Queries regarding download of Wii games:

albert_135December 23, 2008

Queries regarding download of Wii games:

I assumume a high speed connections required?

Where is the downloaded game stored?

How/where is it played?

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oh, I just got my first taste of the Wii yesterday with my Niece and Nephew. Fun stuff let me tell you.

I did connect their system to the WiFi of the house and that immediately downloaded a firmware update. But it looked to me like the unit has lots of slots for downloaded content to be stored. There was a 'shop' catagory to click. Once you agree to download a game or something, I'm sure it fills up it's own slot on the Wii Menu and is stored on the internal hard drive.

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Hey Fellow gamers ,
So everyone has seen promo's for downloading unlimited games for a so and so one time price. And of course, being the extreme gamers which we are we question it because of that small bad feeling .
Well guys, I did the research and tested it for myself! I went through 5 different sites, and out of all of them, they all were legitament. So to further my quest I procceeded to price check and this is the cheapest option on the market , also the one I use daily and can vauch for.
Enjoy my friends!

Wii Downloads!

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