Can we fix this TV ourselves or need service?

redcurlsDecember 17, 2006

Hubby accidently knocked what looks like a little nub off the back of our 50" Hitachi when moving it to paint.

Because of this, we can no longer Tivo one program and watch another one.

Makes it bad when hubby wants to watch football on Sunday and I wanna tape some HGTV programs......

I don't suppose he could just solder it back on?????

Thanks for any help.....


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I'll bet the nub was a cable tv input jack. Often, those are attached directly to the tuner board.

If I am correct, I would suggest having a TV tech look at it.

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Stopped by the repair shop down the road yesterday and talked to the tech. He gave us a price of $130 and that seemed fair.........happy ending....he came today, took a circuit board back to the shop and returned it a couple hours later and we are back to normal.

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Now tell hubby not to rollerblade in the house!!!

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