Upset at Curves

young5344April 30, 2004

Has anyone who goes to Curves heard of this: First of all I am in my late 50's and do enjoy going when I am feeling up to it. I won't go into all the details as to why I have not made it there (both personal and health reasons). They have called my house 3 times and left a msg. You know the we miss you msg. Today I called them and told them not to keep calling that I will be there when I get there. It wasn't a nasty call just one to inform them I would be there when I could. Why do I have to tell them anything about why I am not there. Who do they think they are? So tonight at 7:30 pm the owner calls and tells me to send in a doctors note so she can stop the draw of my monthly fee. Now keep in mind I have never asked for them to do this. Also keep in mind the draw is happening in 2 days. How could any fax stop it even if I wanted it this late? Also insisted I write down their fax number so the doctor can fax in a note. Gee our we back in school??????? Also if he they don't get it can they call because sometimes doctor's offices don't get to it. The more I thought about it the madder I became. So, I faxed off a letter to the corporate office telling them of this. I figure if they did it to me they are doing it to a lot and we wants that. I'm sure they are losing members because of it. I for one will probably not go back now.

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The doctor's note is to verify that you are not able to come for whatever reason so they will not charge you for a full month when you are not able to go. That seems like a fair practice to me. However, it gets a little complicated since you are able to go once in a while. I think they are just doing a courtesy.

However, it seems aggravating on top of the other phone calls. My Curves never calls when I haven't been there (though I do go on a regular basis). I'd just let them know there is no need to call, and view that practice separate from the doctor's note issue.

Why not just talk it over with your Curves owner without going into detail about personal or health problems? Or, tell them you don't mind paying each month since you go when you can and you'd like to be paid up so you can do that.


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I don't understand what you are saying. I pay every month and will continue to pay. I have never asked them to forgo my monthly pay. They are the ones telling me to do it. I don't want to because personally I am discusted with the whole thing and will probably never go back. hence, they will continue to get my payment until my contract expires in a few months. I wish I would have paid monthly even though it is more expensive and then I could have just dropped out after giving 30 days notice. Here even after the year contract you still have to give them notice in writing to cancel your membership.

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Have you discussed it with your curves owner? doesnt sound like you have, i too think they are just trying to help, and I'm sure if you talked to them and just told them not to worry about it they would leave you alone, I love curves, if you dont like the one you are going to, you can always just transfer your membership to another one.

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JanetsCountry: Guess you did not read my post. It was the OWNER who called me and asked for the doctor's note - no insisted I get a doctor's note. I had asked them nicely to not call - there was no reason to. That is when the OWNER got involved.

I know all Curves are independent and I am not saying that they are all like this. Just venting about my experience. You can't transfer your membership and you can't drop your membership until 1 year has gone by.

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I'm sorry that you are angry about the experience. I do think it's a little overboard for them to call 3 times, but I do understand why they call. There are many women who just slack off and really need the phone call to remind them. As far as the doctor's note goes, they are just trying to save you some money while you are recouperating. Why would you want to pay the monthly fees if you can't use the facility?I'm sure they require a note from the doctor because some women might say they can't work out due to medical reasons when really they just don't feel like going. I'd have the same policy if I was a Curves owner.

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IMO I don't like Curves. I've never gone but have a few friends that did and they gained weight. I use to teach a body sculpting class at the local gym and had to pass Curves on my way to my class. I've never seen a fit looking woman come out of there. I DO think it's BS the way they treat their clients by calling them and making you get a Dr. Slip to negate the contract. I feel it's a fad and will fade away soon anyway - do you guys remember those tables that use to do the work for you? You don't see those around anymore, do ya?

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Yikes! Someone I know who goes to "Curves" told me that she has a swipe card that attaches to her key ring, for "Curves". I asked her why, and she told me that it is so they can track how often you go, etc. I go to a regular old gym that isn't about guilting you for not going. That is a little too personal, IMHO. Maybe you should look around at another gym?

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Yeah, but I loved those tables. I went to Gloria Marshall for a while, dropped a ton of weight, and never felt or looked better.

I'd buy one of those old tables in a heartbeat, if nothing else, just to get that lower back twisty-massage feeling.

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Sounds like you just need to be point blank with them, since the nice approach is not working. "I appreciate your concern, but I do not want to suspend my membership, nor do I want to be called again. I will attend when I am able." End of story. If they push the envelope and call again, tell them you will make a formal complaint to their corporate office.

I joined Curves briefly and quite frankly, thought it was a bunch of B.S. The staff (at least at the facility I went to) was certainly not trained in exercise physiology. Their "expertise" consisted of asking "Is everyone doing okay?" when we had to take our pulses. I felt like asking, would you know what to do if our heart rates got into the red zone??

I also hurt my knee after only a few sessions, and the orthopedic surgeon I went to said he'd seen a lot of injuries from Curves. The "one size fits all" mentality doesn't work for everyone. When his secretary wrote me a note to get me out of my membership, she said she'd written so many of them it was unbelievable.

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For anyone who's interested, the owner of Curves is a big contributor to one of the two major political parties.

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Lasarshow - I'm curious. Did the doctor's note get you out of your contract? I'm not getting the cholesterol reduction I'm looking for (no treadmill) but don't want to shell out $90 to get out of it. My dr. would like me to be in a different program.

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Yes, the doctor's note did get me out of the membership. I didn't get back monies I'd already invested (initiation fee -- $75, on special -- and one month's dues), but at least I wasn't stuck for a year.

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Thanks Ladies! I was planning on investigating going to Curves but I don't think I'll bother now. I've been going to a gym where they have some basic equipment but not everything but they only charge $34.00 a month with no contract. My only problem with them is that their hours are shorter than I would like.

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Just so you all know I do not attend curves nor any other gym. I do however had the total gym at home and rarely use it. The reason is this. I don't need the gym to lose weight and I'll tell you all how. I take Herbalife and I am also an independent distributor.

Ya and your one of the people who gain back your weight and more because you have no clue of what nutrition or metabolism is all about.I suggest you go to gym and get schooled on how to exercise and what to eat and why and quit trying to give out bad information to people who are going about fit life the RIGHT WAY!

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just a thought here...maybe they are limited to a certain # of memberships per building? if you aren't using yours' then maybe they'd like to know if you plan on quitting? i don't go to curve's BTW. ~ liz

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I would like to let you all know about my local curves .
I have not had a very good experience with them .when your on the equipment they will come around and tell only the ones they want to pick on that there doing it wrong and then you watch them and there doing it wrong . And they talk all the time to there members .I would like a job like that stand there and just talk . I called them in Jan. because I notice they have taken out of my account twice in one month there excuss was sometimes it goes in early , will they were taking it out the 5th every month then all of a sudden it was the 29th a week early, will it cause a lot of red in my account . SO I called them after my year was up and was told to send a note just a plain note and it still came out of my account and now its in red real bad. I talked to them several times and they make me feel like im lying she was very rude and said things I did not say .So now I got a dr note to get out of it .I have a very sick son with MD and cant find the time to go plus my heath hasnt been good . They keep telling me I was building muscle so how much musle do you build ? Ive been going for a year the only thing that helped was my Blood pressure .I never lost a pound .This goes on and on I gave the short side . Please dont join curves its a scam .

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Marie26 what the heck difference does it make if someone is a major contributor to a political am I....I support my candidate but what does that have to do with going to a gym or exercise class.......

and also I the only one that is getting a little tired of reading all the Herballife ads being posted on here....I think it is time to do a little reporting to Gardenweb.

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I have also had a negative experience at Curves. I severely damaged my lower back on one of their machines. I told them when I was getting "training" that I had back problems, but they did not take this into account when showing me the machines. Then, although they knew I was unable to go to Curves any longer (as I had to be carried out of there) they never told me that I had to terminate my membership with a doctor's note, and kept taking the money out of my bank for the full year. Live and learn!

My local franchise recently changed owners, and the new owner is making all the employees get additional education as they were giving out some very bad information, as well as doing that gossiping thing that others have noted.

Now I just go to yoga class and walk and swim (when I get a chance.) I should do some weight training, but I really hate it! I certainly didn't get any definition from the resitance exercises at Curves. Yoga is the best thing for me by far.

I know people who love Curves - I think it is a great first step if you are a fairly sedentary person - but it doesn't do much if you are already walking, gardening, etc.
my $.02.

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So glad to see I am not the only one who does'nt care for Curves. I am pre diabetic and want to lose some weight so I checked them out. The staff person was about 20 and very inexperienced. I explained my health including the fact i want to lose this slowly and for life. She just wanted me to go from a size 16 down to 4 but could not answer any of my questions on weight or health.
I was totally turned off. I think that if they want to sell a program they should put more knowlegeable people in there.
Glad I did'nt join. I do'nt need them calling me all the time.

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OK here is my two cents on Curves...I don't have a clue about the drawing money from your account aspect of it but....Curves is the most basic of basic workouts...yes you can lose some but if you are really serious about getting fit or getting healthy you can do it for less or at least the same amount of money at a good gym..Yes I know...You are not the gym type...well I wasn't either and decided to check it out...the Silver Sneakers program which is free for me is available in a local I decided to put my shyness and selfconsciousness aside and get my butt in gear...I am so glad that I did...First of all even though I don't pay...It is much nicer than the local curves and they have everything including suanas and pool as well as showers etc...there is no joining fee except the monthly figure...I haven't figured out what that money Curves wants you to pay to join is for...maybe the priviledge of joining...The trainers at the gym are all professsionals and know what they are doing and instead of the very few pieces of equipment that curves has, The place is full of different machines available to use and with instructors who will show you how to use them...I am totally convinced that if you want to get serious about health and fitness ....find a good gym...if you want to play around with it...join Curves...It is certainly better than nothing and the one in your area may be better than the one I have checked out....if you are dead serious....find a gym...

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This is my experience with Curves  and itÂs not pleasant. I decided in January this year, after two friends endorsed Curves, to give it a try. I am overweight, have not exercised consistently for years but wanted to get in better shape and improve my overall health - this does not mean bathing suit model! (I had to pay a $179 registration fee, plus the $39 a month out of my checking account for a year.)

I want to emphasis, although I am overweight I have NEVER had any joint pain or trouble, arthritis or bursitis or any other ailments that were pre-existing that may have impacted what happened to me.

After three (3) visits I told the owner - who had been my only contact - that my right shoulder was bothering me and painful. She suggested I not do so many reps on a particular machine. After two more workouts I made an appointment to see my doctor about the pain. She immediately sent me to see an orthopedic surgeon. After five weeks of physical therapy three times a week, several x-rays and three MRIs (it took that many to obtain a readable one because I couldn't lay still due to the pain - I was heavily medicated for the third one) I had surgery on June 5, 2006. I had an 80% tear and had to have a piece of bone removed.

I support myself as a secretary. I cannot write with my right hand or type for more than two or three minutes before the pain becomes excruciating. IÂm hoping at the end of my current round of therapy (3 times a week for at least 10 weeks) that this pain will be just a bad memory, but there is no guarantee.

Since the beginning of this nightmare my physical therapist, MRI technician and my husband have told me of people they have dealt with (or in my husbandÂs case, work with) that have suffered shoulder injuries and have had to have surgery after joining Curves.

I am considering taking legal action against Curves and would like to hear your story. If this is a chronic complaint around the country, perhaps they do not deserve to be in business.

This is not a matter I am taking lightly. This injury has affected not only my professional life but my personal life. Due to the constant pain (and now the surgery) I am not able to carry anything in my right hand, cannot push a vacuum, or lift a pan from the oven. I sleep in a recliner because in a bed, every time I move I would wake up. Needless to say, this is taking a toll on my marriage.

Please email me privately if you have suffered an injury or are considering joining Curves. Perhaps I can dissuade you from making a life-altering decision. Carol

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I'm sorry that many of you have had a bad experience with Curves. I guess each facility is different. My experience with my local Curves has been wonderful, however. When I first started, which was about 2-1/2 years ago, I was very overweight and I did no exercise whatsoever. Over these last 2-1/2 years I have lost 70 pounds and have gone from a size 22 to a size 16. When I started I had the initial goal of losing 50 pounds. I never ever thought I could achieve that goal because I had failed at every other attempt at losing weight. Yes it has taken me quite awhile to lose weight but losing 10 pounds in a week surely is not safe and would probably gain it all back and then some. I am hoping to lose another 30 pounds and if it takes me another 2 years to lose it, that's okay. It's better than gaining 30 pounds. I feel more fit, feel so much better about myself, and realize that I can eat what I want but watch my portion size.

I guess there's a risk of injury no matter what type of facility you use. There are knowledgable people who work at places and there are some that have no clue. I guess I wouldn't knock every facility just because one certain place might might have been trouble for one person.

Just my $.02 Good luck to everybody.

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I noticed that the majority of the comments above mentioned that they received phone calls from Curves when they had not had attended Curves regularly. I recall get these calls once in awhile if I missed a week or so when I was an active member(KEY WORD being ACTIVE.)
After meeting my 12 month contract, I requested in 2005 that Curves cancel my membership with the possibility of my returning at a later date(do to my finances at the time).
I have not attended any Curves facilities from June,2005 to present(August, 2006.) I NEVER received a phone call asking why I had not been in. However,unknown to me I was still paying for my membership over a year later. Although they claimed to have cancelled my membership for a month or so. They took it upon themselves to re-enroll me into their gym and began to withdraw funds from my bank account without my knowledge or permission.
Unfortunately, It took me awhile to realize this because I access my bank statements online instead of via US mail. When I realized what was going on, I contacted Curves to inform them of what I thought was a mistake. I was told by the owners that they would not return my money because "you signed a contract stating that you were going to be a member for life." And although I gave a verbal request to cancel my membership, I was still bind to the contract because I did not put the request in writing. At no time when I verbally cancelled my membership, did the the owner or manager informed me that I needed to put my membership cancellation in writing.
It's strange to me that no one seemed to notice or care for that matter that I had not been there for over a year(like I said no calls in well over a year).
It seems as long as they were getting my money, it did not matter whether I attended the gym or not. I have found via the internet that there are a number of other former Curve members around the country who have had the same or similar experiences with Curves. I strongly suggest that anyone considering joining Curves gyms do some research on the company, particulary around their policies and contract. Be sure to read the small print very closely before committing yourself to becoming a "Curves member for life."
Also, as an aside. I have found that there are some other gyms that are popping up that also focus on women's fitness such as Contours Gym.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contours Gym

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I went to Curves as well. The first few months everything was fine. But then my back and knees were bothering me to the point of having to use painkillers all day, every day. I had to quit. I joined Bally's and have since had no knee or back problems.
You are size does not fill all and the staff are not educated about the body or fitness. My sister had the same issues and her doctor told her to avoid quite a few machines. The problem is also that the machines can not be adjusted and do not isolate any muscles. This is a huge problem for anyone who is older and is not in perfect shape.
My massage therapist thinks their program is great---it has given her a huge number of new clients!

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I joined curves in 2007 and signed a contract to have automatic payments deducted from my checking account. The facility I visited was poorly staffed; some of the younger members were pushy and rude. The instructors had no patience for new clients like me. I felt like if I didn't keep up with the herd; the instructors had no patience. I worked out for about one month, then came time to weight in and be measured. I lost 6" off my breast area, but gained 4" on my waist. I was terribly upset. When I asked why? A finger was shoved at my belly and I was told: "Maybe you need to lay off those burgers." I can't tell you how humiliating that was. I didn't return and payment for the next twelve months continued to be taken out of my checking account. I never got my signed copy of my contract stating that I need to give one month's notice to opt out. As was the case today, when I discovered that a 13th payment was taken out of my checking account unauthorized. When I went to the facility to see the owner, she wasn't available. One of her instructors called her on the phone. She told me that she would not refund my 13th unauthorized payment because if I didn't cancel one month prior "it was just my tough luck!" I paid a 50% discount to join Curves. The fee was $75 and $44 for the first month, then $44 dollars consecutively for the next 12 months. I was never called with any concern or consideration as why I had not returned. So, I'm out $497 of 13 mos. That I did not get anything out of. Today, I tried to get a copy of my contract and got the same damn excuse, "Oh, the copier is not working!" So watch out or you'll be ripped off just as I was.

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Ok, so I am getting ready to cancel my membership at my Curves. I have been a Member since May 2007, since that time I have only lost 12.5 lbs and 8 lbs of body fat. I think that is UNACCEPTABLE considering that the last gym i was a member of, I lost 10 lbs in 3 months and 5 lbs of body fat. The difference here I think is that at Curves, there is no way to get a good workout in no matter how hard you try. I have even doubled up on the machines (when it is not busy-and because the trainers are all to busy talking to EACH OTHER) and that doesnt even work. So, my sister joined Lifestyles and yes, she did get a personal trainer for 2 months, but has been there for 6 months and has lost 22 lbs and gone down 6 sizes. Why? Because there are cardio machines there and you spend more than 30 seconds working a part of your body. I have decided to try a personal trainer for 30 days to see if I get any better results. I will be cancelling my membership on April 24th so there is NO question that I am cancelling exactly 30 days in advance. I certainly hope I dont face the nightmares I have been reading here. Curves is great for older ladies who want to go in a socialize for 30 min but I have a hard time looking around at the still overweight ladies around me barely working out and me busting my butt and not getting any results. Will let you know how the trainer works out and if I have issues getting my membership cancelled.
Thanks for all of your input, it has really helped me.

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Ladies, I need your help with my situation. I joined Curves about 6 months ago by signing a 24 month contract paying $44 dollars a month. After two months, it was suggested that I suspend my membership due to a health issue. My membership was restored on the fifth month. I returned but had lost interest due to reasons many of you have stated. After the sixth month, I emailed a cancelation which was honored after being told, I did not cancel 30 days in advance so I owed the 7th month. This was fine until I was told either I had to pay the remainder of the contract fee, which I stated I could not afford, OR go on the month to month plan which is $64. If I chose the latter, it would be retroactive to the beginning of the membership which means I would owe an additional $20 per month for the past six months plus the current $64. I asked if I could pay only for the 7th month (I haven't used the facility for the past 4 months). I was told no, I would have to chose one of the payment plans above. I'd like your feedback on whether you think this is a fair ultimatum.

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i worked at a curves for some time. while all clubs are independently owned and your owner may have different stipulations, the curves i worked at required about the same of their members when the contract was cancelled. The only difference was the cancellation fee was not to exceed $50. So in your case, it would have only cost you $50 to cancel + the monthly for the 7th month. you need to read your contract.

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My daughter joined Curves at a monthly cost of $54. I gave her my debit card and agreed to pay for her membership as a gift to her. She went for about two months and quit. She said her back and knees hurt. I had a problem with my bank and closed my account. I didn't realize Curves was still trying to get $54 monthly from my old account. About 2 years later, I got a call from a bill collector that I owed Curves about $700. I explained the situation and instead was asked to pay $150 to cancel my daughter's membershipo. I did so and got the money from my daughter. Oh and the funniest thing is that the Curves in my town has now closed. They lasted only 4 years.

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I find it an interesting contradiction that the owners of Curves are fundamentalist Christians and yet the allegations made in this thread strongly suggest that they engage in shoddy business practices. If the owners do not themselves endorse such business practices they should improve their operation so they can better supervise the owners of individual centers and guide them toward a transparent, honest business policy.

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When you signed the contract, what were the specifics of early termination? If the contract states any early termination fees, then that's what you agreed to and that's what they are entitled to. If they are trying to collect termination fees that are not mentioned in the contract, then they cannot do that.

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The Curves I go to allows a member to terminate her contract without penalty or fees. Perhaps it's the franchises that set their own rules?

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Curves has two different programs, one with a 1-year contract which costs less each month, and one without a contract which costs more but can be canceled at anytime with 30 day notice. My Curves contract didn't mention anything about early termination fees or penalty fees for no 30 day notice but the owner tried to impose them on me when I tried to cancel my contract due to disabilities from illness and surgery. I've contacted a law firm and they are interested in my case and may possibly elevate it to class action status if they find enough people with similar issues with Curves. I've also read about many women whose contract ended but Curves is still withdrawing funds from their bank accounts every month. Anyway, if you're interested in participating in a class action lawsuit, visit Finkelstein Thompson LLC on the Internet. They list their current lawsuits and investigations and when you see one about Curves, there will be a link so you can contact them with your information. My attorney is Daniel LeBel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finkelstein Thompson LLC

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I joined curves on Oct.5th 2007. The owner was my trainer. She was on her cordless phone most of the time while she was training me. She didn't tell me we needed to do the machines twice and on the second time around I was hurt by the pads on the squat machine. I felt some pain at the time but it wasn't to bad until the next day. I went back to curves the next day and showed a staff member my shoulder. My shoulder was all marked up from that machine. I asked her if this was normal and she said no its not and asked me who was my trainer. I worked out for the next few months and my shoulder was getting worse and worse. I told the staff this and I was told I should continue to work out but not to use the machine I was hurt on. I did that and my pain continued. I saw my doctor and was sent to PT and a MRI was done. My shoulder had a completely torn rotator cuff. My surgery was June 11,2008. I'm still in pain and going to PT. Have I lost weight after all my months of training at curves.Yes, I lost about 20 lbs because I couldn't eat while I was taking all those pain pills for months. I have filed a lawsuit against curves and will know more at the end of Nov. Training should be done slowly and by staff that's not busy answering the phone. I was also charge another $50 to cancel my contract. Wasn't to happy with that since I was hurt on one of their machine. My doctors note asked that curves refund my money. The owner laughed at that and said we don't refund money.

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I gave up on gyms years ago, I tried all of the women's only but they didn't work any better than the mixed gyms. I hate it when people badger me - I will come to the gym when I am ready, and in fact if they call me it makes me less willing to go. I have lost 40lbs (yipee!) after reading about the Aussie mum Karen Gatt. If you haven't heard her story go to, there's a free chapter of her book. She's juist fabulous. She lost 150lbs walking around the clothesline in her backyard - 5 mins a day and ever so slowly. My doctor gave me her book! Give up Curves, give up all gyms, do it yourself. If this woman can anyone can.

Here is a link that might be useful: That Home Site

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I've been to Curves a few times when I go visit my girlfriend out of state who has an active membership.

A lot of machines are available, but the 30 seconds and then switch machines protocol is dumb. By the time you sit down and start to work, it's over. I workout regularly and am not overweight, but I could see how this could cause a lot of injuries.

Also, noticed a lot of socializing at her Curves, even while working out--no one seems to break a sweat.

Frankly, I have a much better workout with the Core Fusion DVDs--5 10 minute "Pilates" type workouts in each series. The 10 minutes is like the 30 minute concept at Curves--except once I do one, I end up doing at least 3 segments because 10 minutes is so doable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Core Fusion

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I am going through the same nightmare. I hurt myself at Curves and stopped going. I gave them a written notice a month in advance of my contract expiring. They stopped the billing for a month, then started it back up for the next 2 months. After many attempts to reach the owner, I called my credit card company. I just received a message on my phone that the owner had turned the account over to a collection agency. I have written to Corporate Curves and will proceed legally if necessary.

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Why not save yourselves money and frustration and get some dumbells, a mat, and a workout DVD. Also, if you buy a odometer and take 10,000 steps a day, you WILL lose weight.

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I do or at least did go to Curves for about 7 or 8 months. I lost some weight and then hurt my back and had to go on Medical leave. My payments stopped which was good but then I got another Doctors note and the Owner called me and asked me I wanted to cancel my membership. I said I didn't really but a day or two later agreed to cancel. That very same day I agreed to cancel,not in writing I might add she took a $50.74 payment from my account. My membership was paid to the end of the month as I had one month back before the second Doctors note. Now I'm not well to do, So I wasn't expecting a bank charge to come off my account. This caused a lot of stress and my account was overdrawn. Look it's not the cancel fee that upset me,it's the sneaky sleazy way she took it without a word to me and before the due date. I will NEVER GO BACK TO CURVES and Would not recommend anyone else go. Very Up Setting. They just don't have any respect.

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My wife had been going to a Curves fitness franchise at 385 John st. Thornhill Ontario Canada ,but many months ago she took sick ,and her Dr. advised her absolutely no exercise ,,so she contacted the owner of the franchise Curves, that she count go back to exercise until Dr. would would say so .She was told to send it in writing ,so she did ,and of story..Many months went by and one day she noticed that Curves was still taking money out of her acc.,made numerous calls ,but she was told ,there will be NO refund ,so out of desperation The Toronto Star will be handling the story ,and this is the great reputation that Curves International and Curves Canada will have to deal with ..Enjoy the great review CURVES.......

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i went to a curves in texas for a year and it was great. as was the owners. 2 ladies. my SIL quit and had no problem stopping the payments. sorry to hear so many bad stories. makes me afraid to join one where i leave now.

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I feel sick to my stomach. I originally went to Curves after having physical therapy from a hip replacement. the Curves is near my house and I wanted to continue to exercise.
Well, I returned to work, and have a grueling job as a teacher. I went to Curves after work. The 'trainer' (68 yr. old woman who gossips about everybody) says to me 'you look tired', and 'you're moving slow'. So I didn't go back. Mind you, this is 2 months before my year contract is up. Meanwhile, 20 months go by. I look at my bank account closely, and think what is this $44 taken out... check with no #?
I call the bank, and they say 'Curves'. OMG, I had not renewed another year. They never emphasized you have to cancel in writing.
Nobody called in all this time.. I have heard a trainer call someone to see how they were doing, or why they weren't coming in.
I recently retired, now I'm out $836. I went in this morning and signed the cancellation form. I told the owner it was bad they didn't call me in all those months. she just shrugged, and said, 'I sorry, would you have come in?'.
I also think it's sneaky.
Also, the hours were lousy. Open 8-10 a.m. on Sat. and closed Sun. so I had to go after work when I was tired.
I feel better after reading these posts.

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I'm sorry so many of you have had a bad experience with Curves. I belong to a Curves in Olympia, WA and think they're great. The owner is a very caring person. I'm working out three times a week and on a separate weight loss program with WW and I've lost 120 pounds.

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