How to use those paper lanters for parties?

newdawn1895May 10, 2010

I am going to give a party and I would like to decorate with those paper lanters. Does anyone know how to rig them up with white xmas lights without a fire starting? I know you can buy them already with the battery light inside. But I have found a site that sells just the plain PL dirt cheap. Any ideas?

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I don't really know, but I would love to see pics if you figure it out. I think those can be so pretty! BTW, will you share your source? I have a party coming up and I think it'd be fun to have those hanging over the deck and from our trees.

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Absolutely I can share, it is called just artifacts. Just google it, the paper lanterns are so cheap, you won't believe it.


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I believe that those cheap paper lanterns aren't meant for adding lights. They are just for decoration as is. The paper is very very thin and would surely catch fire if a light were placed inside. If you want lights, you probably need to buy the ones that come with a light inside.

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Thank you so much for sharing the site...those look to be the perfect addition to the party I'm planning, too! :)

I think you can put lights in those bc I just looked at the site and it says "bulb and cord not included." If you couldn't use them, wouldn't it say they're not intended to be lit? I purchased a cord kit that you can use to hang a regular lamp shade. I don't know if that would work and it might be too expensive, but you could check it out. I think I got it at Lowes. You don't say if the party is in or outside, but what if you just hung the twinkle lights from one side of the room to the other and hung the PL from the strings...there wouldn't be a light inside, but you would get the effect of the PLs and lights. That might not be much help, but it's all I can think of.

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I bet you could use those tiny battery operated tea lights, if you can figure out a way to rig them into the lanterns. I would think that would be fire safe.
I bought some silk Vietnamese lanterns, and I was thinking of trying that.

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Not much help where the paper lanterns are concerned, but I can tell you what I did for our 4th of July party last year. I asked a friend of mine to save her baby food jars for me, so I had about a 100. I bought a large bag of those little votive candles at Walmart and 3 rolls of jewelry wire ( also at Walmart ) and took the wire and wrapped it around the neck of the jars and looped it over to make a hanger. I put the candles inside the jars ( with a little sand to stabilize them ) and hung them from the trees and my deck railing. They were so pretty lit up at night. The trees looked like they were full of fireflies. My cost for the whole project was around $12.00 for the candles and wire.

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Just wanted to say I ordered lanterns from this company earlier this week and got them yesterday. It was really fast shipping and they're exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for sharing the link.

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