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aka_raeanneSeptember 26, 2005

Happy Monday

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Happy MONDAY!!!!

Get up and start your week.

Thanks for the link, Raeanne. Funny, but I looked better than I remember in high school. Guess you don't know how good things are until you lose them (looks in this case)! lol I now appreciate the song "these are the good old days".

I've doubled my normal amount of exercise over the last 2 weeks, and my weight has not budged (nor my clothes). Don't know what's going on, but I'm not giving up.

Amy, good to see you are getting in touch with us again!

Have a great week!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hope you got the birthday box I sent! It should have gotten there by now!

How's golfing? Is it the end of the season? And where are the details of the wedding???? So much pressure for news! lol!

Have a GREAT birthday and let us know what you're doing for your special day! Kick back and ENJOY!


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Happy Birthday Joanne! With that wedding behind you - kick your feet up and enjoy your day. I hope it is all you desire and filled with peace and joy.

Amy - what a dramatic photo that is. It is beautiful, I would love to see more. You are amazing!

I did post a message and it's not here - so I will try again, but of course it won't be nearly as profound as the original.

I had to go to Syracuse yesterday, as my mother was given medication for an UTI and she had a bad allergic reaction to it. She was in very bad shape and they didn't think she was going to pull through. When I arrived I was told she looked 100% better, but she didn't look great to me and she was extremely weak and tired. The Dr. says it seems as though she is losing kidney and liver function and doesn't expect her to hold on too long - however, he wouldn't venture a guess of how long and he felt with her track record of always turning herself around - who knows! So I will be heading back out there this week.

BJ - I had the angel pocket charm that you gave me for my birthday about 3 years back and I left that with my mother. You would've thought I handed her a million dollars, she held onto it so tight and was so happy. So I must thank you again for that! The poor angel has seen better days, as the silver is peeling off her, but it just shows how much love and comfort she has provided me with. Thanks sis!

Now, I must get some work done, especially if I need to be away for a couple of days.

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Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you.....
Happy Biiiirrrrrtttthhhhdddaayyy dear, sweet, we-hope-you-are-well, Joannnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee..........
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

Sing that to yourself twice, as I think Maddie is still on vacation! lol

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Raeanne & Mom]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] I'm sending pr@yers and good thoughts up north to you both!

Gotta run.......

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OK, here goes group!
BJ - thank you, thank you, thank you,
The greatest little "me" teapot, tea, tea, tea, great chocolate, wafer and danish cookies (for my private tea party)!!!! A lovely huggy bear that it is sitting in DD old bedroom so I see it everytime I come up the stairs, notepaper and great post cards of Seattle. Best of all is the card - a bunch of "wild chickens"!!!!! Your the greatest and it really made my morning!

The wedding - it really was perfect - held in a beautiful old winery and we carried out the grape and apple harvest theme. It was like a fairy tale. The bridesmaids wore burnt orange with acid green flowers. The bride was in a strapless chiffon dress with hand sewn crystals with a cathedral veil.
2:00 o'clock wedding - very informal, in fact the officiant announced them husband wife by saying "guess what, your married"!. It was perfect for my very "artsy" daughter. She walked down the aisle with her Dad to the theme from the film "a little princess", signed the registry to theme from "Steel Magnolia's" and walked back down the aisle with her husband to "Finding Nemo" Robbie Williams singing Somewhere beyond the Sea. Shelby has a degree in Film, Photography, Fine Arts and English. (could ya tell!!!)

The ceremony was followed by a wine and appetizer tasting featuring jazz and blues from New Orleans and then we had dances (bride and groom, bride and Dad, Groom and Mom and then my daughter shocked me with Bride and Mother), the bride and groom gave their speeches and then we had a "harvest" dinner and dancing. The kissing game was contributions to the Canadian Red Cross from assistance for those affected by Katrina in New Orleans (birthplace of jazz).

I will send pictures as soon as I get them.

Hope I haven't bored you all - but it was just a perfect day, wouldn't change a thing!!!!!

Off for dinner tonight with DS (just him and I)
Take care,

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Joanne, it sounds wonderful! Cannot wait for those pictures.

BJ, looks like you outdid yourself again!

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Happy Birthday Joanne!

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Good Morning All!

Joanne, Happy belated birthday. I hope it was a good one and wish you a year full of health and happiness.

Raeanne, (((((HUGS))))) to you and your mother. I hope all is well in Syracuse.

My trip to Tunbridge, VT was really wonderful. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty there that I may have a hard time trying to share it all. First I should tell you that if you have never been to Vermont you must try to picture rolling fields of emerald green and spruce forests mixed in with forests of hardwoods. The terrain is up and down and rolling but not gently very steeply rolling alot of the time except the fields of lush green grass. There are many rivers of varying sized in Vermont so almost every town has a river either gently rolling small or big and wide like the mighty Connecticut.

Driving into the tiny town of Tunbridge, population 1,200, there was the feeling that we were really stepping back into time. There are more covered bridges in this tiny town than anywhere I have ever been. We approached the Tunbridge Fairgrounds by driving along a ridge of small mountains that were surrounded by largers mountains and the fairground site was right down in the middle of all those mountains in the middle of a huge field of alfalpha and along side of a quietly meandering river. This fairground is the site of The World's Fair which has been an annual event here since the turn of the 20th century and alot of it looks much like it would have way back when. It is also the home of the Lippit Morgan horse show. Lippit Morgans are one of the oldest families of Morgans whose bloodlines trace directly back to the original Morgan, Figure, back to 1879. This is the only Morgan horse show that has Justin Morgan classes; one of them being log pulling!! The main street of this town is small and no descript except for the white church whose steeple stands high above the other small buildings on the main street.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and set up camp. There was no trail ride this day so we saddled up in the late afternoon to let the horses stretch thier legs and scope out all the other horses and campers. There was 101 riders and horses here!! We rode through the field of alfalpha and over our first covered bridge, up a hill just far enough to look back at where we were camping and take it all in. The view here was just the beginning of the beauty we were going to experience the next day. We slept well and got up before light the next day.

Saturday morning cool and there was definitely a touch of fall in the air. A heavy mist hung over the tops of the mountain tops and in a while the sun was competing with the mist. It was mystical looking and very pretty. Soon, the sun won. We had a group breakfast and trail talk where the ride for the day is outlined by the people putting on the ride. This is where they go over all of the directions and let us know of things that we should be aware of as we are riding through a lot of private property and have to follow rules if there are any. Today's trail ride would be 22 miles long with very challenging terrain which was no surprise if you looked up!. We would have a lunch stop half way through.

So off we went into the remote woods of Tunbridge,VT We started off going over another covered bridge and it was more than a little disturbing to many horses as the sound is strange and there is a vibration on the feet. Fortunately, our group, of five Morgans, were some of the first out so we did not have to deal with a bottle neck of horses trying to get through this bridge! We started a long acent up into the mountains and after a few miles of dirt road finally were able to disappear into the woods. We continued to climb and climb on good footing and through pretty woods. Our first really challenging spot was not far ahead and we quickly approached our first cliff climb! We were literally at a wall of stone and there was no way to go but straight up! Once up the wall it was a very steep climb and the horses had to really dig in and get up without any rest. They did it but were working hard so at the top we took a ten minute rest so the heart rate could recover. The trails were really lovely, mostly woods up and over one of the mountains that we could look up at from our camp. At the other side of this first mountain which took us about 3 hours we came out to a dirt road and were heading down to yet another covered bridge where we could get into the river to water the horses! After the water break it was time to head to the lunch stop which was a long climp up to the top of a beautiful and lush green pasture that was going to give us an incredible 360 degree view of VT! So there we ate our sandwichs and the horses ate lovely grass and took a well deserved rest. The ride after lunch was over another mountain of even tougher terrain and then down into lovely woods that eventually emptied out onto a dirt road heading for home. We turned a corner and all of a sudden Sweet Pea picked up her pace and I knew camp could not be far. Sure enough we crossed the covered bridge that we crossed the first night and back into camp. We were all glad to see home!!

After dinner Sat. night there was a big bonfire with some blue grass musicians and we all enjoyed singing songs together. It was fun. It was really cold Sat. night into the low 30's but we were all warm and toasty under our down.

Sunday's ride was 15 miles and the terrain while very hilly was not overly challenging. The horses still had plenty of energy and were ready to go! The trails on this ride were equally beautiful and at one point we came out of the woods into a long sweeping field of emerald green. It swept right up to the sky. It had to be at least a 1/4 mile from the woods to the ridge of this field. Up at the top at the skyline was a group of five horses and riders taking in the view. We were able to gallop full tilt up to the top and it was totally fun!! Once at the top there was another 360 degree view. It was just incredible and I kept thinking of the old time farmers haying these fields in the mountains and the horse power that was used to haul it down. Sunday's ride was about 3 1/2 hours and we were back by about 1:30 for lunch and packing up! Parting is such sweet sorrow!

This is definitely on the agenda for next year and I wish it was more than three days because there is tons of trails up there!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Thanks for the lovely description of your trip, Suzanne. I always feel like I'm there with you, and it's a nice break in my day here at the office! Glad you had a good time.

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WOW we have been transported first to a joyous and beautiful wedding in Canada and then off to the rolling green mountains of Tunbridge VT. I am hoping I have a nice picture to put into words for you after my trip this weekend to the Finger Lakes.

Mom is slightly improved and I'm thinking about going out to see her again tomorrow. It is a 3+ hour trip and I would really rather stay overnight, but it would be very hard for me to do that and still get away this weekend - I will see what my sister has to report to me later.

Suzanne - thanks for taking us along on your journey!

Joanne - the wedding sounded perfect - I love it when things are quite so traditional - her choices in music were wonderful! How sweet of DD having a special dance with mom.

Nothing exciting here, I went to work for a few hours today (since I may need tomorrow off and I am taking the weekend off). Then took a short drive with a friend and I took her to a very special place for lunch that she has never been to. It is called "Poopies" and they make the most incredible sandwiches, homemade soups and salads. It sits in the middle of a very residential neighborhood and has been there for years.

Hope your day has been a good one.

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Raeanne, "Poopies"? Seriously? Rather unusual name for a place that sells food, or is it me? LOL! Come on, you just know I had to mention it. Hope your mom is comfortable and improving.

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Dee - I was going to make note of the name, but thought I would leave it up to you. They even sell shorts that say "poopies" on the back LOL. On their menu it says "Poopies world famous burgers". The place is jam packed, they don't write your order down and then you just walk up to the cash register and pay - I have no idea how they remember who ordered what - but they do. I took my friend, Chris, that you met and she loved it.

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Happy B-day Joanne! glad to hear things are going well for you and your family.

Raeanne - /hugs for you and your Mom.

Dee - dont give up, its very common to gain a smidge or stay the same weight when you up your activity. Keep at it and you will feel better and see improvement soon.

Amy - Good to see you posting and keeping busy.

BJ - Nice job on the b-day package as usual.

As for me, to make a long story short.... I didnt get either of the jobs I was in the final running for once again. I do work at a hospital but im not a nurse and dont do anything medical. I basically answer the phones and do PC support. Im an electronic tech by trade with customer support experience and a BS in management. Sorry but right now my attitude sucks and im tired of hearing that something will come my way soon and keep at it and you will achieve your dreams. I know that people are trying to be positive and supportive and I appreciate it, however I can simply no longer stand the constant rejection and anticipation that goes along with looking for a new job. Its been almost 2 years now and over a dozen times ive been one of the final applicants only to get passed up every time. I dont have savings or a spouse working to back me up so taking huge risks or big cuts in pay means that I could end up homeless. Anyhow im just going to take a break for a while and relax and focus on some fun things and save a little cash. If nothing new presents itself by the end of the year Im going to hire a professional career counselor to help me with my search.

My GF and I have talked and she basically agreed with me that she has not been making much of an effort and most of her energy has been used up dealing with her health issues. Its been 3 years and after seeing tons of experts and $$$$ of tests done, nobody has any answers. Now she is out of insurance so has to worry about bills too. We see each other once a week or so and that isnt going to change right now. I really dont have the energy or desire to start a new relationship so I have nothing to lose giving this one a little more time. I have altered my expectations some and let her know that I dont mind focusing more on our friendship right now but if things stay the same then any romatic possibilites will go away as im not going to wait forever. All I can do is to continue to communicate and give it the old college try.

anyhow, life goes on and so will I.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, take care


PS: BJ can you email me the name of the Dr's or organization that your fibro friends are part of, my GF knows of a Dr in that area and wants to see if its the same one.

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John - sounds like you are making peace with where you are at and yes, life goes on and so will you!

BJ - you make me very nervous when you don't post - what are you up to?

Just wanted to say Hi

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Hope everyone is having a healthy week. Enjoy; we only go around once (according to some!)

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I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend. I don't think I will be able to post before we leave for our winery trip tomorrow. Don't worry I will have a taste for each one of you LOL.

I am off to a town meeting in a little while. Our town wants to purchase a local marina so that it is preserved and not developed, I want to go and see what is needed to make this a reality.

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Good Morning All,

It sure is quiet here this week. I hope that means everyone is having a great one!

It's cold here this morning but promises to be a lovely weekend. I actually am staying home this weekend to get rested up for next weekend!! I might actually get my trailer pulled together again.

Raeanne, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope you will have more than one glass of wine for me! LOL The areas looks wonderful and I will be waiting for a report.

I will check in later but right now I am off to get some housework done. Ugh..........

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BJ - I got your e-mail and replied, but it was bounced back to me, saying that it tried to deliver it for 4 hours. I hope your lights are on LOL.

Suzanne -thanks for the good wishes - I am very excited - don't do too much housework on this glorious day.

BJ e-mailed me yesterday saying she was having some electrical work done, so would be off line. Just wanted to share that, in case anyone else thought that she may be calling for bail money or something like that, since we haven't heard from her.

Now, I really am gone. I'm at work and will leave her around 11.

Have a great weekend.

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Quote: "I know that people are trying to be positive and supportive and I appreciate it, however I can simply no longer stand the constant rejection and anticipation ..."
You and me both, John, lol, and I'm older than you are. Well, I've had some successes, but it's tiring, you know? People often tell me that I will heal and be able to do things again. hmmm. But we all have things we can be deeply grateful for, too, and hopefully we don't need to lose them to appreciate them.

I finally got a painting (24 x 36 inches) off to Mauai Giclee for printing. Hopefully they will also find room in their gallery to display it. She has to get back to me on that, but she said it is fine painting, and that they all love it.

I'll post more pics later and come back and read more, too. Hang in there everyone, and I'm glad to see many familiar people.

Take care
Aloha, Amy

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Aloha to you, too Amy!

Special [[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]] for John today. Wish I could offer you something positive, John, I really truly do. I have a friend who has said what you stated in front of a professional group. She is sooo tired of rejection in her search for a job; 2 years now. She stated that none of us knows how she feels, and I must agree. I don't know how she feels, or how you feel, but I wish you both the very best that life has to offer. And I can pr@y for you that you are shown an easier way....and I will do just that!

Tonight, I've got that hen party here for Southern Living. DH is going out with his brother. I took the day off to make some low-fat munchies and get the place set up for a demonstration in my family room. I was expecting 15 ladies, and that has changed to about 12 I believe. No problem here!

Sunday, we are taking my DSDs out for breakfast and pumpkin-picking. Later in the afternoon, we will pick up MIL and take her out to dinner. Tomorrow, I hope to just kick back and relax.

Hope Raeanne is having fun, BJ's lights are on (is anyone home? lol), Suzanne got some riding in, and the rest of you are well.

Marci, I mailed your books back to you! Thanks again for a unique opportunity! You are a great friend to do such a favor for me and I truly appreciate it! :0)

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe!

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Good Morning, Rabbit, Rabbit!!!

Happy Saturday morning to all.

It's very cold here but still no real frost to speak of. Still I am glad that I brought my barn window boxes in for the night. It's supposed to be glorious this afternoon.

How was your party last night Dee? What is this for? Southern living? Fill me in.

John and Amy, I am sorry you both are so down. I really don't know how you feel either but I do know that things could be much worse. I wish you continued success in all endeavors.

I know Raeanne isn't doing any laundry today! I hope she has had some nice wine for us LOL!

BJ, check in soon.

Marci, I miss hearing from you so if you get a chance to check in soon please do!

I will be riding out at 10ish this morning and I am hoping that the sun will be over the tops of the trees to warm me while tacking this morning!

Have a great weekend.

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Remember me? I am sorry to be MIA and I don't even have a good excuse! Just busy I guess. I have new hours at work and it has messed me up a little time wise. I am a creature of habit! I actually have a great work schedule now and am finding I am getting a lot more done and not spending much time on the computer. But I have missed you all.

I know that I have missed alot and will try to catch up....

Happy Belated Birthday Joanne!
John (((HUGS))) I don't know how you feel about this, and please don't just roll your eyes when I make this suggestion, but have you tried Feng Shui? I have dabbled in it a little over the years, but this past spring I bought a book called "Move your stuff, change your life" by Karen Rauch Carter. I started taking it very seriously this summer and it has made some interesting changes in my life and my husbands, financially, socially, and in our relationship. It may sound crazy to some, but I really believe in it and it does work. The changes it suggests are simple things to add to your home and nothing that will cost lots of money. I even bought the book from and saved $$ there. She has a website also, that I will post below if you are interested in checking it out. Please know that you are in my thoughts and I wish you nothing but the best.

I am still doing WW. I think I must be doing maintenance though, because I have not lost anything else, but have not gained either. I need to spiff up my exercise a little more to get things moving. The holidays are coming!


Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Move your stuff, change your life!

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NH Suzanne~I was wondering who would get "Rabbit, Rabbit" today! Your trip sounded absolutely wonderful.

I am trying to get everything moved over from AOL to DSL so that is going to take some time & Dave has a catherization on his heart Thursday. So, we have a lot to do & not much time. It has been good having the relationships back with our DILs! At least for me.

Joanne~I'm sorry that I missed your birthday.

John~I have some books if you need some addresses for Fibro.

Take care all. Patti :)

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Popping in for a quick hello. Storms came through Wednesday night and wiped out our cable internet, cable TV and phone. Our electricity was out most of Thursday and the cable guy didn't come until today. I was forced to entertain myself for 2 whole days! LOL

DeeMarie - I am glad you enjoyed the books! Are you interested in Eleven on Top? I can pop it in the mail this week. Did you see on Janet's site that you can vote for who you would like to see play the part of Stephanie, Joe, Ranger, Grandma Mazur, Vinnie and Lula? Not sure I agree with some of their choices, like Nicholas Cage for Joe or Johnny Depp for Vinnie! Please! Johnny Depp is way too good looking for Vinnie and Nicholas Cage just isn't who I had in mind to play Joe! LOL But it was fun to try to visualize different actors in the parts. Wonder if they are really going to make a movie.

I will make an effort to get caught up next week. Been having a hard time lately for various reasons, but things seem to be back on an even keel.


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Good morning all!

I'm back from a wonderful break! Canada was wonderful, as always! Caught fish until I actually got a bit bored with it (naw.... not really!!! :):)), and saw the Milky Way, and a big bear, and got to spend time with Rog. Can't ask for any more! (Well, there is a few more stories, but I'll save them for when I'm not so groggy!

John--"however I can simply no longer stand the constant rejection and anticipation that goes along with looking for a new job. Its been almost 2 years now and over a dozen times ive been one of the final applicants only to get passed up every time." You are my brother! I'm in the same boat, and I could not have say this any better. I am so tired of this cr@p. I had an interview with an international consulting firm in late Aug. It was for 170 positions of a new divison that was being created, and I fit the bill to a T. I have 7 years experience in this field, and I did 2 interviews with this company, and I got home to a nice rejection letter. However, a friend, and former co-worker,with the same education and 8 years experience, (who quit this past June, mom gave her and her hubby a $300K house, and her DH makes $100K+/yrly), got a position.Now, i am happy for her, but I just wonder what in the hell is wrong with me. I can't get a break no matter what I do. And yes, I am having a pity party.


Anyhoo, I am with you, and for what this is worth, things will get better.

Be back later--

Love and hugs,


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Happy SUNDAY morning!

Just painted my nails, and waiting for the girls to arrive so that we can leave for brekky and pumpkin picking.

Make today and this week count!

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Good Sunday morning all,

Dee, don't ruin your nail job picking pumpkins. LOL Enjoy the day it's a beauty.

Marci, I am glad you got the chance to check in. Please don't be away so long. I miss you here.

Besh!!!! Good to hear from you too. Glad that things are well for you and that you haven't been away because of something wrong! I miss you here.

Maddie, glad you had a great trip. I know that the job market has changed drastically. I will be looking for a job myself soon and I know that it's highly competitive. You only get one or two chances to sell yourself and it has to be right on I guess. I do know this much; if what you are doing to get the job you are going after isn't working then you have to change something be it resume, interviewing tactics whatever. Sigh...................

I have my barn chores done, been to breakfast and am getting ready for a nice trail ride. After our ride we are going to mark trails for the ride/drive that I am hosting next weekend for my carriage driving club here in Hancock. It's a three day event and I am praying for nice warm weather. Not too warm mind you but not freezing at night!!

Yesterday was just about as perfect a day as you could get. We rode out to a place called Carpenters pond and it is a beautiful and remote boggy area that is teaming with wildlife. We saw all kind of activity going on. For having such a nip in the air the horses were very laid back and relaxed. It was just a super ride.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Checkin' in. Lots going on.

Raeanne~ JUST read the news and heard about the boating accident on Lake George. What a SHOCK! Thought of you and your community immediately. I know how affected you and your DH are by local happenings, but this must have delievred a real jolt. (((((((HUGS))))))) to the victims' families. I wonder why and how this kind of thing happens...

Back tomorrow, to read the posts and to start the new week with everyone.

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