Tips for keeping cold platters cold?

agnajMay 2, 2007

Hi all,

I'm planning to order several large platters and a sheet cake from my local grocery store to cater a graduation party I'm hosting for about 50 people. I'm worried that my refrigerator is too small to store more than 2-3 large items in the hours prior to the party.

Any tips for keeping platters cool for a few hours without a refrigerator? I was wondering if placing the platters in those insulated pizza bags, maybe with an ice pack, would help.

I appreciate any insight/advice. Thanks so much.

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Insulated pizza packs with ice...or a large picnic cooler with ice...all would work.
Linda C

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I've heard of people filling a inexpensive children's wading pool with ice, then keeping the cold dishes in that. Once the party was about to begin you could move the platters to the serving area and add canned soda and bottled water to the pool? The ice might melt quickly though if you are in a hot area.

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lydia the wading pool works very well. dd2 set hers under the umbrella. she also utilized the deep sink in the laundry room.

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I've used the bathtub filled with ice. Best I've seen though was a canoe filled with ice with the platters on top. It was a summer-themed barbeque and they just kept the canoe filled the whole weekend.

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