Any Runners Here

panzees36April 15, 2003

I used to post on this forum several years ago when we had a runners thread going.I am just getting started running again and am curious if any others are still here.

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I would like some suggestions on a good pair of shoes also.TIA

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I pop in here now & then. This board is not very active. I've been a runner since 1978. As far as shoes go, since I'm 46 & run 24-30 miles per week, mostly on pavement, I don't skimp on shoes because I don't want to screw up my knees, joints, etc. I buy Asics Kayanos. They are expensive but I never pay full price. I get them on sale when the new models come out or else when Foot Locker has a "buy one pair, get one pair half off" sale, when I'll buy two pair of them.

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I need a wide shoe.I will be running on pavement also.Do those particular shoes come in a wide width?

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Panzees36, Have you tried New Balance? They make wonderful running shoes and come in a variety of widths. I've gone thru my fair share of runners, and I think these are tops. After switching to NB, my knee problems disappeared. I have strange feet, wide toes and narrow heels, but these work for me. Sherrie

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I have really wide feet also.Thanks for the advice.

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