Total Gym, workouts for weight loss

popellisMarch 14, 2010


I am a 52 yr.old (overweight)male who has a total gym type machine. I would like to know from those who successfully have been using these machines, as to what work out program they use and how well it works for them for weight loss. What amount of time and frequency there workout is.

I would appreciate any help

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Sorry you haven't gotten any help here. Did your machine come with any suggestions for a workout plan?

I would strongly suggest you have a visit with a trainer, or have one come to your home, to get a plan going. This will be of tremendous help, and it will also keep you from hurting yourself.

Best wishes for success.

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You should join a gym and the professional trainer will help you. They know which program you should enroll, It depends on your ability and strength. Professional trainer can teach you on how to lose weight. Maybe you should enroll now and tell us what happen. Good luck!

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