Derby Party

dawnaMay 3, 2006

Hi all. I am new to the Tucson, AZ area from Louisville, Kentucky. This is the first Derby that I will not be at home for...bummer. So, to make up for that fact, I am inviting some friends over for a First Annual Derby Party!

My question to you'all:

I am going to grill corn on the cob. I was planning on making several butters to choose from; regular, garlic and dill. What would be the best and easiest way to serve the butter? Liquid vs solid? I have always wondered what would make the buttering of corn easier!!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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lindac in the corn center of the nation, I would like to say solid...or rather soft.
I would mix the seasonings with the butter mold in custard cups or small bowls, turn out on a plate ( one plate per variety) and everyone rolls their ear of corn in the butter or choice.
Or if that is just too too "corny" for you put serving butter knives on each plate.
I love butter mixed with lots of black pepper on my corn!!
Linda C

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Ooooh - black pepper! Great idea!!! Yet another butter option!

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Butter mixed with chipoltes in adobo sauce (just a bit) is a nice butter for those who like things spicy.

I've done as Linda describes, letting people roll the corn in butter. Another option is to provide each person with a slice of bread, you butter the bread and then roll the corn on the bread. The hot corn melts the butter, the bread absorbs the melted butter no mess and the butter on the table stays firm and neat. You use the bread for your next cob and to touch up the corn when you want more butter.

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I'm going to do Derby party in 2007. I would welcome any and all ideas for decorations/drinks/food. Was thinking of doing a "pool" (betting). Should there be prizes "place and show"?

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