Philips chassis 32Q8007623 Problem

johnnyrockDecember 15, 2007

TV has high voltage. Can tell by static when I place my hand. TV first goes bright than lines on top than goes dark. When turning on again I hear the tv high voltage going on than I hear a relay click and TV is dark. When this first happened, the picture went off and the sound remained. After we tried again than the picture and audio did not come on but I still have static when I put my hand on the screen. I left TV off for about 3 weeks and then turned on. It worked for a couple of hours than went out again. I looked for R 3340 but could not find it on my set. Your help would be appreciated.

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time to move down

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messages eventually move down automatically without ANYONE'S help.

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An issue with this forum is that it takes quite a while for unanswered posts to move down. Then the whole forum looks like nobody answers any of the questions.

I give them a week at the top and then move them down.

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