DVD help!

maizeylouMarch 25, 2010

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good workout DVD for the over 50 and not athletic (at all) gifted? I want to start toning and losing some weight but I am intimidated by DVD's that I know I cannot keep up with. I would appreciate hearing your favorites and your stories. Thank you!

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Gin Miller's step videos are easy for beginners and are wonderful workouts. You'll have to buy a step bench too, of course, but it's a worthwhile investment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gin Miller's Everybody Steps

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Thanks for your suggestion. I think I am just afraid to begin.

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If it's like the aerobics classes I've been in, you don't even need the step. I was always afraid I'd fall, so I just did the stepping patterns without the step. The important thing is to be moving, right?

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