What do i need to convert vhs to dvd?

alisandeDecember 10, 2005

I did a search on this topic, but I don't really know what I'm looking for. Someone had recommended the new Sony DVDirect to turn my old VHS home movies into DVDs. I looked it up and apparently it will do the job. But that doesn't seem to be its primary purpose.

I have a Sony DVD/VCR, but it doesn't record onto DVDs; just VHS tapes. I've never used it to record off the TV because I have no TV reception. Does anyone make a VCR unit that also records onto a DVD? If so, could I pop in a VHS tape and turn it into a DVD?

Or do I need something else?

I have a DVD camcorder, but haven't used it yet (it was a gift). I assume it would play no part in this project...am I correct?

Many thanks for your help!


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Yes, there are several machines on the market by various makers that record both VHS and DVDs, and will record a DVD from a VHS tape, but not from a commercial tape that is copy-protected. I recommend Panasonic, as I own one and did some research before buying it, which I have posted here before. They have a new model now, with a "40" in the model number vs. the "30" that I have. Seems to be the same machine with maybe a few more features. It's about $300. I have not yet recorded from VHS to DVD (having too much fun recording movies from cable), but it's supposed to be a one-button operation with my machine. Good luck, Steve

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Whether your camcorder plays a part in this depends on whether it has "pass-through" feature. My Canon ZR40 camcorder (a couple of years old) has the pass through feature, so I can hood up a VCR to the camera and the camera to the computer and the camera turns the analogue video into digital. Then I can edit and/or burn to dvd on the computer. Obviously, it's more steps, but it's also one less piece of equipment to buy/own.

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There are several DVD recorders you can use. Most are made by Toshiba, and Panasonic, but there are others, too.

You can find the information at crutchfield.com, but it's much easier if you talk to a technician on the telephone, or e-mail.

Please note that I don't work for Crutchfield, nor am I advertising their business in any way possible. I am a customer, that's all (and can prove it).

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I have external DVD recorder. Composite input but hdmi output. Thanks recording industry of America. I gotta think they are for sale on eBay?

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