Question About Leslie Sansone 2 mile Walks

sassyoMarch 17, 2004

Hoping you can answer my question if you have a 2 mile tape or dvd by Leslie. I have the WATP's Yoga Walk . I would like a similar 2 mile that doesn't use weights or stretchie. Anyone know if there is such a tape? Thanks,sassyo

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I have one! I think that it is one of her first tapes. Not sure if you can still get it or not, as I have had it for a long time. It is just called 2 mile Walk (walkaerobics).

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Thank you. I found it on ebay,sassyo

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I just listed my Sansone tapes on Ebay. They are the Walk Away the Pounds for Abs tapes, but you don't have to use the ab belt with them. It's your option.

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You can also do any of her walks without her extra thing (ab belt, weighted balls, stretchie), and they're still good for you.


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Just curious. I have two sets of her tapes--one with the stretchy band and just received the one for Abs. My question is----Is it me or are all her tapes the exact same 4 routines with just the extra objects being the only difference. If so, has anyone found one tape or object better than another. I mean I don't see why I have the Ab set if it's the same as the stretchy band and we don't have to use the objects anyway. Hope I'm not being too confusing.

Thanks for any opinions,

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