts of the house that are now done though.

Milkdud - is it my imagination or have you been having a bad spell with colds/allergies? Do take care girl. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to you.

Last night before the rain hit (remnants of southern storms hitting cold fronts here) I managed to do some fall planting of beets, onion, beans. Today I have some lettuce to plant. Weather dependent I'm hoping to do more garden cleaning after I do a good hour of decluttering/sorting around here.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Keep moving and think portion sizes.

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Good Afternoon!

Dee: All that talk of organizing your DH's stuff got me thinking (dangerous!) and so I tore open MY DH's closet yesterday and took everything out! He's been complaining about the crowded closet, so I installed 2 rods into an unused alcove in the bedroom and hung his ties on one and casual clothes on another. Then I put all of his "work" (dress) clothes in the closet proper. I bought some of those plastic drawers for his socks, unders, and swim suits, and tee shirts. When he got home, he was all pi$$ed about me re-doing his stuff. It took about 6 hours until he finally said he didn't know why he was upset. BUT---he kept saying he was going to do it and didn't and his parents are staying in OUR bedroom for a couple of nights when they come. As all of you know, when something in the house is messy or disorganized, it's the WIFE'S fault, so I just went ahead and did it. He liked it this morning when everything was in its place! Good thing he's cute----!

O-M-G!!!! (as the teens would say----I was in the waterfront coffee shop this morning, sitting there with a mom I met at school and a BIG WHARF RAT walked in the door of the shop!!! This guy that was sitting by us threw a magazine he was reading at it, and everyone just went back to their coffee, like nothing happened! This was a 'nice' coffee shop too---not a dive. I guess the wharf rats come up from the dock once in a while and invade---EEEEEEWWW! That's it for me--a new coffee shop is in order! They said this place was kid-friendly, but I'll pass if it's rat-friendly as well!

I went to a music/play group this morning for Baby V. All the moms were half my age, belly-button pierced, etc, but it was FUN! Ahhhhhhhhhh, to have a body like that again! (Insert dreamy expression here....)

Dee: CONGRATS on the LONG workout! Wow! Last night, I went out to the garage and did a 20 minute eliptical session with my headset blaring disco---so much tension released---IT FELT GREAT! Short but still suh-weeeet!

McPeg: I have a mess of mint to plant. ---You just reminded me. :-)

NHSuzanne~ Sweet Pea Report,please.

CHECK IN! Hugs to all of those in the path of weather!

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...Just as I posted, the phone rang. Social worker. Baby V's parents are no where to be found; the time is nearing for him to be released for adoption. The state asked us if we could adopt him. DH and I had talked about this very thing when we started fostering and decided we are not in a position to adopt (age we are, finances, etc. are some factors, plus others...) I told the social worker this. She was very withdrawn after that and kept asking, "Why not? Why can't you adopt him?" And now I'm also afraid they'll take him away when they come for his home visit this month. I hung up feeling SO guilty. We DO love him dearly. He is a perfect child. But I wanted to do fostering as a transition for babies, not as a forever family. I'm very good with babies; not great with teens, which is why I chose newborn to 5 years old for fostering. I feel selfish, wanting to go through the stages of life, and not being able to see myself as a 65-year-old "mommy" attending a graduation. And what about the other foster children? Do I pick and choose? I feel very sad. I feel like, "Tell me that he'll be adopted into a loving family like the other 3 I've fostered." I don't want to feel guilty about "not" adopting him, but I do worry about his future in the state adoption system. The odds are against him.

I'm just venting here. Just raw feelings. Sometimes seeing and taking care of other people's unplanned pregnancies makes me feel so sad for the babies. Where are all the mommies and daddies I hear about who so desperately want a baby? I want to choose one for him! Stop the world for a minute! I need to think! But life goes on...

...and everything is as it should be? I hope so.

No, I am not going to "eat away" my feelings. I am going to write, write, write, until I am not emotionally hungry any more---

I am working at my SECOND DAY of healthy eating and this will not ruin it...

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Good evening, everyone!

(((((BJ))))) My heart hurts for you after reading your last post about Baby V's missing prospective parents. You are a very special person to even do what you do, and a very wise woman to know when you need to let go. I know you're hurting right now, but you are doing all you can do for Baby V right now, and you do have the rest of your family to consider, besides all the other "issues".

McPeg, nice to see you posting again. This is actually the first sinus stuff I've had in quite a long while. I've been so lucky to shrug stuff off mostly since eating better and working out. This time, whatever triggered this just whipped my behind. I've got a nagging cough that's keeping me inside for now. I've cancelled several outings because I don't want to cough all over everyone! A friend brought me chicken soup for lunch today which helped a lot. Wish I had a backup gallon of the stuff.

It looks like Hurricane Ike is detouring toward Mexico instead of straight at us. I'm so grateful. I was fretting about having my DDIL and DGDs here tomorrow when I'm sickly. I wouldn't risk their health for anything, and they still could have come, but I would have been so sad to not feel up to playing and interacting with everyone.

Dee, WTG! I'm so happy that you were able to step in and save your director's bacon. I'm sure it was greatly appreciated!

Where is everyone today? It was a gorgeous day here, sunny and warm in the low 90's, but I stayed inside. Something blowing in the wind must have brought on my trouble, so I'm staying indoors for a couple more days.

Hope everyone has a wonderfully relaxing evening. I'm getting ready to tense up by watching "Big Brother" at 8. Dee, will you be watching? It's going to be a live vote and eviction!

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Thanks, Milkdud!

This must be a test of my diet will power. Another call. My ex-MIL was disnosed with pancreatic cancer and has only 2 weeks to live. Her DH (my ex-DIL) called. So, SO sad---they are EVERYTHING to each other. I will go off the rock to see her this Saturday. One more thing will make it 3---things come in threes, right?

Enjoy BB tonight. I have no TV, but have been watching "The Last Detective" British TV series borrowed from the library. Very mellow show and a great distraction right now, I'm sure.

Enjoy---and hugs to all~

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BJ -(((((((HUGS)))))) I feel so sorry for your ex-MIL and her DH (you too my friend). That is the cancer that took my sister too.

I think that Social Worker should be ashamed of herself. She shouldn't have ever made you feel like you do. With all the terrible foster parents there are out there, she should be thrilled that you are such a caring and nurturing one, they need more like you. Of course I feel badly for Baby V as well. I will send positive thoughts that a loving and deserving family comes along for him.

Suzanne - did I ever tell you that the gallery my artwork is in is named "Sweet Pea"? That made it feel so right to me. I sent you an email, but take your time getting back to me. Seems like you must be very busy these days.

Dee - tell me what you thought about BB? I have to tell you that I didn't have a clear cut favorite this season and almost didn't care who ended up in the final 3. However, I am a bit nervous that Jerry may get lucky. Nice workout!

Milkdud - when I first moved to the woods, I always had post nasal drip and a tickle. It took a long time for me to shake it. I have several people that come to visit that get those same symptoms and they clear up when they go home. I swear there is something in the air up here that your body has to adjust too. It is probably too clean LOL.

Jen - thinking of you and the girls.

Where on earth is Maddie? I am also thinking of our Magic Kitty, Gretchen, and the infamous Tikanis.

Hope today is a good one.

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Hi Guys!

Thanks for the hugs! --- and sisterly support!

Tikanas' email addy is dead. I just pinged her. I'll try her via phone later. She is one busy lady! Does anyone have a cell for Maddie? If you could email it to me, I can try her...

Well, I have about ten million things to do---all very neccesary and none very exciting. Better get to it.

Here I go, launching into my 3rd day of healthy eating...one day at a time...

When we moved here, 2 of my DDs had sniffles. We went to the Farmer's Market and got the local honey and they ate it in toast every day. Soon the sniffles were gone. Has anyone here ever tried this? I read about it, but didn't believe it would work until we saw it in action! Kewl, as Patti would say! Hey, where IS Patti anyway?

Back later to read, so CHECK IN!

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Hello all,

BJ (((((HUGS))))) SO sorry about both baby V and MIL. It just never ends that's the conclusion I have come to.

Raeanne, no you didn't tell me that but how apropos! How is your festival going? I want to hear details.

I have been so busy since SP got sick. She is doing much better and thank you to those who have asked how she is. I am pleased to report that she is once again sound but she now has to take time to heal the enormous hole that was dremmelled into the sole of her foot. That will take some time so I have to keep her foot protected and ride her lightly. I am still having to soak her foot day and night and it's time consuming.

I am starting to feel the stress of diminishing daylight. It is not pretty dark at 7:15pm and not light until 7 ish. My days are really getting cut short and there is still so much to do before winter. I know, what a buzz kill talking about winter right now! Just venting

I do wish Maddie would check in as would the others. Gretchen, I know you are lurking girl. Tikanis, what happened to you and Lynn?

Everyone check in or Dee is coming to get you!! LOL

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Hey everyone,

Just chickin in!

BJ, (((HUGS))) I agree, that social worker should be ashamed of herself. I feel bad for your ex MIL and family. Pancreatic cancer is a horrible thing. (not that any cancer is good, they need to find a cure) They are in my prayers.

Tomorrow is Tara's 5th Birthday. Where has the time gone. I hope I can survive her birthday party. She is having 5 pre-k girls come home with her. They are all 2nd children. (You know, what I always refer to as the 2nd child syndrome!) Hopefully they will have fun. I have a few activities for them to do.

Better run. Have a great evening.


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Chickin in??? I should really proofread!


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Really Suzanne- you think you KNOW...but you are right. I do stop in every so often and pretty much EVERY time-my name is there.

It seems that I have been away so long that I don't think I have enough time to update.

I'm fine! I bought a bike this summer and ride about 5-6 miles every night. Of course it doesn't help that I drink beer when I get back from my ride.

My daughter just started her second year of college. Did I tell you all that I think I gained HER freshman 15??? I cannot decide what it making me eat? I don't miss my daughter but just when I thought we would be on our own, DH's parents have had a horrible year health wise. They have become very dependent on us to do things for them. They really need someone on there 24/7. Of course their response is "why? we have you two."

I will try to post more often...I am like BJ without all the kids! LOLOL

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Good morning from hurricane alley!

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm now aware that Hurricane Ike really wants to head our way. I'm still pretty sick, so I'm going to a minor care clinic about 30 minutes or more from here, then I'll decide what to do about Ike. Hubby's plant closed this morning, so he's home until this passes, and he wants me to leave with DDIL and the DGDs and head to Dallas. DDIL doesn't want to leave until at least late tonight or tomorrow.

Once I start feeling better through the miracle of modern medicine, maybe I can think more clearly, but for now, I don't want to get on the road and in all that traffic. Where I live, they're suggesting we sit this out instead of evacuating - so far!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know my status in case you're interested. More later, gators!

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Good Thursday all,

Gretchen, I will mention your name every day if it brings you back! I know it's hard to jump in after all this time but it's okay - just let us know you are well. It's tough to have needy parents too.

Milkdud I hope Ike changes his mind. I don't like Ike! I hope you feel better soon. What a mess.

BJ, I know that raw honey is a wonderful cure for alot of ailments so I am not surprised. Not so with processed honey.

Where is Patti? Check in.

Jen have you started any scrapbooking projects?

Raeanne, how are festival plans coming? Please tell

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Forgot to attach this link

Here is a link that might be useful: Healing Powers of Honey

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I'm here but a bit subdued on this day of 9-11. Never never forget; we must preserve FREEDOM.

Gretchen, good to see you. Please pop in more often.

BJ, I will e:mail you Maddie's cell number. I did not do it yesterday because I felt you were overwhelmned with other stuff.

[[[[[[[[[[[EVERYONE]]]]]]]]]]] Keep safe.

Happy Birthday Tara! :0)

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I was on the weather channel looking at hurricane info and came across this beautiful photo. What an incredible photo!

Here is a link that might be useful: September 11th -beautiful photo

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Suzanne - that is truly beautiful, thank you so much for posting that today. The Festival planning is going well. I only have to worry about the shops decorating, people voting and having awards for the winners - besides a little art show outside Town Hall. I may have to make the award for "Green" - best use of recycled and/or natural materials. I had a feeling I would get that one. I haven't had time to think about it, but I will come up with something.

Milkdud - hope you feel better. I feel for you and hope you don't have to evacuate.

Wodka - thinking of you and hope things are well.

Jen - I liked the "chicking in" thing LOL.

Gret - sorry about the in-laws and their dependency on you - I know how hard that can be. I am impressed by the biking you been doing.

I am off to brainstorm...

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Beege, I just sent you Maddie's cell number. Hope you have better luck with this. I miss her.

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Raeanne! the ONLY things you have to do? That's alot!

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Good afternoon, everyone!

I was seen at a minor-care place about 30 mins. from me. Seems that I have bronchitis and asthma. :( I had my first breathing treatment in the office, and hubby is picking up my prescriptions right now (I hope!). *UPDATE* CVS didn't check their fax machine, so it will be another 3 hours before they're ready.**
My DDIL's and sons are calling and bugging me about getting out of town ASAP. As of 2 hours ago, I can no longer get to Beaumont to ride with my DDIL and DGDs because they're not allowing anyone to go east-west, only NORTH! Truth is that I feel so lousy and am so sleep deprived from this week that I can't safely drive myself out of here anyway, so I'm making the proper preparations and will stay here in spite of warnings from family. Quite a few of our neighbors and friends will be staying, too, so at least we'll have company. Hubby is hoping to top off my gas tank so that afterwards, I can drive to Dallas if we're to be without power for longer than a day or two because I'm not brave about the heat and boredom! LOL

Anyway, I've heard from Patti via emails this week, so I know she's safe and hopefully healthy.

Good thoughts for this entire area will be greatly appreciated. (People have been heading out since yesterday, and today the roads are really filling up and gas tanks are emptying quickly. My DDIL and the 2 DGDs are driving to Dallas late this evening, and I wish I could be with them in case she needs help on the trip, but that's all.) Some parts are definitely going to be slammed and slammed hard, I'm sure. I feel somewhat confident that we're safe. We may be inconvenieced, but we can survive that. I do wish now that I didn't have so many big windows though!

I hope to be able to check in with y'all tomorrow as usual and say "TGIF", but at this point, I have no idea about that.

I hope someone reaches Maddie and learns how she is.

Gretchen, I didn't realize that was you posting. I don't think we've posted much together before.

In case you're watching the news and I'm out of touch, I live in NE Harris County almost to Liberty County when you see the maps, in a town called Crosby, between Dayton and Humble. It might make the news a little more personal for you.

Take care and send good "Goodbye, Ike" thoughts this way!

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milkdud, I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this, especially feeling so bad. I will be thinking of you and praying for your safety and better health during the next few days.

Please be safe and check in when you can.


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Milkdud, thanks for checking in. I just listened to the news and it doesn't sound good. Poor girl with bronchitis too! I will be thinking of you and praying for your safety. Check in when you can.

Okay, Patti, where are you?


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LOL Love your comment, Suzanne!

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers, ladies!!!

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((milkdud)) - I will be keeping you in my thoughts during the next few days and hoping for the best health and weather wise.

BJ - I agree that the case worker shouldn't have tried to make you feel guilty. Maybe she just realized that you are a gem in the foster care world. She probably knows that all foster families are not as caring as you are and was hoping that she could "guilt" you into keeping Baby V. I am not saying it was right, but that it may help to look at it from her point of view. Of course she could just be insensitive as to how she came across when she reacted.

Raeanne - You will need a vacation when all your festivities are over! Sounds like a lot of work but a lot of fun too.

Gretchen - How nice to hear from you. Sorry about the in-law problems though.

NHSuzanne - So glad that Sweet Pea is on the mend. I bet she misses your rides as much as you do.

DeeMarie - WTG in the exercise. I can't seem to get motivated to walk, which is what I like to do best. I need a walking buddy who likes to walk at 5:45 in the am but I haven't found anyone who thinks that is a reasonable hour to walk! LOL

Patti - Hope you are doing ok. Check in when you can.

Donna - Haven't heard from you lately. Hope all is well.

((Wodka)) Sending some hugs your way, just because!

This was our first full week of classes and I am doing ok. My heart just isn't in it this year though. I was glad to see the returning students and maybe as the year progresses, my "funk" will lift. I am trying, really I am.


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OMG girl - take care. I hope you feel better soon with your bronchial problems and my prayers to you and family with the storms! My gosh you are in my thoughts.

I've had a falling out with DH - still sorting through feelings since my Mom's death and my suicide attempt. I feel better and did call to chase up my shrink appointment today. I'm not letting this one go. Need to take care of myself.

DH had a major event on Friday night - came home to paramedics and ambulance - we think he had a kidney stone but they could not prove it. He had 'contractions' - I timed them. At any rate nothing since Friday night. God bless.

Not quite up to 'diet strength' yet but it's seriously on my radar to get back at it for the winter haul - last round as planned. Never give up, never surrender! Never will. My health is too precious for that. And so is YOURS too. We are in this for the long haul. LOL.

I am tired today after an emotional spat with DH - which has been long overdue and things need to be talked about. All part of a long term marriage. I love DH but some things have not been up to snuff so to speak. Time for a check-in on things by the both of us. LOL.

Take care everyone - I love to read you posts and do care, even if I don't respond personally. I love all of you and consider you my friends. First and foremost!

Good wishes to Milkdud and others in the way of Ike. Take care and God Bless all of you.


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Tonight -Bike ride = 6 miles in 37 minutes!! I love riding my bike. I don't know if all of you know but I have a 4 year old pug that lives with us. He worships the ground I walk on. He would be with me all the time if he could. He stands in the bathroom when I shower. He sits at my feet while I eat...are you getting the picture? So on one of my bike rides I saw a Burley bike trailer that someone was throwing out. This thing looked brand new so I went to the door of the house to make sure they were getting rid of it. Practically brand new and worth about 300.00. Get this...they couldn't figure out how to connect it to the bike. Brother!!! Are you following me...yes...the pug rides with us at nights. I am that crazy pug lady in my neighborhood. My kids are grown and living away from home with the exception of the stepchild so here I ride with a pug trailing behind me.

Please send help...I have gone of the deep end with this one! LOLOLOL

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Calgret, are you Gretchen? I've been posting pretty regularly here since November of last year, so I don't know much about you, which is why I'm asking.

Anyway, congrats to doing so great on the bike riding!!! I haven't worked out all week, but I do have a recumbent bike that I'll start using on Sunday (dr.s orders to not work out until then because of the bronchitis and asthma). Keep doing what you're doing!

Marci, tomorrow's Friday! I hope you find your passion for teaching again soon. I remember a few years that the beginning didn't feel just "right", too, and it dampened my enthusiasm for the job.

McPeg, I'm glad you and your dh are working out the kinks from your mom's death and your bad time.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I fully expect them to carry a lot of weight in diminishing Ike to the point of some winds and rain and that's it!

Bedtime is calling after one more breathing treatment. I think I'm living on this computer tonight because I'm going through mental withdrawal at the thought of possibly not having internet with this storm.

Love y'all!

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I lost no less than THREE long posts...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............ Serves me right, as I'm working from home on the corporate laptop. This keyboard is driving me nuts!

OK, one more time....shorthand version

Milkdud, stay home and in bed. No exercise unless you would like to fight pneumonia. trust me on this one good luck with the weather

Marci, hope school is a better situation this year

Wodka, thinking of you and sis

Suzanne, how is SweetPea?

BJ, keep us posted on Maddie

Donna, please check in; I miss you here.

Gretchen, is 7 miles on a stationary bike the same as you and your trailing pug? lol!

McPeg, continue the dialog with hubby. come here to vent; we love ya!

Besh, where are you? Will be thinking of you on Sunday when I'm at the Jets/Pats game.

Jen, give Tara a Happy Birthday hug from us.

Patti/Dave, hope you are both well.

Magickitty, where ya been?

Maddie, fingers crossed for you and Rog. Come and say hello.

Amy, John, Joanne, please check in.

Gotta run and him "submit" before I lose this again!

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Good morning from waiting SE Texas! It's 82 and mostly cloudy so far.

It took forever for me to fall into a good sleep last night, so I slept in late. Woke up to hearing hubby outside the bedroom window running tape on them. Coffee and computer, then breathing treatment, then getting dressed for whatever this day may bring!

I received the most comforting prayer from a 'net friend when I got up today. It just relaxed me to my toes when I read it. Isn't it strange that we each possess the ability to alter another person's way of feeling by a few chosen words?

Dee, TGIF! What did you think of BB last night? All regular shows were pre-empted here for weather news, of course, but I stayed up to watch the beginning of BBAD and figured out very quickly that somebody left (YEA!) and my faves stayed. THank goodness for modern technology so that I can keep up when need be.

It looks like Ike made another little change during the night and he's not weakening as I'd heard before bedtime. We're in as good a shape as we can be, so I'm confident that we'll be safe. Yes, I wish we had plywood on the windows, but we don't - this time! We have plenty of food, water, cooking methods (propane grill and Coleman stove), flashlights, fresh batteries, candles and matches, and I can't think what else right now. It's having so much time to prepare that's a blessing and a curse though. I keep thinking we're ready, then I think of something else to be done.

If and when we lose power, know that I'm here in spirit because y'all are very special to me. Post interesting things so that when I do check in, I'll have good things to read!

Have a great weekend!

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Milkdud, my fave has always been Dan. YEAH!!!! He came back from week 1 to calculate each and every day. Definitely should win on game play! Not sure how the vote will go, but I'm sure some of the Jury will take into consideration the fact that Memphis already won the car.

Stay safe!

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Good Friday,

Milkdud, you have a great attitude and that will surely blow IKE away!! I hope you don't lose power so you can stay in touch. Hope you are feeling better today.

Dee, thanks for asking about Sweet Pea. She is doing much better and is completely sound. I will be riding her soon.

Marci, I am so sad to hear that things have changed at school for you this year. You used to really love it and I hope that it will turn around for you.

It really feels like fall here this week and I am lamenting because I still have lots of things in the garden to ripen up! I hope we don't have a frost but really, around here, I am surprised we haven't already had one.

I have so much to do this weekend I feel overwhelmed! I am working on a list and will try to focus on one thing at a time to make it bearable. Hopefully I will be able to sneak in a few rides to lighten the load!

Hope everyone checks in and has a safe weekend.

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Suzanne, here is what I do. Write all the projects down by small steps. As you tackle the little steps towards the large project, highlight it on the list. Don't cross it out, use a bright highlighter to highlight what you DID accomplish! That will push you forward to get more of that list hightlighted. DH likes this method too.

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Suzanne, I'm happy to see you posting! And so very happy that Sweet Pea is doing better!!! You must be doing the happy dance about that, and so relieved.

It's easy to have a good attitude beforehand, to be honest. I'm grateful that I found a dr. to help me yesterday and that I'm on meds right now. Everything that can be done has been done. I don't look forward to the storm hitting. I don't look forward to being without power. I'm not a wilderness girl. I pride myself on (almost) never voluntarily sweating. I will be miserable without the "necessities of life", a/c, internet, tv, and anything else that needs electricity. I won't be a sweetheart, but hubby has already been expecting me to be like that before now, so he won't be shocked.

I admit to being nervous about the near future, but all I can do is pray hard that we'll all be safe and survive just fine. I live in an area that isn't in the evacuation area, so I'm in the best situation for this. And, best of all, I have friends who care, and that means so much!

I'll keep checking in during the rest of today. Ike is due here in the very early morning (2 a.m.) hours.

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Thanks, everybody, for your continued thoughts for my sister and our family. It means so much. She finished her first round of radiation yesterday, and will soon be finished with her first round of chemo. Then comes the scary part for her to see if this treatment she's endured has helped with her cancer and if and when they will schedule further treatment.

milkdud, take care. Try not to be overwhelmed with all of the dramatic reports. While no doubt it's a serious storm, some of these media people shouldn't be allowed a microphone......! You sound as prepared as you possibly can be, and it's good to know that you are not in the evacuation area. During our hurricane threats, I've found wunderground.com to be a very informative site to stay updated (plus they don't yell at you!)

Take care. I'll be so glad for you when it's over and you can get back to normal......

As you know, we are in Pass Christian, MS. We awoke to no water (the water supply well's motor had died, so they were working on repairing it.) Then our phones went out! I think the fringes of Ike are not helping the situation, but there's still so much that's not totally recovered since Katrina, so it doesn't take much for things to break down around here.

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Wodka!! I can't agree with you more! I want to slap some of these drama kings/queens that scare the hell out of everyone. I was wondering if you were feeling the effects of this mess! The news is all focusing on Galveston/Houston but one report mentioned the coast of LA. Continued thoughts and prayers for your dear sister and family.

Milkdud, hang in there.

These hurricanes are making my issues seem so small right now. You will hear me whining in the dead of winter when there is tons of snow on the ground! LOL

Dee thanks for the tips.

Patti, why haven't you check in?

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Just checking in while I can. I'm heading for bed and a good night's sleep, I hope!

We'll probably lose power as it's been dipping like crazy all evening. If I learn that we'll be without power for a while, I'll start getting ready to drive to Dallas as soon as the roads are safe for travelling. I'll have my computer with me so I can check in.

Jan, I'm still keeping your sister in my prayers. I hope she finds success with what's she's doing now. ((((Jan, too)))))

Suzanne, you're a much tougher woman than I could ever dream of being. I'm being a total scaredy cat right now because the trees are blowing like crazy, and they're the shallow-rooted pine trees right beside my back fence. I want my mommy! ;)

Good night, y'all, and a wonderful weekend to wonderful people!

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Milkdud - I hope you are safe and dry. I have been thinking of you since last night. I know there is a good chance you have no power, but please be safe.

Wodka - hoping the water and phones are back up and running and you stay out of harms way as well.

BJ - I never meant to spin the Social Worker comments as totally negative, of course that is a huge compliment to you - she knows she would never find a guardian as fit as you. But I stand my ground that she shouldn't make you feel badly about your decision - you didn't go into this on a whim.

This is extermely trivial in light of everything else around here, but I am in the market for some beer/soda bottle tops. They can be slightly bent but I prefer not bent at all. Does anyone know where I can get them? I have looked on ebay, but they are more for collectors and I didn't want to spend much money. I am making one of the awards out of them. I don't think the bars in town will help, as I am pretty sure they normally use an opener on them even if they are screw tops.
GRET - do you have any on hand LOL? Which reminds me, I will ask my daughter, she gets together with a group for Sunday football games. I am sure a lot of beer is involved.

Well the sun is trying to shine around here, but I am at work :0(

Patti - try to check in when you get a chance. Is all of your family safe?

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