HS graduation --need idea for honoring graduate

sarosenMay 15, 2009

I am planning a dinner before my daughter's upcoming graduation. There will be about 25 people attending the dinner, more family friends and neighbors and people who have known her since she was a baby.

I am trying to think of some fun and easy way that the people coming can honor my daughter. Of course people will be giving her graduation cards but I was thinking of something people could in some way make or contribute to while they were at the dinner, which she could then have and hopefully, look at (or read, or??) in the years up ahead.

I was thinking of something along the lines of everyone contributing to a list of her greatest qualities ........but I am trying to think of some way to make that more fun! Like something unusual people could write the qualities on (or in,) or even have people interviewed on video, but that seems kinda complicated.........your ideas?

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You could ask each guest to write out a favorite memory about your daughter (in advance, not at the dinner), and then put them in a pretty album for her. Whenever we have done that in our family, the album has been a real treasure. Asking people to help write up "a list of her greatest qualities" seems a little much.

Congratulations to your family! Is this high school, college, advanced degree?

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We did a memory book and a video for my parents 50th anniv. I asked the guests prior to the event to write anything they wanted (memories, congrats, anecdotes etc.) then put them in a wedding album. It was fun to read what everyone wrote. I think you could do this at the party too,since it's family and friends just have cards or paper and pens available and after eating everyone could just jot down what ever they wish to say to the graduate. Later you can put together an album or do a scrapbook type thing for her to keep.

For the video we had one person go from table to table (after eating)and record a message from each guest, again short and sweet.

Both make nice keepsakes.

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Another idea...
Since the guests are folks who've know her since babyhood...when you send out the invites-include a page from a smaller sized photo album (one with 2-3 ring holes so it can be inserted by her the day of the celebration. The size of the album should have pages that will hold the photo & memory card on the 1 page. Print a'what to do' directions to include with the invite (send in a manilla envelope to fit the photo page)stating to please place a photo of her they have taken, and also include a recipe sized card for them to write down what the occasion was when the photo was taken and/or what special meaning it has for them. If they don't have any photo (from birth thru the present-perhaps you or another family member would give that person one to use.
Then...(you still with me? LOL) place a ladder at the party location-place an 8x10 photo of her (Sr photo?) on the very top of the ladder with a sign under it saying :
"___'s (her name) Ladder of Life".
You can tie cording to each side of the ladder, with clothespins threaded on it (to hold the photo/memory cards that each guest brings. A little sign dividing the rungs of the ladder into sections (Babyhood, Toddlerhood, Elementary, High School)-guests would pin their page of the album into the section when the photo was taken, along w/their memory card.
You can decorate the sides of the ladder with bows, school colors or party colors.
You'd give her the empty album when she gets ready to open cards-have her read each & then place it in that section of her Memory Album.
I've done this w/all 3 of my children & a couple nieces & nephews-well received by all and a treasured album for the graduate!

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