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nhsuzanneSeptember 24, 2007

Good Monday morning all,

I had a great weekend and will be back later to tell you about it.

Time to check in and let us know how you all are.

Jen, I hope your weekend was just the way you planned it!

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Even though I wanted nothing to do with getting up and drivng into this office this morning, I am here nonetheless, because my creditors like it when I pay them. haha

Congratulations to the J-E-T-S!!! DH and had a wonderful day at the stadium; weather was perfect. Got there at 10:15am for a 1pm game and the parking lot was already crowded. We brought out the chairs and all our reading materials and settled back in the sun. I had packed a huge, nutritious lunch for us, so we dived into that about Noon. Got into our seats by 12:45pm and had a blast. It was one of those days when we looked at one another and both said "life is good".

Wishing you all a "good life".....start it today!

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Well Dee, I guess everyone is out starting their "good life" because they sure aren't checking in here! LOL

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Good Evening Everyone,

I wish I was having the "good life"! Today has been super hectic for me. I am sitting here with my mouth num from getting a tooth filled at the dentists. I hate this feeling. This is the third filling thats fell out in three months. Hopefully thats the end. I keep telling my kids this is why you need to brush your teeth. They are actually listening. Anyways, I am half way to the dentist office when the school called. Erica was having a slight temp and had something wrong with her ear. The nurse thought I should take her to the doctor. Well, needless to say, it was time for Dad to have Dad duty. I don't like not being able to go to the doctor with my kids, but it was ok. She is getting an ear infection, so she got some ear drops. Back to school as normal tomorrow. She acts great so I went ahead and let her go to the birthday party. Anyway, enough of that!

My weekend was busy. Not much resting but we got a lot of work done around the house. The girls now have their own rooms. Which is working out great.

Suzanne, can you e-mail me your address. You may have some"goodies" one of these days.

Better run. The girls are at a birthday party and I need to go pick them up.

Have a great evening.


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Good Morning,

I will try to post laster, but I just wanted to check in and say hello!

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Me again. Where is everyone? The weather is gorgeous here, so I hope you all getting the same and are out enjoying it.

Not much new. I go to WW in a little bit for a weigh in. I am feeling positve! CORE seems to be working for me. :-)

Has anyone heard from BJ? I am getting worried about her not checking back in.

Enjoy the day. I am going to go clean my car.

Love, Besh

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Good Evening!!!! Checking in to say "HELLO EVERYONE!!!

Dee - Glad you had a "Good Life" Day while at the stadium. And your JETS won. DH and I went to the local Eagles and watched the Browns lose. Oh well...I think the motto for the browns fans has always been ""we'll get em next year!!!" at least that is what I heard a lot growing up.

I am looking forward to our trip to CA. and need to go through our clothes to see if we have any warm sweaters cause I have been tracking the weather at Lake Tahoe and its gonna be COLD!!!!! I am gonna love it!!!!

Take care --- Lynn

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9/26 Â Joann

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Happy Birthday Dear Joann.....hope it's a great one and I hope you check in soon to let us know how you are doing.

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Hello? Maddie? are you out there? No? OK, well I guess the singing is up to me today!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Biiirrrrtttthhhhhdaaaay dear, MIA, we-want-you-back Joaaaaaannnnnnnnnn
Happy Birthday to you!

Hope all is well. Please return, our little Canadian friend. You cannot stay on the golf course forever!

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Joanne - I've been thinking about you and would love to see you stop by and update us on your life. I hope your birthday is filled with love and happiness.

Dee - we can always count on you for a song and a dance. Joanne goes from the golf course to the ice. Life is Good here too, hectic but good. I can only be thankful for where I live and having so many good friends near me. And of course youse guys are only a keyboard away!

Lynn - I am so excited for you and your upcoming trip.

Besh - no word from BJ - I am sure she is just catching up from being out of commission. But she better check in soon. It is so strange to see our leaves coming off the trees and everyone is walking around in shorts and flip flops LOL. It was over 70 when I woke up this AM.

Going out with a couple girlfriends tonight and I think I found a neat little out of the way restaurant to try.

Behave but have fun

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Happy birthday Joann -- enjoy!

Will catch up later, just wanted to say hi!

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Hello, Hello, Hello (echo, echo, echo)

Where is everyone?

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Happy Birthday Joann.

I guess it has been a slow week for news is good news....right?


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Hi all!

Happy birthday Joann! (It's nice to know that I have such a good understudy who can sing my part!! LMAO!)

Not much going on here--work and irritating the cats, basically. It's been a long week, and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! We don't have any plans for the weekend, although, my favorite thrift store is having a huge sale starting Sunday. I love this place--it takes a good root to find stuff, but I bought a pair of new Stewart Weitzman flats for $10.00. And last year, I got a new pair of Cole-Haan loafers for $6.00. Love this place. Did I mention that I love it?? LOL! (I foind a beautiful, black cashmere sweater from Ann Taylor there earlier this month for $9.00--really nice--the cashmere is the double knitted type--makes you wanna snuggle)

We've got really warm weather here, too. It's been in the mid 80's all week, and it's supposed to be this warm next week. I think it's a plot to keep me from wearing fall clothes. I changed my closet out about 2 weeks ago, and then had to drag some summer stuff back out.



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Happy Birthday Joanne. I hope all is well with you.

Maddie, how great that you found such a good store. It is crazy what people get rid of, but such great finds for you! Happy shopping.

It was sooooooooooo hot this week. It does not seem as bad when we get this weather in July/August, but the end of September makes it feel worse. I think I sweat off a couple of pounds anyway (wishful thinking!)

Did you see that my name has come up to the top of the list again regarding the Idiot Proof Diet? I did that diet so long ago with no success and posted that in the thread and I keep getting requests for info like I am some expert on it. I wish there was a way to remove it.

BJ, thinking about you sister. I hope that you are well.

Have a good night.

Love, Besh

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Waving hello from another state - the state of exhaustion! LOL TGIF!!!!!
Will try to post over the weekend.

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Good FRIDAY all!!

Maddie, what great buys on shoes and that sweater...oo la la. You may get a visit from Raeanne with buys like that LOL If your fur babies are irritating you that's not good! Maybe in a cute way I hope LOL

Besh, it's been hot here too but I feel a change in the air this morning. Did you get any of those horrible storms? We got some rolling thunder but nothing like some had! It still needs to rain alot more.

Marci............hope you get some rest this weekend. You cannot live in the state of exhaustion for long it's not good for you!

QOD: what is up for the weekend? I am riding of course and marking trails for the drive that I host in my hometown of Hancock for my carriage club which is next weekend. I also hope to get my flower beds cleaned up and wash some windows too!

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TGIF.....and I REALLY mean that!

I got home from the GENESIS concert at 1:30am, and the alarm went off at 5:15am as usual. I am exhausted from the Tuesday charity event where I got to bed at 1am. Too much late night for me. Phil Collins wanted all the "old people" to shout last night...he had about 50,000 of us screaming. Too funny!

QOD: Nothing but chores so far. Tonight DBIL is coming over for dinner (and to help DH with our master bath which is still not completed). I plan on crying a bit more over my beloved METS who are falling apart. Tomorrow I hope to get the scarecrows and such out on the lawns and get to the garden center for a few mums and pumpkins so that we can finished decorating the outside of the house for fall; inside is completed. Sunday we will chill in front of the TV to watch the JETS, and in between I will get some more cooking finished for the week.

OK, gotta run to the grocery. I took this afternoon off as vacation. After some errands I'm going to take a nap!

Make today count! Check in

PS: I was invited to join a committee here at work for our holiday party. It will be attended by 40o people and they want an "80's prom" theme. I remember the 80's well but was older than my teens (ahem!!!). Any suggestions welcome. Not sure many people will dress up, but giveaways and such that people could put on might be an idea. It will be held in a huge hotel (Hilton or similar). Thx!

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Hi Guys,

Well, here I am sporatic lately...sorry. Thanks, gals (Raeanne, Besh,& DeeMarie), for giving me a shove to get posting. Time just flies by and I didn't realize that I was remiss in my checking in!

I printed and read the thread yesterday, but I am still catching up, still reading, and I will finish it today!

I started Carb Addicts Diet yesterday. I stayed on track yesterday, but had many craving and zombie-like trips to the fridge but didn't cave in. I hope this diet works this time. I really want to wear a sexy aviator costume for Halloween this year. :) I have to control my emotional and boredom eating.

Tonight, I'm having a dinner for 16 cheerleaders (DD#2's squad) at my house. Should be a barrel of fun! Then I and 2 other couples will go to the HS football game and be obnoxious. DH is coming to join us later, when he rolls into town for the weekend. I'm making spaghetti for the girls and seafood something for the adults.

QOD: This weekend: Swim meet Saturday for DD#3. And then sorting out a lot of stuff that I need to get rid of. I'm curretnly drowning in paper! It's pouring rain here and gray!

I'm off to get my hair cut, shop for tonight, and get an emissions test for my truck! Then home again to clean the place up & cook for the crowds coming tonight!

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Hi all!

Beege! What fun--Rog's cousin is a cheerleader, and she always brings friends over to MIL's house, and man--those girls are so funny! Someone siad 'sl*t' on TV, and they cracked up. (Made me laugh at them--:))

Suzanne--oh, no--the hairballs aren't irritating me--I irritate them--they pile up on my desk when I'm on the computer, and they lay there in a big, hairy, purring mass, so I just hafta tickle a toe or something. That usually prompts a half-opened eye glare, but louder purring! Love da kitties! :):)

Fri-day! Fri-day! Man, am I glad to get home. Not a bad week, but it was just loooong. 'Nuff said about that--

Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I have some, but I guess with the weather being so warm, it's hard to even think about the holidays--



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Hi Maddie~

No Christmas shopping yet...I gotta get through Halloweeny first!!!

Okay, speaking of cats...which I don't very often...

I caught this video and love it. The guy petting the cat is such a geeky, funny guy! I love this one...TURN IT UP!

Here is a link that might be useful: Spoiled Rude Cat-my favorite

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Hey BJ & Maddie, it is great to see both of you here. BJ, that cat link was too funny. I sent it to all my cat friends! How did the dinner go last night?

Maddie, I have started Christmas shopping. I do alot when we are away on vacation in the summer. I always find the best things. I still have more to go, but I got a good start on it. I always give books to my great-nieces and nephew so I already placed an Amazon order for those.

QOD: Today my Mom is arriving for the weekend and then we are going to DS football game. We may hit some church fairs after that. Tonight we are getting some lobsters and having a little end of the summer clambake. Tomorrow we are going out on the boat, probably for the last time before we haul it out for the season. I cleaned the house last night and am doing some laundry now so I can goof off the rest of the weekend!

Have a great weekend! :-)

Love, Besh

Go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YIKE Christmas shopping! I can't even begin to think of it.

BJ - let me know how you like Carb Addicts. You did good by not caving yesterday - we all know how hard the first week or so is. I know once you put your mind to something there is nothing stopping you. Let us know how the dinner went.

Besh - sounds like a fun weekend you have lined up (especially the lobster part LOL).

Lynne - when do you leave for CA?

Marci - I hope you got to sleep in a bit today.

Donna - are you on the beach enjoying this summer like weather? LOL

Dee - the 80's prom theme sounds like a lot of fun. I can't think of much but will try. The first thing that came to me though was Madonna type fingerless gloves and one glove for the guys ala Michael Jackson LOL and big bows for the teased hair. I love Genesis, you lucky girl - sounds like it was a blast.

Maddie - I knew it was you that was irritating the cats LOL. Sounds like things are going well for you, glad work wasn't too hectic this week.

Suzanne - it looks like you have the perfect weather to be out on the trails this weekend.

Nothing new to report. I stayed in last night and wouldn't mind doing that tonight as well, but I think we will be meeting up with friends.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Waiting for a load of towels to dry and then will start the linens (or wait until tomorrow morning). We finally finished decorating the outside of the house; not too outlandish but it looks nice with the fall colors. Leaves are starting to change a bit here and should be gorgeous in a week or two.

This morning I worked on cleaning our Weber grill. WOW, did it need it! Just in time to make some salmon tonight. Last night's pork came out "super tender" as reported by DH and his brother.

BJ, I feel your pain with mountains of paperwork. I just cannot motivate myself to get to it. In the last 6 weeks, I've bought 2 large file folders to get me started, but now the file folders are lying on the piles in my office! LOL!!! YIKES! I think we all have that task that we make overwhelmning.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Besh, enjoy your boat ride.

Raeanne, kick back and enjoy the quiet. You must be getting lots of colors in the landscape now.

Hello to Suzanne, Marci, Jen, Joann (sorry you missed your party!), Amy, Zig, Gretchen, John (where are ya buddy?), Patti, Dave, Lynn, and Donna in South Jersey!


For anyone who is lurking, please feel free to join us!

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