Philips/Magnavox Mod.#27TS54 C101 Chasis#27B800-7562

bigrockfishDecember 24, 2006

Recently our TV has developed a problem with the picture. It started-out that the picture would come on and then go off. When it went off, the green power light would flash fast. The sound stays on and I can change the channels but now the picture is just a series of vertical bands of varying widths on the channels that are tuned-in (rabbit-ear style)and plain black on the channels that aren't. When it first happened I turned it off and checked all the connections, turned it on and the picture stayed for a second then went off with the power light blinking quickly. While it was on I reached around and tried the connections and when I wiggled the power cord, the picture flickered. I tugged and twisted the cord until the picture stayed on and I watched a few hours of television with no technical difficulties. The next day the picture never came back. Since then I've opened up the back and "shoveled" out the dust hoping for an easy fix but that was not the case. I now turn to you for advise. I am not electronically versed but I can pull things apart and put them back together. How difficult is the fix for this? At this time of the year I would like to forego the extra expense that a repair shop would charge. But if I could go to them after you tell me what might be wrong I wouldn't feel so helpless. Thanks for any help you might send my way and Merry Christmas!

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