Mosquito problem

cheerful1_gwMay 18, 2005

Our house is on 7 wooded acres; the mosquito problem prevents anyone from staying on the deck for too long a time. Our sunroom won't be built for a while (permit not issued yet), so we're looking for a temporary fix. I've heard that incense works. Has anyone tried it?

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not me. just old standby of citronella candles all around the area. Maybe a little bond-fire nearby in a container that will produce slight smoke will help too.

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I can't think of the name of them, but the mosquito coils in the green box work wonderfully. We keep a 20' x 20' area free of mosquitos by putting a coil on two opposite corners (kitty corner). I usually light them about 45 minutes before we want to be outside. They hang from a convenient tree limb, so there is no danger to people or animals. I do take them down after they are cool, and store them away flat and in a ziplock bag!

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Get a spray can of Mosquito beater and spray it around.....or one of those expensive lures which emit CO2 and heat tricking them into thinking there si a warm body....and them ZAP.... It works wonders.
Linda C

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I've used the mosquito coils with relative success too. But the thing that REALLY works is a fan. I saw some very attractive outdoor fans at Bed,Bath&Beyond, which I'm considering for the part of my deck that doesn't have one. We put one under our gazebo when we built it last year and it works incredibly well. We noticed immediately when we were outside the fan's area because we immediately started getting chewed on.

Here is a link that might be useful: outdoor fan

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Claire, that fan was a stroke of genius! Dh can tell you (from personal experience when he was stuck in the Gulf) that when the wind dies down the mosquitoes come in for the kill!

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You could rent (or buy)a misquito type propane tank from your local propane company. They have commercial tanks that are suppose to take care of up to 5 acres. It is suppose to let out a stench that only mosquitoes can smell (thank goodness)and lures them in. I don't have one, but am planning on it as our land has so many mosquitoes.

Claire, does a couple of ceiling fans count as getting rid of the mosquitoes? That is genius-thanks for the tip!

The smell of citronella makes me sick to my stomach-literally, so I need to find a different alternative.

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I just had a patio party and used the Deep Woods Off laterns and a bunch of tiki torches. I don't know which worked or if it was a combination, but only 1 person got bit once, which is pretty darn good considering the crowd and the usual mosquito problem here.

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I have been using a combination of spraying Cutter fogger before my company comes, citronella candles and a small zapper. So far it has been working. I like the fan idea; I may use it this weekend if the bugs are too bad.

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A couple of chunks of dry ice placed in a bucket of shallow water lures misquitoes away from the party. Place one on each outside corner of your entertainment area.

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This isn't summer, so it's not relevant, but when we moved into our new house with a massive deck, we were delighted to be able to sit outside with NO mosquitoes. I think this is because every twilight, we see hordes of bats overhead. I read that bats eat their weight in skeeters every day! I would buy a bat house...flower catalogues feature them, and I've read things on GW about them. We live only 4 blocks away from our previous home, so I believe our batfriends are the reason that we're mosquito-free.

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Yep, bats can be your friend when it comes to cutting down on the mosquito We live in a marshy, lake area so mosquitoes are always a problem in the summer. Before any patio parties, we use a fogger/sprayer over the whole yard (only 1/2 acre, but very wooded). We have a screen gazebo too for anyone that wants to be out during skeeter time. But look on the bright side - If you want a party to end, there is nothing like a bunch of mosquitoes to help break up the party!
But they do seem to tame down somewhat after 10:00 p.m. so we normally start a nice big bon fire around that time to continue any outdoor parties into the late night.

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I was told that Raid Yard Guard works really well keeping the mosquitos away. We will try that in conjunction with Tiki torches and see what happens. The bugs are really bad this year. I was eaten alive despite constantly spraying myself with Off.

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We have overhead fans on the covered part of the wrap around porch, and before we have guests dh sprays the deck with something. I have never heard of the dry ice, that sounds safe and odorless, thanks wild chicken.

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Forget incense, there is an amazing new product available called incognito that works much better than anything I've used in the past. Only trouble is its not over here so I ordered it online

Here is a link that might be useful: incognito

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Anything that produces a little smoke does the trick for me. A fire in a fire pit, tiki tourches, citronella candels, etc. I like the idea of the fan too.

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Yes, incense really works... I have tried it. Getting rid of the mosquito is another one big problem in our area. My daughter doesn't like the smell of incense that is why I look for an alternative. Now, I use the Downy fabric conditioner as a floor wax substitute. Mosquitoes does not want the scent of this fabric conditioner. Thanks.

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We bought an outdoor fan based on Claire de Luna's advice above, and I can confirm: it does indeed work. Thanks so much for the tip.

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I just moved in to an area where mosquitos are a major problem. I have tried mosquito coils, spraying the garden, lotions, everything! So I looked up and found that essential oil like eucalyptus, cinnamon or cajuput will work in killing larvaes on their breeding site by destroying their stomach. I poured cajuput oil to the gutter and any standing water around the house. Environmentally safe and hit them where it hurts!

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Well, we just had a rehearsal dinner in our rather woodsy yard last month. The mosquitoes and no-see-ums had been TERRIBLE this summer -- I'd go out to water the garden for a few minutes and come in covered with bites. So I was really worried for the party.

We did a few things:

- sprayed the whole yard earlier in the day
- put out as many tiki torches and pots as we could borrow
- put cans of OFF! on little tables at the entrances to the yard
- put bowls of OFF! Deep Woods insect repellent wipes on all the tables. Those things are great, but for some reason I couldn't find them at any stores, so I ordered them on line.

(No, I have no connection to whatever company makes OFF! -- that just happens to be the product we used.)

I'd looked into renting those great big fans they use at the livestock buildings at the state fair, but my husband drew the line at that (and I was afraid we'd blow all the electrical circuits and that they'd be noisy).

Seemed to work great. I am a "mosquito magnet," and even I didn't get a single bite. If I had to guess, I'd say the spraying was probably the most effective. But I don't know what it did to the butterflies ....

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Yes it is a big problem all are facing.In my home we use mosquito nets,coils,lotions,electric bat and sometimes we apply creams also.By using all these also we cannot able to prevent ourselves.We are getting fear to open doors at evening times as they are more at that time.

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Summer started but still these are more.Recently one of my
uncle got chicken guniya.How to destroy these?Can any one suggest good medicine for quick and permanent relief from this disease?He is suffering a lot.

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I prefer you to take Homeopathic treatment as it has very effective way for chicken guniya..

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In addition to fans and citronella. we use a garlic oil spray -- about once a week on average in the summer. The smell dissipates in half an hour or so, but it keeps the skeeters away a lot longer and doesn't harm birds or wildlife. We used to see bats, but haven't lately. Wonder if they were impacted by the pesticides. I think I remember reading that they can eat thousands of mosquitoes each day.

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