A remote question, not electronic -- I wear the print off ....

albert_135December 17, 2007

A remote question, not electronic -- I wear the print off the buttons. Probably just a bad habit and I should learn to use the remote control differently.

I have tried relabeling the buttons with a Sharpie - doesn' last for more than a few days.

Does anyone else have this problem? If I were to get a new one is there something I could treat the buttons with to protect the print?

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not much you can do. if you are using it enough to wear the print off, you should "know" where the buttons are now anyway. i never try to relabel mine, as i know which one is which and if my wife DARES use it she can just figure it out! j/k

serioously though, i find that my fingers do knwo where each button is, but if i try to think about it i usually get them wrong.

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When you watch the tv put the remote down.

And don't surf so much during the commercials. :-)

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Probably the acid in your fingertips. Invest in some very thin gloves...(I'm serious, lol!)

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You can get an inexpensive universal remote and use it for most functions. When the buttons get unlegible, get another universal.
You can save the original remote to perform those functions that a universal does not.
Don't give up the surf!!

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