Excersise for 'Wings'

TobyTMarch 25, 2004

I am currently endeavoring to lose weight and as I do, my "old lady arms" are getting worse. They don't stop waving til five minutes after I do! What exercises can I do to firm my arms up for the summer? I don't have any weights, but I could buy some if necessary.


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One thing you can do without any weights is this;;;
(if you have weights you can do this also).
Sit or stand
Extend your arm straight out behind you
BEND your elbow and bring your arm forward, towards your side (breast area)
Now extend it back straight
Pretend like your your pulling and pushing something as you do this...
This all strengthen's the muscle that causes those WINGS!

You can also bend down and pretend your lifting - use a can of soup or something....bring up the arm, and extend the arm. It will all work those muscles.

stand near a wall or a desk or a rail...do some MINI push ups. That will strenthen your muscles and tone them up as well. (No, you won't get all muscular).

Go to the library and get a book on exercise or lifting weight. It will show you what muscles to work and how to work them. Then you will be able to find ways to do things everyday that will work them with or without weights.

I do a lot of gardening, so my upper arms have to be strong. I swim a lot too and that really helps. I am proud to be strong in my upper body- my whole body! More women should not be afraid to exercise their arms, shoulders and backs!

Good Luck!
June Lynn

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