How to Convert Cassette Tapes to CDs?

juliet3December 6, 2008

I have a number of live concerts on cassette tapes that I would like to convert to CD's. I want the CD's so that I can listen to the concerts in my car during my 2 hours of commuting each day. I do not want to download onto iPod; I want CDs that can be played on my car's CD player. I would like really good sound quality. I do have an excellent Nakamichi cassette player, and I have a Mac iBook laptop. My laptop only has USB connections. I cannot figure out how to make the conversions. Can someone advise me as to software, cables, or anything else I will need? Much appreciated.

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its easy
what you need just tape player with audio output (red and white cable),and then ofcourse the audio cable it self,and cd or dvd recorder,you can use your computer but you must have another component to get connect.
i suggest use home audio receiver/vcr cd-r,you connect the tape player and put record in cd player,thats the easy way,but the cons is that the quality is not like the original,but its worth to try,the way it same like you record your tv to cd or vcr to cd,so use your receiver or vcr which can record.

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I saw something in the fingerhut book that does that. The price was $349. I haven't tried it or spoke to anyone that has though. It looks like an old radio and has cassette player on the side of the case and records to your cd's all in the same machine.
I'm tempted to get one because I have lots of cassettes I can't replace also.
Good luck.

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Hi everyone: Just happen to come on & this really intrest me because I have many doo wops music on cassette / would love to transfer to CD's.
Please Please explain that a little more better. I lost it after the first few lines.
Thanks much

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