Ideas for 50th B'day theme - Old As Dirt??

kim0201May 29, 2006

Hi all: My cousin's DH turns 50 this summer. He refers to himself as being 'old as dirt' and she thought she might use that as a theme for his b'day party. She's thinking of using flowerpots as serving dishes, kiddie plastic shovels for serving spoons, wheelbarrow filled w/ ice for cold drinks... I remembered the 'dirt cake' for kids' parties which might work well.

Do you have other suggestions I could share w/ her? Sounds like a fun theme; especially since he's very good natured about the saying 'old as dirt' and loves to garden in addition. Great mix.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Instead of using dirt as a theme how about going through the past 50 years and taking things from each year and incorporate them into your theme. Music from the 50's or 60's, famous guests from the past 50 years (lay down on thick paper or cardboard, trace bodies and cut out the outline of the body, find pictures of people from the past like Capt. Kangaroo, Soupy Sales, etc, make an enlarged copy of the face and paste to your cardboard figure, copy clothing and have them stand around the party) Make food from the past, peanut butter and Fluffer Nutter sandwiches with Koolaide, cheese macaroni, hot dogs, have other food as well. Play the same games you played as a kid, Red Rover, Red Rover Let Blue Come Over, Red Light, Jump Rope, Hula Hoop. Have your guests bring pictures of themselves and your DH throughout the years also ask them to tell you what they remember about him (funny story)place all notes on a bulletin board. Write on a black board 50 times, I'm as old as dirt. The goodie bags given to each guest could have packets of seeds and instructions on how to plant to enjoy for the next 50 years. Oh, have bowls of pixi sticks, rock candy, wax lips and wax soda (or pop) bottles, whatever you remember from his past. Have all the guests dress like each decade, 50's poodle skirts etc, 60's mini skirts neru jackets, plaid shirts, skirts with knee socks and saddle shoes, and penny loafers, peace sign necklace, make love not war, 70's, 80's, and so on. Get one of those jokes that go around on the internet about all the things that were invented over the last 50 years or make up your own. (color TV, computers, elec. washing machine, push button telephone, cell phones, etc.) You can decorate the entire home or yard with things from the past.

Even shy people will have something to talk about at the party, everyone will be talking about... hey, I remember this and so forth.

Whatever you do have a great time!

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I thought of some other ideas for the party idea I posted before this one. I was a corp. event planner so I can go on and on with this subject.

Play Simon Sez if people get a little tipsy it will be very funny (make sure someone video tapes it for the next party laugh). How about roasting somores over an open flame or bar-b-q. Ring a bell at desert time the kind that sounds like the "Good Humor Man" is here. The Good Humor man drove around in an ice cream truck ringing his bell and selling ice cream to kids out of the truck. Serve fudgesicles, ice cream cones with jimmies on top, ice pops, etc.

You could also have teams and do game shows from the past.

Make sure your invitation is fun and let's the guests know what to do, how to dress etc.

I didn't see where you are from so you may have to adjust your famous guests, food, games, etc. for your area.

If your husband loves gardening he must remember Mr. Green Jeans from the Capt. Kangaroo Show, that is if you grew up in the USA.

Whatever you decide to do let us know, I love to hear about parties.

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Where are all the postings from other people?

Okay, I have another idea...

Send him on a Scavenger Hunt the day of the party. It will get him out of your hair for a while and give him something to do. You will have to do some work to put this together. If you live in a small town it will be easier for you as the shop owners will probably know you and will help you out. Before the party, make up clues to send him to each pre-arranged location and eventually back to wherever his party will take place.

If he is leaving from home give him a beautifully wrapped box with the first clue in it. The first clue will lead him to his favorite garden shop where he will find his next clue near his favoite flower, tree or some garden tool he has been drooling over. Have one of his friends meet him in the row with the flower, tree or tool he is looking for to present him with his small gift (the favorite flower etc.) and give him the next clue. That friend can join him in figuring out the next clue that will lead him to his next favorite place. Give him a funny word to say to someone from the store who is aware of the game you are playing. That person will give him 2 clues one to find his gift in the store and the second to his next location.

The next clue will lead him to a coffee shop where a few of his buddies will be waiting to have coffee with him. They will buy him a coffee and each give him a piece of the clue which will lead him to the next destination. All the friends will join him to the next location, perhaps his fav. place for lunch where he will meet more friends for a light lunch and more clues. Some of the gifts can be pre-arranged to be gag gifts given at lunch or coffee. You know what he likes so you can plan his destinations and gifts. The final destination will be where his party will be held and the rest of his friends will be there to join in on the fun. You can meet him with a stop watch telling him if he wasn't as old as dirt he would have figured out the clues faster and been home hours ago.

The rest of the party can have the garden theme but how about a ho-down (don't know if this is spelled correctly) but you get the idea.

Have all the things you mentioned along with a big bowl filled with water and apples for dunking for apples, hire a Caller and have square dancing if you have the room or someone to do line dancing and other (I'm going to have to call it country dancing because the name escapes me right now). You can also rent a floor to lay down in yr. yard if you don't have a deck or patio to dance on.

Okay, I'm done for the night. If I think of something else I will post again.

PS sorry if I spelled anything wrong, I need Spell Check!

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Hi I'm back!

Have you decided to do the garden idea? A garden party can be very beautiful, with pretty floral table cloths, and the serving pieces you mentioned. Just be careful when using flower pots to make sure they are food safe, line them with a cloth napkin if you are not sure.

If anyone in the family has young children, that won't feel strange wearing a costume, you can dress them up to look like flowers. Did you ever see those floral costumes for kids? You might have to sew something but they are really cute. I've seen sunflowers where the childs face is the center of the flower and the yellow petals would surround their face. It would be very cute and blend in with your theme. You can find instructions in those sewing books like McCalls and Butterick (these might be spelled wrong).

After dinner, spread some quilts (not expensive ones) or some homemade look-a-like quilts on the grass, pass pretty baskets filled with fruit and bite sized desserts around to each person sitting on the blankets. If you have a fire pit everyone can roast marshmellows and tell ghost stories or funny stories about their childhood or how they met your C'sDH.

If you serve wine or other drinks it might turn very silly so you may have to tell everyone to bring a sleeping bag and turn the party into a pajama party. I bet you haven't been to a pajama party in about 40 years.

You might hear from me tomorrow with another idea.

Good night,

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I think it sounds fun, as long as you are sure that the person will not be offended. We often say things about ourselves in jest, but to see a big banner with "Old as Dirt" on your birthday might not be everyone's idea of a good time.
I went to an "Over the hill" party that backfired in a big way :-(

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I never understood those types of parties. It seems to me the only people that really enjoy them are the people making fun of the honoree. Having turned fifty last year myself, I can tell you that I'd much rather have friends wishing me well and helping me to celebrate my coming years in a positive manner rather than reminding me I don't look as youthful and my health will be failing in the near future.

To celebrate my fiftieth, I traveled to Sante Fe and climbed a mountain--an uplifting experience.

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