Landice Treadmill and Tuff Stuff Total Gym-Anyone have either?

cookingrvcMarch 20, 2005

We are looking into purchasing a Landice treadmill and a Tuff Stuff total gym (CFM555) and I was wondering if anyone had either of these and what your experience has been, in terms of reliability and ease of use (for the gym).

I absolutely hate going to the gym, am just too self-consious, and would more enjoy exercising in my own home.

DH needs a quality treadmill for running during the winter months, when it is too dark/cold outside.mI will do both walking and running so we need something with a solid warranty, which Landice offers.

As for the home gym, it is similar to the equipment I have used at the gym, and seems fairly easy to go from one exercise to the other with minimal adjustments.

We have the space in a separate room that will be totally dedicated to exercise, so I don't have to worry about portability.

Anyone have any experience with either of these?


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Sounds like a good plan to me. I would suggest, since you have the room, that you add a TV/DVD player. Even though I have machines, and I like them, for variety I enjoy exercise videos. Along with aerobics, I do yoga, and I've just ordered a tai chi DVD.

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Sounds like you picked a great treadmill. Now I hope someone can answer in regards to Total Gym. I like my platinum edition but I wish I could have purchased the pilates edition. I change exercises with little effort. The gym folds flat but don't think you are going to put it under most beds for storage. Too thick/tall/bulky. Since you have an extra room as I do-then storage doesn't really matter. If you find any DVD's you like or a web site link to Total Gym DVD's (other than the corporate ones) please share.

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Look up "total trainer",,,I wanted the Total Gym really bad with pilates,,price was like $1500 for real one versus QVC version, so after a lot of research I found them,,they are out of Lousiana somewhere,,my owner's manual says,,from Bayou fitness 800/230-1256,,,anyway they have many different quality levels and configurations and I'm not kidding when I say I got great quality,,since I went with the highest price pilates one they make that is combo of total gym with the pilates accoutraments so I can do both for $500 including shipping. Everything was included and didn't nickle/dime you on other accessories...really glad I got it,,had video etc. and I read reviews of it,,mine has the glides that are chrome so it's quiet,,take a look at website.. glad I found this forum since I'm usually on decorating forum!!

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