Why do radios hum?

ginjjDecember 29, 2007

I have a small clock radio in the kitchen under a cabinet on a small rack. For a year it was fine, now it has a very loud hum. I bought another radio to replace it and it too hums in that spot. I try another area in the house and the hum is either gone or quieter.

Why was it ok for a while?

Is there any clock radio that won't do this in this location?

My microwave and oven and refrigerator are all on the other side of the kitchen about 4' away. Only a cell phone charger is nearby. Computer, stereo etc in another room.



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... they don't know the words ? ...

OK, it could be a few things, fluorescent lights, ect..

Is this only on AM stations ?
They're more prone to interference.
Try an FM station. It may not hum.

If you have a portable (battery) radio, you could move it around to try to find the source of the interference.

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