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mcpegSeptember 29, 2008

Good morning my friends!

Been a long time since I've started things off.

First - Major hugs to all of you and any lurkers wanting one! Thank you for just being here for me and sharing your journey.

We will be heading into October on this round - Thanksgiving month. All over this thread and on the Kitchen Table it has been a very trying summer for many families and friends. We have lost loved ones, lost belongings but held together. I am grateful for the hands that reach out when we need them. Let's count our blessings for the small things and continue our support for each other during our difficult times.

Today it's off to start putting the downtown gardens to bed for the winter. Lots of clearing, cutting, diving perennials. Annuals were removed last week. Mums were planted (very, very pretty). It's cooler which is my kind of weather next to spring. I am not a heat lover by any means. Rich colours are everywhere. Brilliant reds, bright oranges, yellows, browns, tans, greens. I love it.

If you can't tell already, mentally I am feeling a world better and continue to focus on the positive.

Yes, I am reading The Four Agreements and the companion books. They are helping me. Soon I feel I will be ready to begin again with my WW program. I will be pulling out my books, dusting off my worksheets, updating my electronic tracking and reading all the internet blogs and tools for inspiration. It's coming. Fall/winter tune-up to keep my health on track.

Grab my hand today - share my positive feeling and pass it on! LOL!


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The snowbirds are starting to come back. Hopefully they will be back safe & sound soon. We have lost so many of them over the summer. They put notices on the window at the post office & there are so many right now that I don't think it can hold all of them b/c there were another 2 at least listed in an e-mail. It's very sad.

Dee~Did you just have the best time yesterday? I thought about you everytime they were showing that huge score!

We have a couple of birthdays coming up this next week in our family & therefore I know that Maddie's birthday & anniversary is next Sunday b/c my youngest DS's is on the same day. Hopefully we will hear from her.

Hope you have a good week. Patti :-)

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Good MONDAY morning!

I had a fabulous time at the JETS game yesterday! It was so great to see them win so convincingly. DH and I had our picnic inside the car because it rained right up until game time. It was very cozy!

BJ....please let me know if you were able to get in touch with Maddie. I just do not want to send any birthday gifts to her unless I'm certain she's still living there...for many reasons!

OK, I'm in the middle of a huge mess here at work.


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Hi Patti,
I don't understand the bit about the snowbirds...with the posts and such. Are you talking about the Canadians who go south for the winter?

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Peggy~New Yorkers, people from Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, & all over. Mostly from the New Englad states though. Dave says a lot from Massachusetts but I would say the majority from NY. Yes, they live here part of the year & then the rest of the year go back up north. :-)

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Good morning! It's sunny and 69 F. here this morning. I'm taking a day off from working out to actually get things done around the house! LOL

Peggy, it's great hearing you so up and perky! I love how you analyze yourself so beautifully.

Patti, are activities gearing up around you with the return of the snow birds? Soon you'll be knee-deep in book club, scrapbook club, etc.

Dee, glad you had a great Sunday at the game. Your picnic sounded delightfully intimate!

Our street is now debris (fallen trees and limbs) free as of a few minutes ago!!! It will take a couple more weeks before our neighborhood looks normal once again according to the foreman direcitng all the trucks doing this job. So many trees either were uprooted or broke off that the amount of debris shocked the cleanup people. I took bottles of icy cold water out to the guys when I saw them working this morning. We didn't have a pile of stuff in our yard; our next-door neighbor graciously allowed us to put all the limbs from our yard in his pile. Of course, they were from his trees, but still....

I returned to WW last night and weighed in. I was only up a pound after 3 weeks, so that wasn't too bad. I'd actually lost about 10 pounds while I was sick, but I'd really pigged out this past weekend making up for lost calories, I guess. Back to the drawing board! LOL

Can you believe that it's the last day of September already? My October calendar is filling up quickly, and I'm really happy about that. I just signed up for an all-day cropping at the country club on Saturday, the 11th, and I'm so excited about that. My son and DDIL gave me the CDs of their official wedding pictures that they purchased from the photographer, so I need to get those photos downloaded at Walgreens and get them ordered and ready to go. I hope to get their wedding scrapbook completed in time for Christmas. No way would it be done by their anniversary, I don't think.

QOD: What are you looking forward to about October?

Have a successful day!

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QOD: In October I'm looking forward to changing colors of the trees (not raking them). I'm also looking forward to a week in Florida with my hubby, my sister and my brother-in-law. Yep, some snowbirds flying south out of Atlantic City on the 18th, Patti! LOL!!!!!!!

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Good morning! er, lunch!

QOD: Cleaning up outside, brisk fall walks, cleaning my windows so I can enjoy the colours and starting to think about xmas crafts.

Dee I haven't been to an outdoor sports game in some time - aren't they great? Right now the major sporting events are too expensive, however the local kids playing sports are just as much fun to take in. Especially the younger ones - they can be quite comical sometimes.

Milkdud - Kudos to ya for sticking with it. I might need your inspiration to get back on track. Going to have to ask DH to put my treats out of reach again...way out of reach. Bad habit.

Patti in Canada snowbirds are our retired folk who go to Florida for the winter months. Many are cutting back now with the prices going up. Too bad since it looks like we are in for another heavy snow winter (I hope they are wrong).

So far today I have filled several leaf bags with garden waste. It's noon. The weather appears to be closing in so I need to finish up asap outside. Still have housework to do but I'm 'in the mood' if ya know what I mean. Must be the cooler weather. Might as well strike while the iron is hot. Thinking of making some cornbread too - I love the stuff. I slice it and freeze it so I don't gobble the lot down - very, very tempting.

Gotta get at 'er before my batteries konk. Tomorrow morning is a visit with my new doc and then off to clean more gardens downtown. LOL with that job!

Glad to see the posts. Looking forward to this week.


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Good Tuesday all,

QOD: I am looking forward to riding my horses without be accompanied by a battalion of biting insects! Also, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, the clear bluest skies during day and starlit skies at night, the exquisite foliage that we are just starting to experience, the nip in the air that makes the horses frisky. I could go on and on - I love this time of year but I am torn because I don't like what follows!

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Amen, Suzanne...Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Everyone!

Dee: I just keep getting a generic message on Maddie's cell, so I don't know if it IS her cell number still---or not. I finally left 2 of my phone numbers on there and asked her to check in on the board as well. I indicated we are concerened about her...so I hope she checks in or lets SOMEONE know she's around. There are some pics of a house in Georgetown on her and Roger's jewelry selling site, but no dates, so I don't know if they moved or what. Sorry, but I don't want to get too nosy into their biz if she doesn't want to be contacted---does that make sense?

QOD: October=Halloween! Love it! And I look forward to getting the hedges and plants cut back without a lot of regrowth! I love the plants, but really LOVE to CONTROL and TAME the garden come fall. Surprise, surprise!

The kids and I went off the rock and to the costume store this past LONG weekend. No internet, so I was MIA. Also did a power shopping trip--whirlwind tour of store and credit card meltdown! Very fun and I got to drive 70 and CHANGE LANES! The highest speed on the rock roads is 40...drives me nutso. Am I pathetic---or what?

I'll have to go back and read last week's thread. I was dealing with 5 million things and 4 million of them were my in-laws visiting and their NEEDS---all week long. Bless their hearts. lol. DH was working his head off, so I got to be the entertainment.

Well, I'd better get my truck unloaded and all the stuff I bought put away. Never thought I'd be so excited about the mainland price of Luna Bars, getting a new frying pan, or finding the "right" kind of diapers. Yeah, my life has been reduced to THIS!!! And I don't mind it --this week.

Marci~ Still thinking of you every day. Major HUGGLES to you, my dear friend.

Milkdud: Congrats on sticking with WW!!! Keep attending the meetings! I'm working on figuring out why I keep sabotaging my weight loss efforts. I'm going to have to go back to journaling, I know it.

Type of Food: Are You REALLY Hungry: Emotional State.

You know the drill....

I hate to sound sappy but I'm happy we all are always here together. I'll tell you later why!

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BJ~It was so GOOD to hear about you & what you've been up to! :-) You make me smile, Girlie!!

NH Suzanne~The things you look forward to make me miss this part of year SO much. I love this time of year too just for those things. Florida has been quite a change for me. I like warm weather but...I guess I shouldn't complain.

Milkdud~Tomorrow is scrapbook & DN's birthday. Friday is bookclub & Sunday is DS's birthday. Activities do begin this month. Glad that you are doing so well with WW.

Peg~Hopefully those who come here will still get to. Most of them come to get away from the cold.

I just love the "feel" of October. It is getting cooler here. We were able to open the windows some. We've got gifts going out to DD, DS, & DGC. I stamped a hot chocolate recipe & we are going to make it & send a jar of it for Halloween instead of candy. We knew that the parents would appreciate that more. DS has already told me that he will. (He's the only one I've told about it.)

Enjoy your week! Patti :-)

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BJ - So glad you didn't make me come looking for you. I can feel the love and I am also happy that we are always here together.

QOD - I get so melancholy early fall that I could easily break into tears at any moment (and I am not a crier). It's not in a bad way either, it just holds so many memories for me. I guess it is because it is visually pleasing and so many great scents are associated with it. I also love the smell of wood fires in the air.

Patti - I love the idea of hot chocolate instead of candy WTG grandma.

Peg - you never sit still very long. I wish I had half of your energy when it comes to yard work.

One of my snowbird friends is leaving tomorrow and another in 2 weeks and then another in November. I am feeling a little sad, but I guess I can go visit them if I need to escape this winter.

Milkdud - how nice of you to hydrate the workers. Sounds like you will have fun at the country club. There is never a shortage of things to do in your neighborhood.

I made sticky chicken on Sunday and of course thought of Maddie and staplers LOL.

9/19 was the 7th anniversary of Alli's passing. Does that seem possible? prayers to her and her family

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Raeanne~ Really? 7 years. Doesn't seem possible. Every time I see a rainbow, I think of her.

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Rabbit, Rabbit!

I think of Alli often. In some ways it seems shorter & sometimes it seems like...I just miss her, that's all.

Hope you have a great HUMP day!

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Rabbit, Rabbit to you too!
I am supposed to be dressed right now, washed and out the door but here I am sucking away on my first coffee. Firing myself out of bed is not my specialty at all. Yep, yard work is great but to be honest, I've been 'looking at it' for over a week. Once I get motivated...it's wet outside so I don't think I will have much watering to do downtown. Unless I have garbage bags delivered from work I can't do much trimming either. Maybe today I'll just check my plants and come home. I have to water the planters especially with the freshly inserted mums. Boy do they pack a colourful punch everywhere.
I'm thinking of popping round to a dollar store to pick up some fall decorations for the front door and start looking for xmas things. I'm way behind this year on that front - normally my xmas shopping is pretty much done by now!
Okay, gotta get shaking my tail feathers or I will be late for my shrink appointment. I really like my new doctor.

Have a wonderful day today. Don't sweat the small stuff.

QOD:Cherish is my word for today. What are you going to cherish? I'll let you know my thoughts later.


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Good morning.

I can't linger, because there is a nip in the air (64 degrees and low humidity! That's nippy for us - ha!) I am going to go out for a walk before the temps rise, as high is still expected to be in the low 80's.

My neighbor and I have been walking, but it's not nearly enough for a workout. It's more a reason to walk her new puppy, who gets tired and we have to come back after barely making it around the block. So, with the cooler weather, I can get a good workout in the mornings by myself, and walks with her and Charlie will be just a bonus.

I am going to cherish this day and all that it brings, and make each moment count. I am guilty of wasting precious time by worrying about stuff, some of which I can't even put my finger on. Last night I couldn't sleep because I had this feeling of dread.

Part of this, I'm pretty sure, is because of my sister's condition. Too much to go into here, but the latest is that her youngest son, who moved in to be her main caregiver, take care of the house, take her to treatment, etc., has picked up a girlfriend. She's a real peach - has been married and divorced twice, has 3 kids, but ex has custody. She doesn't work. They stay up all night, then sleep until into the afternoons. My sister makes her appointments around their sleeping schedule!!! She's afraid to say anything, because she doesn't want her son to get angry and abandon her. I would like to kick him all the way back to China, but can't. Her other son who lives with her, is quadraplegic, but manages to hold a full-time job and pay the bills. Now he has another mouth to feed, with the girlfriend living there. Doesn't this sound like a bad country-western song? She will not allow us to step in and intervene, so it is up to her, in her sick and weakened state, to handle. Pray for her that she finds the strength. She gets her scan on Friday to see how the treatment has done.

I'm out of here. Hope everyone's day is a good one.

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Rabbit! Rabbit!

Good morning, everyone! It's sunny and 73 F. here with only a high of 86 expected. Loving it.

Jan, ((((hugs))) to you because you're worried for your sister. You can't step in and fix things, but it doesn't stop you from wishing that you could. OT: good for you for getting out and walking. Those cool moments make it effortless, don't they?

BJ, it's great seeing your post. You've been a busy lady once again. I enjoy reading your posts because I never know what you're going to report! LOL

Peggy, I have exactly one Fall item out on my front porch so far. We can't hang anything on our front door because it's mostly leaded glass with a not-all-that-wide maple frame which the builder assured me I'd NEVER want to put any kind of hole in. Plus the framework around the glass juts out so that I can't even use one of those hangers to display a wreath. So, we've put a few discreet hooks into the brick on the sides of the porch where I can hang a few things.

Raeanne, I also feel melancholy in the fall, but I'd just chalked it up to memories of those first blessedly cool days after relentless heat.

Peggy, since I'm no longer working, I'm a slow starter these days. Once I sit down with a steaming cup of coffee and the computer, I can really stretch out that time!

I've got an appointment with a local doctor for late this afternoon because one thing on my lab work came back that caused my dr. in Carrollton some concern. In order to get further testing, I have to be referred by a local dr., it seems. My calcium count is elevated, and that could mean problems for my heart. If you could spare a good thought about this, I'd appreciate it. I've felt so great (minus this bronchitis) the past 6 months, and I don't want anything to interfere with continuing on my path to improved health. Thanks.

Whatever you do today, be successful at it!

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milkdud, thanks for the thoughts, and you will be in mine as you see your doctor this afternoon. I pray all goes well.

I've had my walk and been to the nursery. I bought a banana shrub for the front bed. It's supposed to be very fragrant and evergreen, so hope it does well. Some mums and snapdragons. I have a little car so it fills up fast, yet keeps me from going overboard in buying flowers.

Had to change to a short-sleeved shirt before I go plant - so much for the nip in the air. ha. It will be a good workout, though.

Take care.


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Good Thursday all,

Hope you are doing well today. There is a nip in the air here today for sure!

Jan, if feels strange reading about your planting flowers in your bed! I am ripping out the remnants of a very lovely flower bed that was hit by frost!

Milkdud, I hope your Dr. appt. went well yesterday.

Peg, I cherish my family (four-legged and all!) and the life I have here in New Hampshire.

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suzanne, that is wild that you've already had frost! I would love that, I think. I just read where the experts are predicting October to be a busier time than usual for hurricanes, if you can believe that! I refuse to believe it - we don't need any more tropical stuff this time of year - especially those in Texas trying to recoup from Ike.

I was exhausted last night. I spent the entire day planting, deadheading, etc. It felt so good, but by the time I showered and ate dinner, I couldn't move I was so tired. Made for a great night's sleep!

Hope everyone is having a great day today. I need to put up groceries, thinking about washing my car (to get the lovebugs off - nasty critters that I'm sure you don't have in New Hampshire!)

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QOD~I cherish my relationships. My relationship with God, my family, & friends means more to me than I can say.


NH Suzanne~It is wild to read about you being hit by frost when we still are having to run the ac. LOL I'd love to have it halfway between ours & yours. :-)

Milkdud~I said a little prayer for you yesterday. I hope things are going all right.

I hope things calm down for us so that our group gets back together soon. This is crazy daisy. ;-)

Happy Days...ugh! Patti

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Wodka~We were posting at the same time. You have love bugs too?? Ugh! Aren't they awful?? Dave didn't wash them off soon enough & they ruined the paint on our car. Oh, bother, as Eeyore would say. ;-)

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Good afternoon, everyone. It's sunny and 84 here right now.

I really liked the dr. I saw yesterday. I'm sure we'll work well together. I signed the medical release form which they faxed to my other dr's office. I need to call in a few minutes and see if they've now received at least the lab work results so my new dr. knows what kind of tests to order next. Good news is that they can take the blood right there in the office!

Had my first eye exam in 6 years this morning. I knew my vision had changed some just recently, but I wasn't prepared for what I learned. I show signs of glaucoma and macular degeneration. Right now, my eyes are still dilated from all the testing for that, so pardon any typos. I ordered new glasses today, too, so I came away with a big charge and shaky nerves. It's heck aging! :(

Jan, I really hate hearing that October can possibly bring more hurricanes. I would like to think we're through for this year.

I'm so envious of those already having frosts. It cooled off here considerably last night, all the way down to 70 F!

Well, I'm going to preview this and see if I can catch the typos. Then, I'm going to take a nap and escape reality for a while.

Have a great day!

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Patti, I spent the afternoon washing not only my car, but my husband's, to try to scrape some of those darn lovebugs off. Yes, we get them, and I think this season was the worst ever! Nasty little critters. But, the weather is so nice, I kind of enjoyed washing the cars (any excuse to be outside!)

milkdud, you were smart to get your eyes checked. I hope you got some sassy new glasses! I know you will do fine, but I agree, getting old is really a trip, isn't it? Don't worry about the hurricanes. I think they put out reports like this just to make sure we keep our guard up until the season is officially over in November. There's nothing out there in the tropics presently, and with each day we're closer to cooler weather (hopefully!)

Need to go put dinner together....have a good night, everybody.


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Good Friday morning! For some reason, maybe it was watching the vp debate last night, IDK, but it feels like I should be saying, "Good Morning, Viet Nam!" LOL

I hope Raeanne drops by & anybody interested in checking out this site. My cousin sent me an e-mail letting me know that this is the web site for another cousin of mine. One I didn't even know that I had! :-)


I hope you check it out. She is pretty talented.

Milkdud~You are just catching up to me GF. Getting older is a trip! And, I'm a little younger than you. Seems like these parts just don't want to last forever.

Jan~I'm a little envious of your cooler weather & Milkdud's too. Of course, I think that hers is probably more comparable to ours.

Dee~You must be awfully busy b/c you've been awfully quiet this week.

Marci~Hon, [[[ H U G S ]]] going out to you. You are always in my thoughts & prayers.

Besh, Gretchen, Jen, Amy, John, BJ, NH Suzanne, Donna, Peg & I know that I missed some but my brain has a fog this morning: I hope you have a chance to stop by & that you have a great weekend. Patti :-)

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Hi everyone,
MIA again...bad girl!
Milkdud you were very wise to get your eyes checked...something I should do soon too! Do you have to take special drops? My MIL has glaucoma and has drops for her eyes and special sun glasses too. They look pretty cool.
Jan it's great to hear you are out walking - I'd love to come with you! And I'm glad to see you back posting more.
Marci you remain in my prayers and I send hugs to you girl.

An update from my visit with my new doctor...office work this winter is out. I am returning to 'school' as an outpatient at the hospital for 2 separate programs before we begin therapy for the next couple of years (FINALLY I'm getting help!). Here's the scoop - it seems while I was growing up I missed out on developing some coping skills so first things first - back to school.

To start - a 10 week group program to deal with panic/anxiety (one day a week). I have not felt this since starting prozac in 1994 but medication only helps the symptoms, not how to deal with it.

Next - an 18 week, 3 days, cognitive group course to learn coping skills. Apparently this has 'homework'.

And, like many depressive folk I have self medicated with alcohol over the years. I don't drink on a regular basis, sometimes hardly at all for months but now that I have tried swallowing a bottle of pills while intoxicated alcohol is now 'life threatening' for me. So I have been advised to join Alcoholics Anonymous. This will be interesting. It might take time to find a group I like but it sure as heck can't hurt.

So it's back to school. I've been honest with my DH and told him about AA. I used the terminology of 'life threatening' and said out loud that I would not have probably had the pills if I were sober. He's glad to hear I am being honest about it all and talking. He is extremely supportive.

For any lurkers - I have a lifelong history of major chronic depression, I am on prozac or something like it for life - I share my experiences and story so that it might help other people suffering not to give up and get help. You are not alone and depression is an illness like any other.

So I came home from the doctors, had a bit of cry - it's a lot to take in all at once. I was looking forward to making a better income this winter but it will have to wait. I have to take a different path this winter. A LONG OVERDUE journey which I am very grateful to begin.

It's funny, right now I feel focused on myself, a little withdrawn (I know you will understand). I have lots of room in my heart for all of you - so if I am a little tardy posting, please bear with me.

As for the diet - nerves - I've been snacking and probably gained a couple more pounds. It will calm down and I will get back on track. One step at a time. Slow and steady has been my motto.

Lots of love to all of my friends and lurkers too!

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Peggy - BRAVO I am so proud of you and all the steps you are taking to make your life a healthy one. I am glad that DH is being supportive too. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but you have already taken the biggest step forward. Thank you for sharing all of that with us.

Patti - I enjoyed your cousin's website, thanks for posting it. She is very talented and her portraits are great.

Milkdud - do you have to do anything special for your eyes or just keep a check on them? We haven't had frost yet, but it was in the low 40's last night and my house was 61 when I woke up. I guess I will break down and put the heat on LOL.

Wodka - we don't have love bugs in NY but we have the dreaded black flies.

Suzanne - are you around? My trip to Nantucket is Monday and I can't wait.

Fall Festival is shaping up nicely our town looks great and the awards are made, now we just have to keep our fingers crossed for good weather.

Enjoy your day! Do something nice for yourself and someone else.

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Good Friday all,

Patti and Jan, it's very surprising to me that we haven't had a killing frost until now! Usually by the end of August and early September we are really worried about it.

Peg, I agree with Raeanne, you are really making positive changes in your life! Good for you.

Milkdud, careful what you are envious about! Frost is no fun and it's no fun to watch everything die off for the next six months......I have to look beyond it or I get a little sad....so I think Spring! How did your test results come out?

Speaking of eyes. At my last eye exam a few months ago, the Dr. told me I have cataracts starting! He said I am on the young side but not to worry or obsess about it! Still, it makes me feel old.

Raeanne, I hope you have a wonderful journey to the very unique Nantucket! It's a favorite place of mine. Can't wait to hear about your festival and the awards!!

My weekend will include riding (#! priority), putting the gardens to bed and preparing a new bed for asparagus in the spring and planting my brand new garlic bed! I have tons of miscellaneous little jobs to do. Our new boiler is being installed tomorrow morning and the chimney sweep is coming too! On Sunday we are marking trails for a ride/drive that I host here in Hancock over Columbus Day weekend. It's a three day camping with horses weekend! I love it. There is no shortage of things to do that's for sure. I am hoping for great weather.

Hope everyone has a fun, safe and productive weekend.

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Good afternoon! It's sunny (AGAIN!) and 86 right now.

I've been a busy lady today. Called and checked out thoroughly the eye doctor here in Crosby, and it seems that she is very qualified to care for me as she has been trained for everything up to, but not including, eye surgery, so for now, I'm going to stick with her. I go back on Tuesday for a 20 minute test to set a level to track from monthly. Even hubby feels much better now about using her.

I also received a very reassuring call from my old doctor saying that he felt like this DO I went to the other day is very well qualified to care for me. He is in with a regular GP, and that made my dr. feel good about things also.

Our community center (the hub of our little town) offered flu shots today, so a friend made sure I knew about it. I showered, got dressed, went to get my free shot (Aetna covers it!), then went to work out for the first time since Monday. I had a great workout. I managed to almost double my routine of late. Then I grocery shopped for the foods on the "keep macular degeneration from progressing" diet, stopped by to deliver Avon to a friend from church, then came home, fixed a very healthy lunch, and now I'm reading y'all's posts.

Raeanne, I don't know what kind of treatment I'll need at this point, other than adding Ocu-Vite vitamins and eating many more leafy green and other vegetables and fruits to keep the MD from progressing. I don't know what, if any, the treatment is for early glaucoma. I'll ask on Tuesday. She assured me that both issues were in the very early stage, so that's good. Meanwhile, I need to avoid bright sun unless I'm wearing strong sunglasses or a floppy hat. Uh, I'll take sunglasses, TYVM! I'll be calmer by Tuesday to ask intelligent questions, I hope. I was just in shock yesterday.

Right now, I'm thinking hard about the husband of a friend of mine who's at the surgeon's office about a mass in his abdomen. So very scary. He's part of our Canasta/dinner on Friday night group, and we like him so much.

This weekend, we'll do shopping for a baby shower I'll attend on Sunday. I say "we" because hubby will be everywhere in Target but at the baby section. LOL One of my new church friends just became a grandmother for the first time at 75, her DDIL and the new baby are still in the hospital, so Grandma will get to receive all the gifts. Fun!

Peggy, I am so happy for you for finding that great place where you're going to get the skills needed to be one happy woman! It always helps that your dh is so supportive, too.

Raeanne, have a wonderful time!

Suzanne, ditto to you, too!

Patti, thanks for the prayers. I need them to see me through all this stuff without turning into a big baby. I broke down last night and had a good one-minute cry, then I was okay. I guess it was just what I needed to do. Today, I'm feeling much more accepting of things, but still being as active about handling this as I can be.

Hope everyone has a great weekend if you get too busy to check in!

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Oh Milkdud (((((HUGS))))) I hope you are feeling better. It sounds like you are in good hands. Prayers and thoughts for friend's husband. Be brave and know we are all praying for you and yours.

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Peggy~I think I have gone through much of the same feelings as you without the alcohol abuse. Honestly, I feel like this has been a changing year for me & I hope that it turns out to be one for you too. I applaud your honesty & I admire it too. Remember what I told you about the dr. The same applies for the group although it sounds like you already know that! ;-) PM if you want or need to.

Milkdud~Dave's Mom has glaucoma too & has to do the drops like everyone is talking about. I think hers has progressed though. I'll keep your new friend in my prayers as well. So sad to hear all the things that are happening.

Rae~Have a great weekend. I'm glad you liked the site.

NH Suzanne~Have a great weekend too. I wish I were there to ride with you. I desperately need the exercise.

Wodka~Your family is still in my prayers as well.

Marci~You too Hon!!

All right, this is National Card Making Day, well, tomorrow, that is. So, if I'm scarce this weekend, you know where I am. LOL Also, got new pics of DGD & her DM & DF. :-) Too cute!! Patti

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I was holding off posting, because it seems like everyone is suffering so, and my heart breaks for all of you. I told a friend today, it's almost like I'm afraid to be happy, because, soon enough, the hammer drops and bad news arrives.

This has been such a beautiful week and then today, I called my sweet mother. God knows, she is the strongest person I know. Mother of six, devoted wife of my father, who we lost two years ago, strong supporter of all of her children, especially my oldest sister, who is dying of cancer. Loving grandmother - you get the picture, I'm sure.

We talk every day, at least one e-mail and phone call, even though we live three hours away. I had called her last night to see if she got the Sundance channel, because they were running a repeat of the Iconoclast segment with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. It is wonderful, and Paul reminded us all so much of my dad, plus he shared the same birthday as my mother.

So, when I called her this morning to see if she had seen it, I told her I felt like we hadn't talked this week, because we've both been busier than usual. She's had company, played bridge, gotten her car fixed, and had a doctor's appointment to find out about her labwork. She told me Tuesday that everything checked out okay.

Today when we were talking, she teared up and said that she had one more test. Her white blood count was elevated and he was referring her to an oncology group (the same one that treated my father for his cancer.) She had kept this news to herself because she didn't want to be a burden! She meets with the oncologist on the 15th and I told her I would plan on being there, maybe for the whole week and we would find out together, try to have a little fun, and just enjoy the week as much as we can.

After I hung up, I cried, called my siblings (did not call my sister who is dying of cancer, as she is getting scanned today, or my youngest sister, who falls apart very easily.) Then I called the doctor, who we knew when he was an awkward freshman in college. He's got a great reputation and specializes in geriatric care. He said that he was 99% sure that it was leukemia - CLL - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. He also said not to let the word "leukemia" scare us. (How can it not?) He assured me that she would not be in pain, that her quality of life would not suffer and that most likely when her time comes, it will not be the CLL that takes her. It made me feel somewhat better, and I called her to tell her what he had said. She said that she had felt better ever since she told me about the oncologist - that "it was in God's and Jan's hands." (I'm crying as I type this.)

It's not that I'm naive or expect her to live forever. She will be 84 in January, but after taking care of us, and then my dying father, having a daughter who is dying, I just want her to have a few more years of happiness, because she has been so happy in her environment. Call me selfish....I know death is a fact of life, but I guess I just love too hard and too much. It absolutely kills me to let go. I'm just now getting over losing my dad, and that was two years ago.


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Oh, Jan, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I teared up just reading your post, so I can only imagine how said you must feel right now. But, you've made your mom feel so much better already just by being there and listening to her. It's great that you were able to contact her dr. and get the facts, even though they weren't what you wanted to hear. Your mom is so blessed to have you in her life. You'll give her strength to go through this new stage in her life, and you'll get comfort from being there for her. ((((((((Jan and Jan's mom)))))))))

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((((((Jan)))))) Sending you love, strength, and peace. I am so sorry that you were hit with this news, especially on top of everything else. Take comfort in the Dr.'s words. It sounds like your mom is the type that won't allow this to take control of her. How wonderful that the two of you have a mutual admiration and love for one another. I bet your daily conversations are just what she needs to feel close to you and safe. Sending prayers to both of you.

Milkdud - Hugs and prayers to both you and your friend.

Our "Daily Support Family" has been through some tough weeks. ((((((((GROUP HUG)))))))) Sending everyone my love and prayers.

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Joining in the [[[[[[[[[GROUP HUG]]]]]]]]]

If sharing for even a minute a day helps you cope, then by all means enter the room and share. We have open arms and broad shoulders.

Try hard to take very very good care of yourselves so that you will be able to help those who may need you this week. (my late father's advice)

Praying for all your intentions.

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(((((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))))))))
I'm joining in.

Jan you are going through so much right now - I send my prayers to all of your family. Everything said above I share in my heart too. I thank God you joined our group and are now part of our family here. Anytime you want to talk, you have my email. I think if a parent were even 104, I'd still be sad because they are family. Age is irrelevant. If there is anything we can do to help you, please don't be shy.

Milkdud there are lots of really cool looking shades out there, I'd go for both the shades and a hat...what's your head size? Maybe we could see who can find the 'coolest' hat for ya?

(((((((((((GROUP HUG)))))))))))))


Not making light of the serious issues, what are you doing this weekend?

I've slept in today and we are watching Eureka (got the DVD set). A little house work today, a cold tablet (got a chill downtown yesterday - it's getting cold in Ottawa now and garden work is chilly) and if I don't feel like napping again I am 'hoping' to set up my sewing machine to start working on fall sewing projects. I could list a million things but realistically doing the dishes today seems like a chore - god bless us for being human, eh?

Do tell, what is your weather like? what are you doing?

I love all of my friends here,
I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Let's not forget to take care of our physical health during these trying times. Have a good meal today, try to get a little exercise and know you are loved.

(((((((((((((more hugs!)))))))))))))

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I am joining in the group (((((((HUGS))))))). Let's all take time to pray today.......it's the greatest power on earth!

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I love you all for your support and for listening....I hope I can be of some help one day to y'all...You'll never know how much comfort your words are to me.

The more we find out about our mother's condition, the more hopeful we are becoming, until we find out differently. My younger sister and her daughter are taking Mama to the movies and lunch and shopping today, so perhaps it will help her keep her mind off this. They're going to see the Richard Gere/Diane Lane movie, and someone said it was pretty sad, so I hope that doesn't make things worse. Mama's been wanting to see it, though, so whatever she wants, she gets, especially now.

QOD: I have just gotten back from the nursery, and am going to plant some oleanders and lorapetalum (sp?) along our backyard. It's really not our yard, but we keep it maintained, so I don't think anyone will object. It's kind of a neutral ground.....

Next to prayer, digging in the dirt and planting gives me so much peace. Peggy, wish you were here to offer your expertise.....wouldn't that be fun?

Milkdud, I saw some very cute hats at the nursery and thought of you! I wish I looked cute in baseball hats - some people can look adorable - I look like a truck driver....

I'm starting to ramble, so better stop. Thanks again, and hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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Good afternoon, ladies. It's a gorgeously sunny and warm day here in SE Texas. But I'm still somewhat envious of those with actual cool fall temps!

My friend's dr. visit yesterday was very upsetting for he and his wife. He has one mass in his abdomen and one attached to his kidney, both very large and both "very aggressive" in the dr's words. By the time they finished the visit, it was too late to make an appt. with an oncologist, but that's first on the agenda Monday morning. They're understandably anxious to have the tumors biopsied to see what's what. My friend is in a great deal of pain, so the dr. prescribed a very strong painkiller for now. I haven't spoken to them yet. Another couple they've been close to for 18 years went with them, and the wife emailed me today. Thank you for your good thoughts for him. I know they need them right now.

I think I'm back to my regular workout status now, and it felt very good. Ran a few errands afterwards and included the purchase of a good pair of dark sunglasses in the haul! The rest of the day will be doing piddly little things around here and possibly a nap!

Peggy, I hope that cold pill wards off anything. It's not fun getting sick. We love you, too, and are all enjoying having you posting so often.

Dee and Raeanne, your hugs and prayers are so welcome and comforting right now for everyone.

Suzanne, I just lovingly rubbed the dry rub on some boneless pork ribs that we'll grill for dinner tomorrow evening, along with some yellow squash (another good MD-fighter!). I have to say that I even love the smell of the dry rub!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday that provides whatever you need!

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Will post tomorrow but had to join in the group hug and offer an extra ((((hug))) for Jan.

(((Hugs))) to all!

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Happy Birthday Maddie!
We miss you!

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Please check in with a short "hello"!


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Happy birthday, Maddie! I hope you see this!

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I just wanted to drop by real quick & wish Maddie a Happy Birthday & her & Rog a Happy Anniversary. I was hoping she might have been by.

Dave is real sick & we haven't been outside so I'm not quite certain what the weather is like other than the ac is running. Ugh~ Patti

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I was over on the mainland on the weekend, so no internet, however, I wanted to pop in on SUNDAY's thread, in case you were lurking!

We miss you, Maddie. I wish you were here. I hope you enjoyed a Tiffany and Company kind-of-birthday! I know how much you LOVE those little blue boxes!

And Happy Anniversay to you and Rog! I hope you guys are doing well and are safe.

I'm sur eyou are busy, busy, busy, but if you get a chance, stop in and let us know what you're doing and where you've been!

Love you, sister!

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