6 Week Bodymakeover

AppleJollyRancherMarch 5, 2002

Is this for real?? You can actually lose weight in 6 weeks?? I'm new to the forum. I did alot of reading before becoming a member. I found alot of the messages very interesting and very informational.

I saw the Michael Thurmond Bodymakeover System in an infomercial over the weekend and I was hooked, but I wanted more information. I'm a 31 year old mom with two wonderful active daughters and a wonderful husband, and I'm 5'3" and 215lbs. I've been a big person all my life, but this is the biggest. It's getting unbareable and embarrassing. I've tried all the diets, slim fast, weight watchers, jenny craig, hollywood diet, atkins, metabolife, you name it, I've done it! Weight Watchers worked for a while...but after my sister's wedding...I gained it all back and then some. I've had my thyroid checked, I've been checked for diabetes, high blood pressure, and everything is fine. My doctor says that except for my weight, I'm healthy. As a last resort, I was considering getting my stomach stapled! The only thing that stands in my way is my job. My position is a very active position, and I can't take a month or two off to re-coop. My co-worker's wife had her stomach stapled, and she looks awesome!!! But, she's had complications along with the surgery. I don't want to go through that stuff.

I'm planning a trip to Orlando next year for my family and would like to be able to walk through the park without getting tired, or having to stop and rest my legs. I'm hoping that this bodymakeover thing really does work. I haven't decided to order it yet, but I'm gettin close. By the way, has anyone ever purchased from ebay?? I saw the complete kit for sale there for $75. Not bad, but I don't want to have to wait a month or two to get it.

The main reason I joined the forum was for support and information. Alot of the stories have been inspirational and I feel better now that I have some place to write this down and get feed back. My husband is great and supportive, but when I do these diets, I do them alone and that's hard. My husband is 6' and 280lbs...overweight as well. He's been diagnosed with high blood pressure. When I ask him to go on a diet with me, he flat out refuses. He doesn't have the will power. He's tried it before, and by the second day, he was pulling into Burger King for a breakfast sandwich, and calling me at the same time he was placing his order to tell me he was sorry. My kids are great. My oldest (12years going on 18) has learned to read food labels and count calories. She doesn't have a weight problem, thank goodness. But my youngest one (8yrs) I'm going to have to keep my eye on. I'm just glad that I have the opportunity to share my story with others. I will keep you all posted.

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Dear apple jolly rancher,
Welcome to the forums-
I post under Diet Chat at the SS thread. The great gals over there including me when I am legal eat the Suzanne Sommers way- it is low carb but not as strict on fruits/veggies like Atkins.
Come on over to chat anytime.
I can certainly relate to your life. IM overweight since having babies- I have an 11 yr old going on 18 as well and a8 yr old girl too and a 4 yr old boy.
My DH as well cant follow a diet so its 2 meals for my house which then = not worth my time and effort!

Glad you've found us.

KY Susie

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Well, after doing a lot of research, I purchased the six week body makeover through Provida's website, which was painless. I did the payments option which worked out well. I received my package about 7 days after my order. It didn't take long to organize the book and read the materials and check out the exercising tape. As soon as it was complete, I started my diet. It worked out great and I started to lose the weight. But I got frustrated with it because it's a lot of work! You have to prepare all of your meals in advance, well you don't have to, but it's what they recommend. Your never hungary, because you're eating all day long, so you're preparing several meals just for 1 day. Anyway, as a working mom with 2 kids and a husband, and a demanding career, it's hard to prepare the meals and stop and eat every 2 to 3 hours. I spend a lot of time working away from the office where there are no refrigerators and taking a cooler is nearly impossible. Maybe when work slows down a bit I'll get back on, but for now, it's too complicated. For those of you who have the time to spend fixing your meals...go for it. It does work. Good Luck! FYI: After purchasing the kit I found it much cheaper on ebay, no payment terms though.

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we must be drawn to each other-

I must admit that I ordered and did the actual 6WBM for about 3 weeks back in April until ball season started- then I was off the wagon for the exact reasons yyou have described- with a career, 3 kids, ball 3 nights a week and dinner being after 8:30 I just cant make it work right now.

I'm planning on giving it another shot in a week or two though- I ddi loose about 13 lbs and inches too and havent really gained the weight back but have gotten fluffy again. It really does work. I was abody type A- I suspect you were too. I love the Provida chat forums- did you use those much???

Maybe we can be each others inspriation.

Success to you- KY susie

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I also post on the Diet forum. Great people over there. I just joined WW, and it's a lot easier than I thought it would be, even as hectic as my life is.

You can prepare meals in advance, or you can buy premade stuff or even eat out, as long as you count the points by looking them up in your book.

In other words, it gives you an easy way to maintain the right number of carbs/fat/protein/fiber each day without having to buy someone's premade meals, or having to spend every day cooking 'special' meals.

Hope your DH joins with you in your efforts! I'm lucky my DH already eats like a rabbit, and right now weighs less than me. But not for long!!!!! I'm almost caught up to him! My weigh-in is today, we'll see how it is going.

I wore a dress to church yesterday that I have not been able to button in 4 years!

Tell your husband that losing a mere 10% of your bodyweight will do wonders for your blood pressure! When you weigh 280 pounds, 28 pounds isn't too big of an obstacle!

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