How to Record & Play -- Replace VCR

chisueDecember 30, 2011

What can I buy to replace a VCR on a TV in our vacation rental condo? I don't want anything with a service contract; we're only there two months at most.

The condo complex supplies cable feed. We have a DVD player we use for rental DVD's (Blockbuster or our public library).

Would I look for a DVD *recorder*, or is there a single unit (like VCR) that records *and* plays?

Just something very plain and simple is fine. I don't need to be able to record ten programs while phoning someone on Jupiter and microwaving a Thanksgiving turkey on this thing. LOL

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I have a combo DVD recorder/VCR (JVC model DR-MV150) and it functions very well, but don't expect the DVD to perform the same functions as a VCR would do. I like to use it to record movies & football games---things I want to want to watch start-to-finish---without interruption. The DVD will pause, but don't expect it to rewind/fast-forward like a VCR would. If you get a DVD recorder, you'll need one with a tuner if you want to watch one program while recording another.

For recording DVDs, high quality media is important. Don't get the cheap ones at WalMart unless you're willing to put up with occasional failures that will result in a missed program and a ruined disc. I've had good luck with FujiFilm and Sony discs.

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