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donna_southnjSeptember 3, 2007

I thought I started a new post, had wrong dates, can't find it now and will try again with right dates. Oh boy!

Happy Labor Day! Will catch up on last week's posts. If you are in the northeast enjoy the rest of this absolutely gorgeous weekend.


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Happy Labor Day.

Thanks Donna for getting us started. It is beautiful here too, unfortunately I am working until 1PM today.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day and had a great weekend.

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I am just thrilled that I'm typing this on a cablevision line instead of dial-up! DH is technically challenged, but managed to set up the wires and such. I called the tech help line to get the connection sorted out. Much faster than dial-up and I can't wait to see if youtube works now.

Marci, the pulled pork recipe turned out fantastic! Made cole slaw and baked beans with it. I've got a ton of it though, so we will be having leftovers this week. Tonight I"m doing chicken cutlets, but this week will be more pulled pork with different sides; corn on the cob and salad etc. The rest I will freeze or take some to my MIL.

Not much else happening here. Went to a local car show and fair yesterday for a few hours. DH took me to a hotdog place for lunch he used to frequent as a teen. I was not impressed, tho, so calories were wasted for me. We had to have 2 walks yesterday to burn off those hot dogs and the pulled pork!

Hope everyone has time this week to check in!

Thanks for getting us started, Donna.

Suzanne, hope you are relaxing today and that Mark is better. :0)


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DeeMarie - So glad the pulled pork turned out great. I might have denied it was my recipe if you hadn't liked it! LOL

Our camping weekend was so nice. Of course the weather couldn't have been nicer. We went for long walks around the campgrounds, sat around the fire and talked and sang silly songs (I am sure the campers next to us were amused! LOL), and ate too much in general.
We also went to see the Flight 93 Memorial site. It was so moving and I am glad I got to see it. The National Park Service is in the process of trying to buy the property and they have plans to build a permanent memorial that they hope to have ready by 2011. I will post a couple of pictures on Picture Trail when I get the chance.

Now I have to try and get my mind wrapped around the idea that I am returning to work tomorrow. This summer has gone by way too fast. But it has been a fun, busy summer, so at least I can't complain that it is over and I didn't get to do anything.

Hope everyone is having fun today. I however, am doing laundry!

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Hope your back-to-work week goes well for both of you! :0) My director (located in the UK) gets back from 4 weeks away. Not looking forward to all the e:mails he received that will get passed to me!

Marci, forgot to mention that my youngest niece (17) was offered and accepted her older sister's part-time job at the day care center (older sister just moved into her college dorm yesterday). It's from 3-6pm and she's already met several of the children. She never showed any interest in children, but my sister tells me they love her and that she's excited about starting tomorrow. Will keep you updated on how this works out!

DH asked me to change his menu tonight to chicken parm w/ pasta, so I need to make a quick marinara. I'm using my fresh herbs from the garden...wish I could keep them for the entire winter. They are looking a bit sad now, but I may take a picture of the pot and ask Marci to post it in our album to remind me how to plant it next year!

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Check in, people!!!!!

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I really mean it...check in or I will send the candy police to your homes.

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No M&Ms here, honest officer!

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Don't send any candy this way either! LOL Dave got his answer back from the Veteran's Affairs & they denied him. He said he took a walk this p.m. b/c he was thinking bad thoughts. I guess that it is a good thing that I'm flying home tomorrow. I will miss DSs & DGD very, very much but I'm needed by Dave's side. The VA also took away almost $2000 a mo. from his Disability pay. Ugh! That is going to make things very difficult as you can imagine. But, like DeeMarie says, "Never, never give up!" We have a phone appt. with an attorney that takes VA denial cases on Friday afternoon & we will see what he has to say. I think that we have 4 names that we can check with. DS#1 is fixing spaghetti & has it almost ready. Then he has 2 softball games that we are going to tonight. The woe changes tomorrow!! They don't live without bread around here! It is DGD's favorite food! LOL Will be around more after tomorrow. Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Patti & Dave]]]]]]]]]]]]] So sorry to hear that you have more problems with VA. You are correct; Never, Never Give up! :0)

Suzanne, hope that you check in soon with some news about Mark.

This is a busy week for me. Tonight we meet an old colleague of mine to transfer some of our JETS tickets. We have 4 seats and usually sell 2 of them for most games. Tomorrow I have a dinner meeting, but I'm dying to go home this evening and just put up my feet and sleep. Not sure why I'm so tired. Maybe I'll get a strong cup fo coffee to take in the car with me on the way home.

QOD: What's up this week? Give us a little hint.

MIAs----Besh, BJ, Maddie, Jen, Gretchen, Amy, John, Lynn, Joanne, Tikanas, Zig, Donna..............OUCH! The list is getting longer and longer. Please check in with us.

Make today count!

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Good afternoon all,

Patti and Dave I am sorry too to hear your news in the never ending saga!

Mark is home and waiting to see a cardiologist from MA General in Boston. The general feeling is that he has some blockages and needs to have a stent(s) put in. That's all I know for now. In the meantime he's home and hopefully doing some soul searching about some serious lifestyle changes that he needs to make.

The weather has been beautiful but the Yang of it is that we are in serious drought here in NE. It's crazy and I am thinking of all the horrible flooding we had last fall. Cringe.

I am still riding early morning - starting in the pitch dark and cold.....brrr. I love it. This morning I could barely see but saw a low hanging branch. I ducked, felt it pass my shoulders and sat up again....POW I hit a bigger branch right behind the one I ducked and took a clip in the face with a 2x4!! My face is scraped and swollen!! What a train wreck. I almost went off Sweet Pea but she stood strong. I am lucky I have my two front teeth! Now I am thinking of a miners light for my helmet!! LOL

Marci and Besh, how was your re-entry into the working world?

Dee, the candy police didn't come! LOL

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NHSuzanne - Glad Mark made it home safely. Sometimes a guy needs a life altering experience to make lifestyle changes. My DH thought he was having a heart attack once (turned out to be a hiatal hernia) and he quit smoking the next day. Hope your DH takes the doctor's advice.

We spent the day at school yesterday getting ready for the kids, who come tomorrow and Friday. I came home yesterday and felt tired, unmotivated and hungry! It is like going back to work turns on a switch and my mood instantly changes. I feel fine during the day, but can't seem to get motivated once I get home. I need to work on that.

((Patti and Dave)) - I was so hoping for better news from the VA. But I commend your upbeat attitude and hope that one day you will get the decision that Dave deserves. Hope you made it home safely.

DeeMarie - I hope your niece likes the daycare job. You do have to love kids and have patience to work with them. But sometimes you need as much patience to deal with the parents as you do in dealing with the kids. And I just finished drying some of my herbs for the winter. I dried oregano, basil (also made some pesto), parsley and froze some chives. I really don't want winter to come.

I did post a few pictures in the album of our trip to the Flight 93 Memorial, if anyone wants to take a look.


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[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]]]]] so sorry about your accident. I've posted a link to CampMor equipment below. I wear one in the morning when I walk around the dark lake and they are fabulous. I'll get you one and mail it to you if you have problems ordering one.

Marci, how did you dry your herbs? Would love to do that before the weather turns on me.

Gotta run but will check in later.

Here is a link that might be useful: Head Lamp

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Good morning all,

Dee, that's so sweet of you! I actually have a headlamp that I got from Eastern Mountain Sports that is similar to the one you have from CampMor ( a favorite site). The horses see really well in the dark but they don't compensate for anything higher than them!! LOL I am going to put mine on my helmet and see if it helps. Next time I have a branch in the dark I will try to go around it! LOL

I don't know what you have for herbs Dee but with Basil and Parsley when I have an abundance I first make pesto and freeze it but you can also take the herb put in the food processor, chop up, and put into ice cube trays. When frozen I put into a plastic bag for storage. When I need some basil or parsley for a soup or sauce I just pop a cube in! This method helps retain the fresh flavor too. You can also preserve Basil leaves in olive oil and store in your refrigerator but it doesn't taste as fresh that way. I think to dry herbs you cut a bunch and hang upside down in a cool,dry place but let's hear from Marci on that since she's done it.

QOD: I am taking tomorrow off and heading north to the 35 acre field I've told you all about for a camp out with Sweet Pea. I am really looking forward to it but am concerned I will worry constantly about DH. He's a big boy I guess and insists that I don't cancel this trip.

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Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) and a virtual ice pack being sent your way. Please be careful out there in the dark. I hope you are feeling better today. I'm sending positive thoughts that Mark get's good news from the Dr. and does what he needs to do.

Patti & Dave (((((HUGS)))) this seems like the neverending story. I had a good feeling this time and was sure you were going to get what you deserve. Hang in there and see what the attorney has to say.

Marci - thanks for posting those photos, how moving that must have been for you. I hope the next couple days go smoothly for you. I know how hectic the first couple weeks can be.

QOD - friends of ours are getting married and they asked us to go with them for the grooms tux fitting tomorrow evening and then out to dinner (Dee/Suzanne - in Saratoga). Aside from that I have nothing planned, but I am sure something will come up. I may take a ride today to get some barn and field photos for my painting class.

Enjoy your day and check in - especially you BJ!

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Check out the new truck to pull my horse trailer!! What a beauty no mountain climbing is going to slow us down!

Just kidding, this is DH's truck and it's almost as long as my trailer! A wee bit of overkill LOL

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NH Suzanne~I'm sorry about you getting hit in the head. I'm sure you were seeing stars for a few minutes! Mark will be ok. Dave's stents have worked well for him. I'm sure that they will do as well for Mark. Hang in there! I know that it is tough.

Sounds like so many people have plans. I think that after the dr. appt. on Friday & talking to the attorney, I'm taking the rest of the weekend to relax. I'm just not used to chasing around a 1-yr-old & I'm really tired. I am home now, safe & sound. Looking at Dave's answer from Washington, DC, I'm wondering if they didn't make some mistakes so I look forward to having him speak with the attorney. I'm making a list of things for him to say if he gets the opportunity. Love to all of you & be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Suzanne - the best part of that photo is that I could totally see you truckin' the Divine SP in that ROFLMAO.

Patti - I can't imagine how exhuasted you must be - I know it is worth it though. Keeping positive thoughts out to you and Dave.

Nothing going on around here, but wanted to stop by and check in.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Hi all!

We decided to go to a local baseball playoff game tonight @ Yogi Berra Stadium. Tomorrow is a work-around-the-house day for us, and Sunday it's JETS v. New England. I hope DH gets enough done on Saturday or else I'll bring someone else to Jets' game. LOL!

I have had an incredibly lazy week at the office. Most of my projects are fairly easy and I'm not pushing myself. Surfing the net and talking to you guys! I should have some sort of Catholic guilt, but I just don't. Looking forward to heading out of here at 2pm. It's only grocery shopping, but I need the air and a change of scenery or something! haha

Hope you all have a safe and healthy weekend!

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Hi All,

I have had an incredible busy week starting school again, and DS starting as well. TGIF It did go fairly smoothly, just busy.

Suzanne, that is quite the rig. Do you get to drive it??? Sorry about your bump. I think we are going to have to start wrapping you in bubble wrap!

(((Patti & Dave))) I am so sorry to hear that your claim was again rejected. is just unbelievable what you both have been through. Keep trying, it's not over till its over. So glad you had a nice trip Patti.

Dee, go Pats!!!! (hee hee)

Tonight we are going to DS football game. Tomorrow night is Jimmy Buffett. He is playing at Gillette Stadium (home of the PATRIOTS). I have never been there so I am excited to see the stadium. We have seats right down on the field, hopefully mine is right in a spot that Tom Brady has rolled in! LOL Sunday we will crash and watch the Patriots beat the Jets! (Dee, I hope I don't have to eat those words!)

Hi Raeanne & Marci. BJ, where are you? Gretchen, come back......... Donna & Lynn thinking of you!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Besh

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Besh - I came home from work today and crashed and burned. I didn't realize how tired I was until I sat down and fell asleep! LOL I do have to say that all 4 orientations went well. We had a few criers, but that is to be expected. We have 4-5 STRONG willed kids in my M-W-F AM class, that have the potential for problems, but I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. Our Steelers play on Sunday and I think we all have high hopes for the team this year, since we have a new coach.

DeeMarie - I have dried herbs the way that Suzanne said, but I am too impatient most of the time to let them dry naturally. I pick them, wash them, spin them dry and lay them on a cookie sheet. Then I pop them in a pre-heated 200ºF oven and let them sit for about an hour. I turn off the heat and let them stay in the oven overnight, then crumble them and put them in a jar the next morning. I do usually make pesto with the basil first, and I freeze that in an ice cube tray. I have found that the chives are easiest to just wash, dry and chop and put straight in the freezer instead of drying. Hope that helps.

NHSuzanne - I hope your face feels better now. You need to hang some orange reflective tape on those tree branches! LOL Hope you are having a great weekend with SP.

I am hanging in the house tonight and tomorrow and then going to my DMIL's for lunch on Sunday. Other than that, I just want to relax. I have a crib quilt to finish by next weekend, so I will work on that as much as I can.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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Thanks Raeanne & Besh! The attorney called on Friday & Dave didn't feel comfortable talking to him. (It makes him nervous, & I have done all of the case this whole time.) So, I ended up talking to him. He was nice. He asked us to fax him the paperwork & said that he would look over it this weekend & decide whether or not we had a case.

Marci~My ex-stepdaughter & I had a long talk when I was in Dallas that resulted in her wanting me to be "Mom" & "Nana". Her own mother isn't real stable & I have been in her life since she was 6. She is studying to become a teacher & has a very good one with very good ideas on teaching. I wish that I could remember all that she relayed to me as to what the teacher said on the 1st day. She said all of the college students were on the edge of their seats & she is 35 y.o. So, I was impressed.

Besh & Dee~I wish that I could agree with you on football teams. I feel like such a traitor! But I have to stay with Tony Dungy's team.

Dee~You deserve a lazy week once in a while don't you think? You aren't a workhorse! And, you work so hard most of the time.

NH Suzanne~I love the color of the truck & could see you driving it too.

Who was voted "American Idol" second biggest fan? I cannot remember.

Be good to yourself b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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