Tipping a Personal Chef

msbrandywinevalleyMay 16, 2014

I've been given a gift of having a personal chef come to my home to cook and serve a 3-course meal for eight people. The chef is the owner of the business. He'll have one assistant/server with him. I have no idea how much to tip the chef and/or the server. I don't know the cost of the meal. I will be providing the wine.

Can anyone offer me some tipping guidelines? Thanks!

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Personal Chefs in my area-So. Maine/So. NH, charge any where from $50 to $90+ pp depending on what is being served. Times that by 8 people and you will have a rough total of the meal cost. We always tip our server at least 20% when we go out to eat. I'm not sure you tip the owner of the business. I don't tip the owner of a salon when I go because they are the owner. Workerbees yes, owners no. HTH, NancyLouise

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Thanks, nancylouise. So to clarify -- are you saying you would you tip the server/assistant the entire 20% and not tip the chef/owner?

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Yes, 20% tip for the server, no tip for the Chef/owner. If the Chef has a website, you might want to check it out to see if the gratuity may already have been included in the price paid. Some add in the tip when the number of diners reach a certain number. Usually 6-8 people. Enjoy your dinner! Great gift idea. NancyLouise

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