SS Daily Support, Sept. 20 - 26, 2004

beshSeptember 20, 2004

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!! Make it a great day. :-)

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Hi Everyone!

Guess what? DH is too busy to go to the massage treat I scheduled for him today, so he's sending me in his place! I'm taking the kiddles to school, taking a bike ride, and then, to the massage! Then to work for me! Great way to start the week!

Raeanne- Just days away! I could scream!! SO exciting!

Every BODY check in and make it a great day! Eat right!

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BJ - You are all I talk about at home - I wish you were coming for a week - we could do so many fun things. Enjoy the massage - I think I might schedule my DH for one LOL.

Yesterday I went to an Autumninal Equinox celebration with a Native American influence. We played drums, sang and returned gifts of corn and tobacco to Mother Earth, acknowledged our own special importance, gave thanks for our natural resources and blessed all animals and people on our planet. My favorite part is when we write down all the burdens or patterns in our life, that prevent us from moving forward, growing or just being happy and then we burn the paper. It can feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. It was so cold, but very heartwarming.

So put those burdens to the curb and let your spirit soar.

Gotta get back to work (should've included that one on my burden list LOL).

Have a great day.

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BJ~That is nice that you get to replace DH for massage.

Marci~Glad that things are back to normal. It isn't fun having the power off too long!

Raeanne~I know that you & BJ will have a great time.

Maddie~What a blessing you are. Thanks for the reminder yesterday. I couldn't read it without getting goosebumps.

NH Suzanne~My DSIL & DC (Dear Cousin--actually his wife) both work for Vets as assistants & they are SO happy doing that work for they both love animals. My DC lives close to Boston & if I remember right, it isn't very far from you.

Shout out to everyone. I have an appt. with the cardiologist this p.m. so I need to get going. Patti :)

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Hello All,

Besh, thanks for getting us started.

BJ, I hope you enjoyed your massage. You certainly deserve a little time to yourself and I hope you take full advantage of it.

Raeanne, boy did I need a day like you had yesterday! I would have a notebook to throw into the fire! LOL Actually, I think it's great that you participate in that. I think we could all use getting back to thanking old mother earth! Sounds like a good, cleansing time.

Patti, yes, Boston is not too far from me. I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. It's hard to leave one career life and think of another. I will find my way but at 49 you'd think I had some of it figured out by now! LOL

Chapter Two: As the Stomach Turns or As the Sword Dangles

I went to work expecting to be called into a follow up meeting immediately. Instead, the door was closed with the two "powers" behind it. I instanly thought "oh great, they are in there deciding what to do about me"! I decided over the weekend with everyone's input, including DH that what will be will be. If they feel that they need to fire me because I am not meeting thier expectations then so be it! After all, they are asking me to make some pretty high numbers in a territory that we don't have circulation in for starters and it just builds from there. I will not be humiliated over it. Instead, I will feel relieved if it happens. In the meantime, I will take the time I have left employed there and look for a job. Any job at this moment will be okay. I doubt that I will be fired mid issue and I expect that if it's going to really happen it will happen after we close the issue. Either way, I decided that I won't stay there. I have several friends in sales positions and none of them have had experiences like mine. So, I will chalk it up to experience. At this point I would derive much more pleasure and satitfaction from mucking stalls! Anyway, I never got called into the inner sanctum!! LOL

I will take Raeanne's advice and put my burdens to the curb and let my spirit SOAR! I have lots of spirit!!

I will keep you updated. I feel strong and resolved right now but still, the sword dangles.

On a very happy note, I rode my Sweet Pea tonight and it was a lovely evening. Cool and just the right weather to let equine spirits fly! She is so good. She REALLY wants to go like the wind but she is holding back and doing just as I ask of her. I know she trusts me as much as I trust her and just accepts the fact that she cannot trot on or canter right now even if she dosen't understand completely why so she is making the best of it with highly spirited walking! She should be a dressage queen sometimes! It's too funny but quite wonderful. She is a very pretty pony!!

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Hi golis!

NHSuzanne--**snort**! LMAO about 'As the Sword Dangles"--I've never heard that one before, and think I'll have to work it in somewhere soon! :) I always hated it when the powers doors were shut--I'd get the funniest feeling--but you're right--what will be, will be, and I think you'll be happier in the long run--(((hugs!!))

Patti--yeah--it's hard to believe that it's been 3 years ago--I tell ya--9/01 was one h3lluva a month--

Well, not a peep from Rog--the other guys called their SOs this morning, but I didn't get nary a ring--I wonder what's up with that?

Not much new here--still throwing out cr@p--it's amazing how much pure junk I have collected--and how great it is to get rid of it.

Has anyone heard from Amy? KYSusieQ? Karen? Just curious--



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Good Morning All,

Maddie, I have to give the credit for the dangling sword to BJ who used the expression in last weeks thread! It is funny. Getting rid of junk is so liberating! Go for it.

I have to be in early this morning because I am leaving early for a hair appointment. I love getting my hair done.

Raeanne - BJ, when is your meeting? Can't wait to hear all about it.

Hope everyone finds the time to check in today.

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Good TUESDAY morning everyone!

I've been MIA lately for several reasons. One is that I've been faltering and actually gained a couple of pounds, which has me really despondent. (Really need to throw out that scale!) Some good news is that this Thursday, we have Weight Watchers starting up again in the office. We get our pick of 2 programs, so watch this space.

Last weekend was rather hectic. We had a wedding "down the shore" as we say in Jersey on Friday afternoon. The cocktail hour was on the porch of a beautiful hotel facing the ocean....spectacular. I danced the night away at the reception/dinner. Also had 3 vodkas and lime (do ya think that has anything to do with gaining weight?) Hell, it was fun. DH and I had a room, so we got up early on Saturday and drove another hour to AC; but the gambling gods were no good, and it began pouring rain. We got home about 4pm Saturday.

Sunday, I had 24 ladies at my home for my SIL's bridal shower. MIL was her usual self....apparently, she was giving people "tours" of my home. Have no idea how many people saw the inside of my linen closet or the lets-throw-everything-in-here closet. I did see her showing the inside of my kitchen cupboards to one of her sisters. This is the third time I have caught her in this particular cabinet over the last 2 years. Don't know what the fascination is, but DH and I always stare into it when she leaves to figure how what the h*ll she's looking at! LOL. It has cannned goods at the bottom shelves and 2 smaller cabinets above the pantry hold baking items; cupcake papers, brownie mix, brown sugar, confectioners' that unusual? Is she showing people that I don't bake brownies from scratch (most of my other cakes are home-made). I guess we'll never know until we ask, but I find it hilarious!!! DH just gets plain annoyed at entire situation.

Well, I've got to get some work done here; they ARE paying me! LOL

NH Suzanne, have a great day! Seize it and what will be, will be! :-)

As Patti says: "shout out to all my peeps out there"!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP (even when you gain!)

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I posted to the wrong I copied to this current week. Sorry.

Good Morning.
I finally had a chance to post. Seems like I have been busy for last week or so. Sounds like everyone is doing fine. I did get a bit teary at the last few posts about an angel named Alli. I am sorry for your loss... I read that she used to post here and has now passed away. It is very thoughtful and warming to hear you remember her. You ladies are AWESOME!!!!!
Not much happening on the diet front.... I have great intentions but no actions........ pass the doughnuts please.

We were spared by Ivan! How awful for those who got his calling card. Nasty....just plain nasty. It was nice to have this past weekend hurricane free. We did however have tornados. Just about two blocks from where we live, a tornado ripped off two roofs and than took off. STRANGE WEATHER!!!!!!

BJ, have fun in NY. I have always wanted to go to NYC. I have only been as far as the falls. I think it would be a great adventure to go for a long weekend.

Marci. I will check out the prevention book at the book store. thanks for the intro to it.
Tikanas - hope you are feeling better.

Take care....


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I forgot to mention how much Alli influenced these threads when she was here.

DH and I were watching "Monster House" last night. It was Part 2 of a transformation for a teachers' lounge. Those contractors made an awesome place for teachers to chill out. The teachers were so dedicated and so grateful for a nice place to of them said it was "respectful". Most of the contractors agreed that teachers are so underrated, and I thought about how dedicated Alli was (and Marci IS). Such a loss for the children in that area. Our loss is heaven's gain!!!

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Hi all!

Bj, you lucky girl getting that massage. I want one too!I hope that you and Raeanne have a blast!

Hey, Patti : )! How was the trip to the cardiologist? As always, it was nice to talk with you.

NHSuzanne, As the sword dangles indeed! Good attitude about the job. Glad to hear that Sweet Pea is doing better.

Marci, thanks for the Prevention book post. I just bought a pedometer for use with the preventions Step program (see

Since I am relatively new here I didn't know about Ali the Angel.... My prayers.

Lynn, glad that Ivan spared you (and Patti, too) The pics that my aunt has emailed me from Barefoot Bay show such devastaion! My heart goes out to all of those hit.

Dee Marie, throw that darn scale out! ROFL re your MIL and her snooping! My ex MIL is a real PIA. Nosey does not even begin to describe her. But she no longer talks to me or the kids so I am off the hook. HA HA!

Thanks for all of the well wishes, you guys. I am feeling much better.It's taking a few days to settle in to some new medication, but things are really looking up!I have never been really sick before so I think the depression about it was almost as bad as the illness. Eager to get back to being my old self.

Still not strong enough to dig out my 5 garden beds and ready them for re planting, so DS is doing it for me! What a sweetheart. He did 1/2 yesterday and will finish today. Then we'll both go out there and install new corner reenforcements and spread compost and manure before our fall planting next week. He picked a beautiful pumpkin and a TON of squash and peppers yesterday.

I have a busy day today. Our new homeschool Spanish program CD is not working on our computer and I have to get to the bottom of this else it's $100.00 down the drain.
Lot's of odds and ends to tie up too. Amazing how behind we can get when under the weather!

Everybody have a great day!!

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Hi all!

Lynn--Allie was special. She was light, and funny, and sweet, and beautiful. She was only 22 when she was killed by a drunk drive. She lingered for 4 days, I believe, and then she passed into being our forever angel on 9/19/01. I remember her stories about her and her boyfriend, Pat, and when she and some friends helped a bunch of less-fortunate girls with a night of makeup and girl-play. If I remember correctly, she was in a Neon with 3 other girls (who were killed as well), and they were student teachers that had been to a meeting and were on their way home, when they were hit. I remember her talking about school (she was going to be a teacher), and all the funny emails she would send to us when we were down. She cut off her hair to give it to a charity that make wigs for kids with cancer (our BJ has done this, too) How can you love someone who you've never actually met? It's easy--I'm crying for her now.

I was incredibly blessed to have seen her picture when I visited one of her family friends. I almost didn't ask, but I am glad that I did, becasue she was as spectacually beautiful as I imagined her to be. Her friend that posted here is Ziggy (or mostly Zig), and she was the one that got on here and posted that Allie had been in an accident, and it was her that gave us the news. I miss Zig, too--she is a lovely lady.

Anyone want to share Allie stories? Personally, I'd like to rehear them, if no one minds--

I guess Rog will be home tomorrow, and my blissful bacholorettehood will nice to have the peace and quiet, and the remote...



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Maddie, the one story that comes to mind was right after 9/11 how upset she was and had such a hard time understanding it all (as did we all). But for some reason she stands out the most in my mind. I remember that she went home that following weekend to visit her parents to talk to them about it. I just found that to be heartwarmingly sweet. And I loved that she was so close to her parents. It is ironic that she was taken from us just days later. She was a sweetheart. She had such insight and was wise beyond her years. How I wish she was still posting here. I would love to have followed her young life. There was so much potential. I can't believe it has been 3 years.

Love, Besh

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LOL, just kidding. I guess I am hanging around the middle schoolers too much.

I wish I could address you all personally, but I just can't right now. My world has been so hectic. This is the only night that I am home this week so I am doing laundry, some cooking and would really like to relax with DH later in the hot tub. I have been having some serious jaw problems. I think the stress of everything from the last two months is catching up. I need to make an appt. with my dentist to have a new night guard made since I have chewed through my last one. I am not thrilled about spending $400. for it, but I think it is necessary. Last time I clenched this bad, I cracked a tooth and needed a root canal and a crown, so I guess the $400. investment is worth it. :-(

On the SS front, I have been trying, but I know I could try harder. I have been getting some inspiration by reading the books and going to her website. That helps a little. I am just not real organized these days, I know you have to be in order to succeed on this WOE.

Any way, be good.

Love to you all,


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There are so many special memories of Alli. She just knew when to send you a personal e-mail - a great motivator. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her love of her family was so evident. I remember when her mom had some surgery done and Alli said that her mom was making her rounds to see her own patients while she was a patient. Alli had good role models and she made them very proud by becoming a great role model herself. She e-mailed me once and had me talk her through a spaghetti dinner for Patrick and some other very hungry college kids. I truly miss her.

Besh - On the SS front, I am not even trying - and it shows. If Alli were here she would give us a good kick.

Had a very non-SS dinner of pasta, bread and wine. I need some willpower.

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OMG, Raeanne, I had pasta last night too! I fully intended to eat broiled sole, but the little devil in me wanted that penne!

Alli, give us all a switch kick in the butt! LOL (She had tremendous willpower; did she not lose like 100 pounds? That was without an operation!!)

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Good Morning,

I miss Alli too. She was such a sweet girl. She always gave me encouragement when I needed it. I think she did lose 100 pounds. I need that willpower now! I am just thankful that we had Alli with us, even if it was a short time. God Bless You Alli!!

Besh, Isn't it sickening how busy we can become.

I am looking around again trying to find the right diet. Nothing works and my willpower seems to be gone. I have gained back 10 of the 25 pounds I lost this spring. I am truly disgusted. My sitter gave me her Gazelle and I have been using it, now I just need to work on my appetite.

Oh, Maddie, I need your address.

Better run. Have a great day.


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Hi all. Maddie, I see you threw my name in as being among the missing. I never thought I'd be one, but I guess I am.

NHSuzanne - I remember when you got that job. It certainly has been a ride, and I enjoyed hearing the stories and seeing one of your covers. Life goes on.

My younger son and his wife are getting a divorce. I don't know if I mentioned that. They've been planning it for awhile, but now have filed the papers. He moved into his own apartment, within walking distance from the house so the kids could have access. Last week his apartment burned down and he hadn't paid the insurance. So divorce, apartment burns down, then he found out that his wife had an affair and even an apartment with someone else when they were still living together. Plus he quit his job a couple of months ago to do seminars, so he is under considerable stress at the moment. He is handling it well though and has already got himself a temporary well-paying consulting job to get him over this rough time.

I'm still doing the things I was. My weight's still the same. I have a new gallery I'm looking at and hopefully it will be a good thing. It is just opening in Hanamaulu, near Lihue. My internet relationship is still going, strange as it is.

I won't post more, but wanted to say hi. I do come by and read at least once a week, but not everything. I'll try to do better.

Raeanne, the outing sounds awesome. I'm envious, though I guess I shouldn't be considering that I can always hear the surf from here.

Take care all, eat healthy, and drink your water.


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Good morning!

I have a horrible case of the funky grungies that is current going around, and my chest hurts, and my nose id like a garden hose, except I can not turn it off. ARGH! I hate being sickk--I've no patience, and I'm like a whiney sick kid--schheech!

Amy--how good to see you post--I'm sorry to hear of your son's incredible bad run--poor guy--my inlaws went through an apt fire in '98--they lost everything, and although they had insurance, the building's tenant's sued the contractor that started the fire (roofing). They collected, but since they had mucho insuramce, they donated the extra to the Red Cross. Has he contacted them yet?

Rog came home tonight, and I was glad to see him--he caught a monster pike, and sounded like he had a great rime--I wish I'd have went, now!! :)

We have a big auction today at 4, but I am not going to work it--I don't want to give this cr@p to anyone else, and the principle auctioneer is taking his 13 yo son (and classmates) to DC next week--so, I really hafta stay away!

Hope all is well--



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Maddie - he doesn't want to take anything from anyone, because he says he doesn't need to and wants others to get it who need it more. Sorry about your funky grungies. (((HUGS))))

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Good Morning All,

Amy, it's good to hear from you. Sorry DS is having such a streak of bad luck. Sounds like you are doing well. Don't stay away so long.

Maddie, I hope you are feeling better. I have talked to alot of people this week who have something similar to what you have. Not funny, it seems too early to be getting so sick.

Jen, what is a gazelle? Besides a four footed deer-like animal that lives on the African plains! LOL

I am waiting for the vet/chiropractor to come see Sweet Pea. She has been having trouble with her mouth and the equine dentist thinks there is something in her poll or tmj that is out of alignment. I hope we find something so we will know why this thing is going on with her teeth.

I wanted to share this with you all because it's so neat. We have a band of turkeys that have been here all year with the exception of hatching time they disappeared for a while. They have been back in larger numbers with their broods for the last couple of months. The hens work together to take care of everyones babies. It's one big happy family about 50 strong. The last few nights I have been out a just before dark and have had the pleasure of watching them roost for the night. The gather in groups and one at a time they fly up to the high branches of the white pines. They literally sound like a helicoper and when they land in the tree they often make a crashing noise until they settle down. It's so neat. One at a time until the whole flock is up there! This morning I watched them come down the same way. One at a time. They are now spread out all over the pasture eating with the horses! Just wanted to share. It's so neat.

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Good THURSDAY morning!

Amy, I was pleasantly surprised to see your post. I assumed you were following us around, but it's nice to know it! My best wishes to your DS in his efforts to drag himself out of some bad times. Please check in more often; even if it's just a quick 'hello'.

Suzanne, thanks for sharing your wonderful nature experiences!

My dear, sweet Maddie--feel better!! :-)

Raeanne/BJ, I assume you two are in communication, as BJ is winging her way to the Northeast? Have lots of fun together, and don't forget to post those photos through Marci!!!

Have not heard from MIL since my bridal shower experience. Think she's still trying to figure out why I have an enire cabinet devoted to baking products? Inquiring minds need to know. LMAO!!

Jen, in about 45 mintutes, I start my new WW class. I'll fill you in on the new program (I think it's called "core") where you get a list of foods to eat until you are full. I need a shake-up in my eating plan; let's see if this is the ticket!

Gotta run; make this day count!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi all!

Hello, Amy. I am relatively new here and it is nice to meet you.

NHSuzanne, I hope Sweet Pea will be okay. What can they do for tmj in a horse? A mouth gaurd? Can you get/post pics of that turkey flock? I'd love to see them. Here, we have wild peacocks (escapees from the local Arboretum) They are beautiful, but they are very loud and make quite a mess.

Jen, what IS a Gazelle?

Maddie, Feel better! This being under the weather is NO FUN at all!

Dee Marie, I had an evil thought...Why not invite your MIL over to help you "inventory" your pantry? Since she's so interested already, hand her a rag and some cleaner and a pad of paper to list all of your goodies? HEH, HEH, HEH...
Then tell her that you'll go over and do hers... Talk about inquiring minds!

Have a great day everyone!

Tikanas (sticking to food plan and doing a good job today!)

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HI guys,

Checking in b4 taking off to New York for a few days.

My doc called yesterday, after my appt, and says he wants me to lose 10 pounds b4 he sees me in December. He wants me to go on the South Beach Diet. So I'll start that next Wednesday. He says I have to lower my intake of complex carbs. Aw.

DeeMarie: Drill a hole on the top of that "MIL cabinet". Fill with several bags of marbles. Wait for MIL to open. SURPRISE! Fun for all! Or take out the bake mixes and fill the cabinet with see-thru tubs of lacey underwear and ranchy, trashy novels and see what she thinks. Or ---this is for John's entertainment---put a live cat in there and catch her reaction when she opens that hummer.

Talk to you all next week.

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Wild Chicken, Your idea for Dee Marie's MIL is the best!!I would love to be a fly on THAT wall! I do South Beach with a little modification and enjoy it. Email me for more info.

Dee Marie, can you PLEASE take pictures of MIL and her follies???


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Good Morning All,

BJ, love your MIL idea! I would love to be a fly on the wall too! Bon Voyage, have a wonderful time with our wonderful Raeanne. Any plans to come to New England?
I am on SBD too and it's easy to follow. I am down 15#'s since the end of July.

Tikanas, I have tried to get a good photo of the turkeys as they are spread out over the pasture. I will keep trying. The photos I have taken so far don't really illustrate how neat it is.

Raeanne, hope you have time to check in today. Can't wait to hear about your meeting with BJ and family.

Sweet Pea had an excellent experience with the horse chiropractor. This one is a woman and she was very good and very thorough. She did sacral cranial work and worked on her poll to release some of her tension. SP had a emotional release too. It was really cool. My sister, who is a massage therapist and does sacral cranial (sp) work on people said that many of her clients have emotional releases and she keeps a box of kleenex handy for some of them. The horse chiropractor said horses do this too and release some past trauma or fear. Horses are very emotional animals and usually don't get to express themselves. Anyway, she fixed SP's jaw problem and thinks that she will be fine. I really like this woman and wish she could be my vet but she doesn't do large animals anymore except the chiropractic work :(

Last evening I looked out into my backyard where the goats were browsing and there were all three goats looking at a little gray fox who was sitting and staring at them! It was really neat to watch them all "size" each other up. I wish I could know what each was thinking. I LOVE living here the scenery is so great! I looked out the livingroom windows next and there were the horses and donkey out in the pasture with the sun setting on them and surrounded by turkeys! How cool is that? How fortunate I am!!

I know, I am soft! Hope to hear from everyone today! It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning! I only have time for a quick hello! DS had to drive his DGF to work this morning, so the computer is free.

The kids are getting settled in at preschool and the 2 kids who cried the most, came in this week with big smiles on their faces. So I guess I can relax a little. We are still struggling with a very immature three year old class but I am confident that with time, they will improve.

DD is coming home tonight for the first time since we took her to school in August. I can't wait to see her. Then my brother and his family are coming into town this weekend, so we have some festivities planned around that. So I probably won't be around much this weekend.

BJ and Raeanne - How cool that you finally get to meet. Take lots of pictures and I will add them to the album.

NHSuzanne - I received a complimentary issue of a horse magazine yesterday and immediately thought of you. I am not sure how my name got on their mailing list though and DH couldn't figure out why I would have subscribed to this particular magazine. Then he realized it was a complimentary issue. LOL

Even though it has been a good week at school, I am glad it is Friday. I need a day to sleep in!!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Gotta run,

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Good Morning and T.G.I.F.!

Marci,I am glad that things are settling in a bit at school. It's hard for 3 yr olds to get adjusted sometimes. I know that you have your hands full. Relax this weekend!

Bj and Raeanne, I hope that you have a wonderful time together. I echo Marci's sentiments: take LOTS of pictures!

NHSuzanne, Yeah for Sweet Pea! I am glad she's feeling better. Keep trying with those turkey pics; I am fascinated by nature and would love to see them and more pics of your property too.

I find the South Beach plan easy to follow. I started measuring my portions (mostly eye-balling them) even though it's not a requirement. I record my food intake now using It's free and keeps me honest.
Tonight's dinner will be a beef stir fry, egg drop soup and a chinese chicken salad. I will fry up some chicken fried rice for DS.I think that this is the best food plan I have ever tried.

Will check back later. Everybody have a GREAT day!!


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NH Suzanne - I had a sacral cranial session and it is wonderful. I think everyone should have one. I didn't realize that horses would have that release - but why not? I love the gray fox and goat story - how cute. WTG on the 15lbs - but I think that I found them. I must've gained at least 15 this summer YIKES! When we meet again this fall, I will make sure we get a good photo of us for the photo album.

Marci - I would like to know what "sleeping in" means to you - 7AM??? LOL Glad the kiddies settled in quickly.

DeeMarie - you gotta love BJ's ideas LOL. If you don't want to shock her too much, you could just put a big HELLO MOM sign in there.

Tikanis - like Suzanne, I get a lot of turkeys in my yard, they look for the bird seed leftovers and it is amazing how many come at one time, but nearly impossible to get a photograph that does them justice. In the winter I put feed out for them.

Maddie - hope you are feeling better.

Amy - I love to hear the sound of the surf and I miss not being close to the ocean - but feel fortunate to have a 32 mile lake, that sometimes resembles an ocean LOL. I will keep your DS in my thoughts and hope his run of bad luck is over.

Yes, I am so excited about getting to meet BJ tomorrow. We are going to dinner tomorrow night and hopefully will get together on Sunday too. She is calling me later in the day. And Yes, there will be photos to go with the stories.

We went out to dinner with friends last night, the restaurant was over an hour away, but well worth the trip. We decided that we have to find a new hobby, whenever we are together all we do is EAT and DRINK. I suggested bowling - but do you have to have beer when you bowl? LOL

I took a brisk walk this AM with a friend - that felt good after my indulgence last night.

This weekend is our annual hot air balloon festival and this AM one went over our house - DH kept hearing a little bit of a hissing noise and then he could hear voices and then there was this huge balloon LOL.

Have a great day and I will try to keep you up-to-date with any any BJ sitings.

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Oh yeah! Gotta hear about those BJ sitings in the East; don't know if we are quite prepared yet. LOL

Started the new WW last evening. The Core Plan is a huge list of foods that you can eat without counting....sounds good, but ya gotta know when you are "satisfied". HAAA!! not likely....I'm eating lots of those Core foods, but tracking the points. So far, I'm not hungry, which leads me to believe that I was straying from the plan a bit with my choices and could account for my major stall; then the 3-pound gain. I'm not worried, as I know the weight will coming off again...I am NEVER GIVING UP!!!

In addition to my scheduled classes in the fitness center here, I've been taking a 20-25 minute walk with a colleague about 3-4 times a week during lunch. We get lots of stress out, solve some work-related problems, and I feel great about the 1-2 points I earn! Should boost my losing ways a bit, I hope.

Marci, I miss you when you don't post often, but I understand. When my stepdaughters or nieces are around, my opportunity to get near my office is "zero". Whenever I see a daycare (especially in the morning when parents are dropping off), I think of you! Can't wait to get to meet everyone next year.

Raeanne, I hope DH was properly dressed when he finally saw the balloon! I'll never forget my MIL's classic line about skylights in a great room or bathroom....."you have absolutely no privacy!" DH and I always howl when we talk about that! She should only know about your experience this morning. LOL

Tikanas, I read about the South Beach diet this morning. Because so many people have had such success with it, I thought I might try to tie it in with Weight Watchers. Not sure I can do that easily, so I'll stick with my plan until I hit another stall. Then maybe I'll shake it up a bit again!

Amy, please check in with us.

Suzanne, you sound so peaceful this morning...

Maddie, put down the tissues and come and say "hello". Do you need me to send out some chicken soup?

Patti & Dave, hope you both are spared the latest bad weather down there.

Jen, Joanne, Gretchen, Besh, KY Susie.....where are you?

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hello All
I just got caught up with this weekÂs messages.
It has been a very sorrowful week for me  on Sunday morning (the anniversary of AlliÂs departing) on of my dear sorority sisters died in a fire at her cottage. She leaves her daughter 15, son 17 and one of the kindest, caring husbands in the world. She was a social worker who dealt only with the elderly  the gentlest woman, most wonderful wife and mom.

I couldnÂt believe it when her sister called me Sunday afternoon, I was just sitting and reading all our posts about our dear Alli and then I lose another wonderful friend. Life really sucks sometimes!!!!!

I remember Alli wanting to be a special ed teacher and I faxed her all the information I had ADHD. I also remember the brown leather skirt date that we all had advice about. I miss her dearly.


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Oh, Joanne, I am so sorry for your loss! I know that it takes a lot of time for these things to heal (8 mos and counting after DH's death)

I'll bet her kids would appreciate a nice note about what a wonderful person their Mom was, if you are up to writing one. An older co worker of my DH wrote me such a note telling me that she looked upon him as the little brother that she'd never had. We had always been friends but now that friendship is set in stone!
My prayers are with you.

Dee Marie, That's what I do!! I use WW principles with the South Beach plan. Works like a charm! I feel better when I eat healthy and exercise and am looking forward to getting that Dr.s release to go back to Curves next Friday. Mixing the 2 programs is a cinch. Of course, with this bout of illness, I have had NO appetite at all and I am sure my metabolism is all out of whack : (
Oh well, I am still NOT giving up!


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Joanne~I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Amy~It was good to hear from you.

I had a good check-up with the cardiologist but I told him about Dave not being seen since his heart attack. (The VA has NEVER sent him to see a cardiologist!) And, he wanted to see him right away so we had an appointment on Friday for him. Now, he will be going in for a 2 day stress test. It is so I will know whether or not to file for a higher percentage for his heart attack.

We have bunches of turkeys around here. We call them the "goils". I love watching them no matter where on the property they are located. They never seem to be bothered by any of us. LOL

Whoever was having the problem with the MIL, was it you Maddie? I loved BJ's ideas. I think that they should be "crotchless" panties though. Ha! Just a thought.

Jean is supposed to hit us in a few hours & hit hard so I wanted to get a note out before I couldn't write anything. It is supposed to be worse than the other three & we have been the crossing point for all of them. (Although Ivan did not hit us directly, it curved back around & we got rain from it. I think it hit TX this weekend.) I'll be glad for hurricane season to be gone! I'm sure that they do play a good role in our eco-system though. They churn up the stuff from the bottom of the ocean. Well, I will miss you & I will be posting as soon as it is possible for me too.

Shout out to all the ladies & John~Patti :)

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Joanne - I wanted to say how sorry I am to read of your loss. I am sure your mind isn't on your birthday, but I did want to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know that we are thinking of you.

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Happy Birthday, Joanne! I hope your day is SUPER!!


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Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Joanne,

Hope it was a great day! So sorry about the loss of your friend. I am thinking or you too.

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